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  1. Right, so I really need to start using and exploring different spells with the Wizard. I can do that. @thelee I know you are a huge priest advocate, so I might as well grab your knowledge while I can. I am having trouble justifying a full class priest so far for Xoti. I think the Priests buffs are definitely great, but the spells I use most are in tiers I-V, and after then it becomes an action economy issue again. Dire Blessing -> Devotions -> CoP - > Interdiction -> Triumph -> Champion's Boon x2, are already a large portion of actions, ignoring recasts and situation specific spells. After that, I do enjoy Shields of the Faithful, Symbol of Eothas & Hand of Weal and Woe, but the bulk of contributions are definitely front loaded and there are still other spells still worth casting as well (Consecrated Ground, Shining Beacon, Despondant Blows, Divine Mark, Spiritual Ally). A Priest just doesn't lack for quality contributions... I avoided BDD & Salvation of Time (& Ancient Memory) - so that does take away from a single class Priests mid-game power spike. Becoming semi immortal by level 11 and immortal (w/ Cipher) by 13 is obviously busted and not ignorable (unless you choose to ...). I think it comes down to party comp + perspective I guess. In Xoti's case, Multi with Monk is looking quite appealing now. Endurance dance + Duality of Mortal Presence is also a great level 10 power boost for little to no opportunity cost. Boosted Accuracy to land an empowered Interdiction and a solid boost to INT, MIG, DEX, + 15% action speed to get those critical buffs off faster and longer all seem really great...
  2. Separate question about Chanters... Is this a class where it looks like you have a million good options, but ultimately end up never using half of those options in favour of options that straight up work better? I love the idea of things like The Shield Cracks, Not Felled by the Axe, Reny's Daret's Ghost Spake, and a bunch of the Phrases, but I'll be dissapointed if the Chanter basically becomes a Ancient Memory/Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr, Dragon/Weapon/Eld Nary's curse summoning monkey...
  3. More ramblings and thoughts... I've made it to level 20 now and working my way through Beasts of Winter. I think I only have endgame + dlc left. Outside of Disintegrate, my Cipher has definitely taken a step back damage wise. Amplified Wave just isn't cutting it/spammable enough to have a major impact outside of interrupts. On the other hand, he is a swiss army knife of utility. Mind Plague & Pain Block are now my two most used spells. Driving Echoes has been very useful as well. Mental Binding/Secret Horrors/Phantom Foes still useful as always. Ring Leader is clutch of course when enemies aren't immune. He is having a lot of trouble generating focus on fights with low enemy counts. Specifically a very very early encounter in Beasts of Winter was a real struggle resource wise. If Reaping Knives dropped, I was basically starved, which sucked. The Red Hand is struggling basically, though admittedly, I don't have it Legendary yet because I've run out of Adra and it wasn't a priority/problem until now... I still have a love hate relationship with Aloth (Wizards in general I guess really...). Like, the enemies in Beats of Winter are marked with a clear weakness to fire, fine, but his Fireballs seem to just do nothing! It's really frustrating/confusing. He is both OP sometimes with things like Wall of Many colours + Missile Salvo and Meteor Shower, or just doesn't seem to do anything at all. Some fights are so chaotic with enemies jumping right on top of your backline that I'm still getting lost on what to do with him. Amazing when enemies are bottle necked properly at a choke point, but just terrible when not. He is struggling as a debuffer as well, simply because my Cipher has 75% of that covered, both in effectiveness and diversity. With unlimited resources on debuffs, the Beguiler can brute force through high defenses, whereas Aloth is left waiting for accuracy buffs from Xoti, and then still stumped on what to cast after that. Miasma of Dull Mindness is rarely worth casting because Body Blows + Bewildering Blows + Borrowed instinct is enough versus hard single targets, and not large enough AOE wise versus most mobs. Arcane Dampener + Arcane Cleanse are of course useful. I 100% feel like I am overlooking spells or tactics that makes Wizards more then Missile/Meteor Shower monkeys. Xoti is still fine, I am definitely needing to heal less (Pain Block + Greater Lay on Hands just works) and she gets a substantial, albeit slightly boring amount of buffs out now. I wish every fight didn't start with Dire Blessing + Devotions. It's a small complaint, combined with a small nagging doubt about how much she is actually contributing to the party versus another straight up damage dealer. Her biggest felt contribution is enabling Aloth certainly. Pallegina + Eder are AOK too. I think against large mobs, I need to start using Large Shield model more and just allowing Aloth to nuke straight on top of both of them... These two are carrying extended chaotic fights however.
  4. All these replies fill me with joy. This game is such a hidden gem of fun, but also in the most frustrating way. I've read thelee's FAQ at least 3 times over and I still have a million questions and I still walk around the game going "I wonder if this works", or "damn that's cool". Every time I load up this game and not immediately increase the game speed, but just watch my party walk around the beautiful areas, I am so impressed. Is there a satisfying AOE martial class that is not a Barbarian? I am guessing a Mortar Monk as another option. Combat is so satisfying sometimes when I blow up a group of mobs, that I keep getting the urge to go all in on that. The Kitchen Stove Thunderous report attack is so satisfying to use.
  5. Another quick question. Nomad's Brigandine or Devil of Caroc Breastplate on Pallegina (Crusader)? I am using Whispers and have grown to it with Offensive Parry, and I like the idea of the added deflection + immunity to disengagement attacks so that Pallegina can run off and Lay on Hands without risk (and in Whispers case, to great benefit). I've been reading conflicting things about Reckless Brigandine on Eder. The low pierce armor is noticeable and some sources are saying the action speed boost isn't worth it, but this is in relation to a MC character who has Pirate Cosmo + High dex, both of which Eder does not have. Any advice here as well?
  6. Mechanically, how does this work with AOE spells, or does it at all? I went with a Wood Elf Beguiler with the following stats: 10 MIG 8 CON 19 DEX 19 PER 18 INT 4 RES With early gear, it ends up being 10, 10, 20, 20, 20, 5 (I like clean numbers...). My old spread after items was 15, 10, 15, 20, 20, 5. I decided to de-emphasize damage and focus instead on action/recovery speed to spam spells debuff/faster. I'll use Griffin's Blade to make up some of the damage lost on might, and skipped Hearth Orlan's crit advantage because I wasn't 100% sure how much it was getting leveraged. At least 50% of the time in battle, I am not necessarily actively targeting enemies my allies are, so I figured the bonus was probably more niche then it seems. It does help a lot when the fights gets down to 1 tough enemy however...
  7. Thanks again everyone for all the input and help. I have another question... Does Minor Threat on a Hearth Orlan benefit a Beguiler much? I get with an Ascendant, any extra crit with a Weapon is going to get your focus up faster, but with a Beguiler, I'm mostly getting focus through spells which AFAIK aren't affected. It would be helpful against single targets/bosses I guess, and I assume it works with spells like Disintegrate?
  8. Ya, I meant for Priest Xoti. 75% of the fights are her buffing and/or healing, so I was toying with the idea of basically setting her up with the dagger + large/medium shield modal abilities, and just not attacking at all. Not attacking, mostly because her 1 handed Scepter damage is trivial, but getting caught in a recovery period isn't.
  9. Follow up question for anyone still reading. How valuable is Xoti's Lantern, versus equipping her with say... Cadhu Scalth?
  10. Thanks again @Scrapulous. I am going to try to build a more cohesize Aloth plan around what you are saying. Open question: Is there a good source of dazed that isn't Arkemyr's Dazzling Lights? I'm thinking of giving Interdiction a go. It competes less with a priests level 1 spells then Lights do with a Wizard's level 1's.
  11. Crazy nice/good replies, I'm stoked! Can someone tell me when my posts will stop needing to be approved by a moderator? @thelee Quoting your quotes of my quotes is to hard for my brain this morning, so I will reply in general. It seems: 1) I am not as sloppy as I thought. Yay! It's just PotD stuff. 2) The action economy thing of Ciphers is real - be it attacking for focus, or dropping debuffs focus. Confirmed by @dgray62 as well. Tunnel vision at the expense of other party members on the Ascendant is a real thing too. Glad to know it's not just me. 3) As I am playing semi-blind, I recognize I am probably being super stingy with both gold for upgrades and consumables. I know of items based on build and guides, but I don't/didn't know where most of them are, so I keep hoarding gold in case I need to make my next big purchase. A new play through would fix this. I'm also definitely barely using consumables at all and my party is still resting with hardtack because I am sure I am going to need the 100+ rice I have for the last 2% of the game. I'll start cooking and brewing tonight. 3) I'll upgrade the Reckless Brigandine to Legendary asap. I am sure I have it at least Superb, but possibly not until I check. I just noticed it's Pierce Armor rating as well, and that lines up with what's been downing Eder in fights (arrow/gun barrages). I'll look at items/consumables to fix that asap. 4) Pallegina is in the Devil of Caroc's Breastplate. That's medium armor right? It should be enough for her with low recovery correct? It's not heavy armor however. I'll go hunt the Nalvi pet asap, I've been using Cutthroat Cosmo. 5) I will also switch from Exalted Focus to Exalted Endurance and possibly go dual Blunderbuss + Morning Star on Pallegina. Open/retain a more central position with the guns for more reactivity and close in afterwards on back line divers. 6) Re: Xoti. Hopefully if I get my healing via consumables under control + damage mitigation, I'll see some improvement here. Litanies were used defensively, mostly because I never had time to use them or in Litany for the Body's case, it's in a crowded tier with lots of abilities I rather use instead. So I see now how Prayer for the Body/Spirit are probably better then the Litany's reactively speaking. Litany for the Spirit might stay, as I don't use much from that tier. 7) Good to know about the AI + Berserker, that worries me a bit less. Hmmm. Is Barb the only early to mid-game AOE martial class? In general, Pallegina and Eder seem to have single target damage down OK. Any thoughts on Aloth? @Scrapulous That Engaging Eder post is really useful, thanks! I'm in general following those builds you posted ironically, but I couldn't find any concise talent layouts for Eder (I was pulling from three different builds at different places). Fantastic. The Aloth build is great as well, it just leaves me a bit lost on what to do with him early + mid game. I think I am not using Combusting Wounds + Chill Fog enough. That seems to be what everyone is talking about early game. In general I am just throwing Fireballs, Snow Fireballs, Delayed Fireballs, and the missile spells, which has just been OK at best. It just seems that level 2 is really crowded for spells you want to use. Curse, Miasma, Mirrored Image, Infuse and Combusting Wounds are all fantastic spells, and you can only cast 2-3 per battle (1 more if you use Vaporous). Ditto at level 3. Displaced Image, Ryngrim's, Arduous, DoAM, Expose Vulnerabilties, Bounding Missiles and Fireball all seem great. So I guess what is stumping me about Wizards is more so that I'm presented with so many options, I just don't really know when to use what and how or why. E.g. I AI scripted Spirit Shield, Infuse and DoAM, which is great. Aloth buffs up quickly, but automatically those buffs are stopping me from using 1 more of Arkemyr's Dazzling Lights, Slicken, or Chill Fog, ditto per above for Tiers 2 and 3. Like if I auto buff at the start and my 1 Combusting Wounds is resisted, my game plan falls apart for that fight if it involves Wounds + whatever. Later tiers are slightly easier. I don't know if I am making any sense. He just lacks a clear role in my team, so I defaulted him to AOE damage dealer, but I know there is more potential there that I am missing and the AOE schtick hasn't been amazing.
  12. I've been playing through Deadfire to about levels 10-17 a few times now and wanted to 'up' my knowledge a bit for another potential play through/potential restart. I'm playing real-time, PotD, everything up scaled. I enjoy puzzling out the fights, but it still feels all a bit too chaotic for me, so I'm hoping I can smooth things out with some help + questions. So far I've played a multi class Seer Ghostheart/Ascendant to about level 13, and a single class Beguiler to 17. The Seer was fantastic getting through the Engwithian Ruins, but the Beguiler got through well enough as well. Neither have been able to beat Gorreci Street however with just Aloth + Xoti. I just stealth skip it. After that, I am comfortable riding non-combat quests to about level 10, and everything mostly smooths out from there. Mid-game, I enjoyed the Beguiler a lot more then the Ascendant. What I found overwhelming about the Ascendant was 1) paying attention to when I hit the ascended state, and then 2) devoting all my attention to squeezing the most out of it during its duration. It's mostly because I like devoting equal attention and semi-micro managing all my party members equally, so my output with it always felt a bit sloppy. Hard to explain. I have auto-pause set after each skill is cast, but basically I'd often find I lost track of the Ascendant focusing on something else for a moment and find they've been CC'ed or sitting ascended without me realising it. Without schticks like Thunderous Report from the Kitchen Stove, I'd spend a good chunk of the hardest part of the battle (the early part, before some enemies die) trying to get Ascended again... The Beguiler however was perfect. Phantom Foes -> Secret Horrors and good to go for a little while at least, and no pressure to spam abilities. However, I find there seems to be clear winners and losers in terms of skills that pushes me back towards giving an Ascendant another go. I thought I'd be using things like Pain Block, Mind Plague, Wild Leech, and Psychvampiric Shield more often, but I just don't have enough time/focus to use anything but a few specific skills which just seem to do more or end fights in a more efficient way. Typically for crowds it's: Phantom Foes -> Secret Horrors -> Ectophycic Echo/Amplified Wave and/or Ring Leader. Single targets are Borrowed Instinct -> Whispers of Treason/Ring Leader or Disintegration + Recall Agony (+ Body Blows). So far, the above has basically allowed me to brute force most fights, and even things like Ancestors Memory, Reaping Knives, and Time Parasite all have a opportunity cost in time that seems too high to overcome. The cost in time is both in the casting + recovery time it takes to use things like Reaping Knives etc, and in the cost of cast + recovery time to suck up all that focus again. I'm thinking this is just the Cipher dilemna and why the Ascendant and multi classes are so popular. I just don't seem to need that many active skills. The Ascendant excels at spamming the few good skills really well and multi classes can suck up passives in lieu of skills you don't end up using anyway. I'm not 100% sure where I am going with all this, but any thoughts appreciated if I might be approaching/understanding things incorrectly. Moving on... I really want to try a Barbarian Berserker or Monk Helwalker, however, given that I build both Eder (engagement Swashbuckler) and Pallegina (Crusader) semi defensively and they seem to sometimes just peel over and die, I can't imagine being anything but frustrated with those two classes, so I am shying away from them. I understand how to get around the confused status with the Berserker, but the raw damage + hidden health seems like I'll be reloading a lot. I'm not too sold on other subclasses, so I dunno. The Monk is really appealing, because it's probably the least represented class in terms of companions + sidekicks (ish, I can't see turning Xoti into a Monk - ever really, and Mirke/Rekke don't have much representation in the game quest wise outside of being a sidekick). Speaking of companions. I like Eder as a Swashbuckler, but he has been a bit squishier then I thought he would be. I skipped Riposte + stacking deflection, so maybe that might be part of it (the stacking deflection bit). I'm using Mob Stance + Reckless Brigandine, but thinking of using Defender Stance + Reckless Brigandine instead. I can't get the AI to use Vigorous/Refreshing Defense correctly yet. Any tips? I think I've set it to activate on health < 90%, with a 15 second cooldown so it isn't spammed, but when I check on him, it never seems to be up like it should be... Pallegina has the same problem. He is dual wielding currently. Sword & Board is an option as well I guess... Pallegina is tough enough, but I'm not enjoying Whispers of the Endless Paths on her at all. I avoided the whole Offensive Parry schtick, so that might be part of it, but it also just seems underwhelming. What would be a better two hander for her? I use Morning Stars + Bodyblows situationally. Is there a reliable AI setting for Flames of Devotion? I've got it semi working with Always True + Class Resource > 3, but she also seems to prioritize Knock down more then FoD, but it could be my imagination. I was hoping Greater Lay on Hands would carry the bulk of my healing needs in the party, but in practice, she either isn't in range, or seems to get infinitely caught/interrupted or recovering to ever cast it in a emergency. I'm aware of setting her up as a Herald, but I'm not sold yet on basically having a healing totem for a companion. Aloth, my dear Aloth. I just don't know what to do with this guy. My Beguiler seems to cover CC well enough, so I tuned him more towards offensive AOE spells (Ninagauth's Teachings). In practice, he decimates easy fights, but on hard fights, his spells seem to hit like a noodle, and the CC + damage spells of my Beguiler seem to just do more. I just don't know what I am doing wrong here... Xoti - I am happy with Xoti as a pure priest. She suffers a bit from the same problem my Beguiler has however. There are a few good spells worth always spamming each encounter, but action economy wise, even those seem to get eaten up by the need to cast more healing spells then I would like. So in practice, on battles that are going well, the buffs like Devotions, Champions Boon, CoP, Triumph etc. all go off and its a merry stomp, but on harder fights it's a frantic mess of maybe I get off Devotions + CoP off, then I am in damage control trying to heal Eder or someone else/the occasional litany of spirits/body to clear a status effect, and by that point, we either turn the battle around and more buffs are just flashy displays of dominance, or we die. Anyway, wall of text, apologies. Just wanted to throw this post out and see if I can clean up my play a little. Cheers!
  13. I know this place is quiet, but I'm really enjoying getting back into this game for another play through before having a crack at PoE 2. I'm a soft min/maxer at heart, and prefer playing with in game NPC's. I don't generally super charge my MC and instead try to spread good gear around to everyone. I'm mostly looking for any items I should be using, in lieu of items I might be over rating or just don't need as much as I think. Mostly because I probably don't know any better. I don't think I need to go over talents, I think I have that pretty sussed... I made an effort to spread out Soulbound weapons as much as possible, to reduce the amount of durganizing and upgrading that I need. I'm not tying the dwarves to the forge, so I might be tight on durgan, however I think I am OK on upgrades. -> Main Character - Rhea - Priest of Magran Mountain Dwarf - Deadfire Archipelago - Explorer - I sailed with cold-blooded conquerors. M 17 (2) - C 8 - D 18 - P 12 (2) - INT 17 (1) - RES 6 (1) () = Talents Weapon set 1: Pilambo per Casitas (Godhammer is an option as well) Weapon set 2: Steadfast + Redfield Head: Company Captain's Cap Neck: Comfort Armor: Boatswain's uniform (early), Clothes (mid to late) Hands: Celebrant's Gloves Ring: Ring of Deflection Ring: Ring of Protection Waist: Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer Boots: Malina's Boots Comments: Arrrrr I'm a Pirate Priest for PoE 2. I considered a Priest of Eothas, but I couldn't RP it in my head like I wanted too, and that's strangely important to me... -> Eder Weapon set 1: Edge of Reason (duped) + Sheathed in Autumn (if not duped...) Weapon set 2: Wendgar Head: Maegfolc Skull Neck: Ruphec's Watchful Cloak MK II Armor: Pike's Pride (Superb + Durganized) Hands: Siegebreaker Guantlets Ring: Iron Circle Ring: Ring of Protection Waist: Girdle of the Driving Wave Boots: Frythr's Plated Greaves Comments: If I punched in and understand everything right, I'm pretty sure provided Armored Grace + Durganized everything + Outlander's Frenzy, Eder should be self sufficient 0 recovery, with a minor knock to recovery if I turn on Vulnerable Attack. DAoM potion fixes this, but is also very much overkill... A pair of Rimecutters work too, but would definitely need to be upgraded and duped, so I would have no way to get a second Superb ranged weapon for Pallegina (if that matters?). I do know a pair of Bittercut's are probably better, but I enjoy the weapon separation between Pallegina and Eder more. -> Aloth Weapon set 1: Gyrd Haewanes Stenes Weapon set 2: Spelltongue (just cause) + Little Savior Head: Garodh's Chorus (Preservation) Neck: Mantle of the Excavator Armor: Aloth's Leather Armor Hands: Glittering Guantlets Ring: Ring of Protection Ring: Gwyn's Band of Union Waist: Belt of the Stelgaer Boots: Greenstained Boots Comments: Aloth could wear clothes if I wanted to maximize casting speed, but I feel comfortable with him wearing his original armor durganized. Gwyn Haewanes could go on my Priest for the increased accuracy, but I find it such a great weapon for Aloth on any fight where I don't need to unleash a string of debuffs all fight long. I also put Aspirant's Mark on Aloth so he always has something to contribute in every encounter. -> Pallegina Weapon set 1: Leadsplitter (Superb + duped? Duganized?) Weapon set 2: Leadsplitter OR Dulcanale/Silver Flash Weapon set 3: The Flames of Fair Rhian + Outworn Buckler Head: N/A Neck: Cloak of Protection Armor: Ryona's Breastplate Hands: Ryona's Vambraces Ring: Pensiavi mes Rei Ring: Ring of Deflection Waist: Coil of Resourcefulness Boots: Fenwalkers Comments: The Fire General build, without a lot of the per rest items, but I would probably swap those in and out as needed. I don't know about Leadsplitter. Is it really better or comparable to the Arquebuses or Pistols with Flames of Devotion? It would seem its low per pellet damage wouldn't multiply well with Flames of Devotion etc. However if Boeroer says it's good, it's probably good, so who am I to argue? My only gripe is how talent intense this build is. I want so many talents early, and well, you can't get em all. -> Hiravias Weapon set 1: Greenstone Staff Weapon set 2: Captain Viccilo's Anger + Black Sanctuary (or Reghar Konnek just for style points...) Head: White Crest's Helm (helmet turned off...) Neck: Cape of the Master Mystic Armor: Blaidh Golan Hands: Gauntlets of Accuracy Ring: Ring of Protection Ring: Gathbin Family Signet Waist: Wildstrike Belt Boots: Viettro's Formal Footwear Comments: I've never played with Hiravias or a Druid before sooooooo...... Shrug? Hiravias and Sagani are my flex picks however. I would consider swapping them out with other characters. Maneha with Dragon's Maw Shield, Kana Rua with Dragon Thrashed for a 0 micro off-tank, Devil of Caroc ???, dunno. -> Sagani Weapon set 1: Stormcaller Weapon set 2: Wend-Walker Head: Helmet of Darksee Neck: Stalker's Torc Armor: Clothes Hands: Gauntlets of Swift Action Ring: Ring of Protection Ring: Ring of Thorns Waist: Sentinel's Girdle Boots: Glanfathan Stalking Boots Comments: Not much to say here, just trying to get her recovery speed down as much as possible. Cheers for any help to whoever is still out here!
  14. Double posting might be frowned upon, but I ended up answering some of my questions on my own, but it lead me down a few other rabbit holes and I just want to check my conclusions anyway. So from what I understand, it does seem that 0 recovery is largely better then trying to boost DEX for martial classes, but DEX does help a bit. As such, taking the +3 PER bonus from Caed Nua early is probably overall better then the +3 DEX. Might, Int or Dex could be better later when accuracy becomes a bit saturated. For Casters, casting time doesn't benefit from durganized weapons + speed enchants. It solely benefits from light armor + things like DoAM, Frenzy, and a few others etc. I think I got my head around this. The conclusion I am coming to is early game, while you could put your casters in clothes, the benefit is probably not that worth it compared to some more survivability when you don't have a tonne of spells to sling anyway... It's better mid and late game, and then late (if you want) you could upgrade to robes/padded armor when you can start durgan reinforcing armor. I'll start putting Sagani in clothes right away however. Durance just feels unsalvageable for the min/max side of my brain, even though I know I completed PotD already (with him as well...) with a fraction of the knowledge I have now (right down to not knowing how buffs and things stack/surpress at all...), and I got through AOK anyway. I'm just going to have to accept that he is slow as molasses and just have him drink DoAM potions constantly. Or role my own Priest, but I've got some seperate issues with that too (is there a good two-handed build for Pallegina kicking around? I like my current balance of Two-Hander, Archer, Two Weapon, Sword & Board, and no other companion strikes me as a good two-handed user if I went Priest instead of Barb).
  15. Hi folks I am trying to make sense of the party I am creating in relation to the game mechanics. I don't think I am trying to do anything fancy, so hopefully this ends up straight forward. My party would be: Barbarian - Cauterizer, per Boeroer Eder - Dual Wielding Fighter Aloth - CC Wizard Pallegina - Roughly based off the "Fire General" build, Sword and Board Durance - Buff bot Sagani or Hiravias - Stormcaller / Not sure My main gripe is Durance and his low DEX, and this is where my head gets turned inside out mechanics wise. Of note - all of the above characters have fairly low dex scores, except Aloth. 9 (Barb), 11 (Eder), 15 (Aloth), 11 (Pallegina), 9 (Durance), 11 (Sagani) respectively. My immediate thought was to almost exclusively use the +3 DEX resting bonus via Caed Nua, but I am wondering if this is the correct option or not. In terms of roles, Durance wants every boost he can get (I can get him to 16-18 with gear + talents + rest, not including minor avatar), and it brings my Aloth (with gear) to a easy 20 dex as well. The benefit of DEX on casting speed is immediately clear to me. What isn't as obvious is the impact of DEX on my martial classes. E.g. I am planning for Eder to dual wield two Rimecutters + Vulnerable Attack asap. Early game, so long as he is wearing Padded Armor and has Outlander's Frenzy or Hastening Exhortation, it seems he can reach 0 recovery with ease. I can also wear Blaidh Golan for a minor recovery hit, but more survivability. Then, as I am able to Durganize his Armor + Weapons, it seems the sweet spot I can reach is Scale (Golden Scales or Pike's Pride), and drop the Armored Grace talent. Or keep the talent and I can wear any armor I want, including Plate. All of the above without the Gauntlets of Swift Action, who I can then use for Sagani. This is the sticking point I have with DEX now though. Is the added 3 DEX from rest valuable at all to Eder? I can see the effect of increasing DEX on the calculator, but I can't grok if the change/impact is worth it. My Barb would rest at 15 DEX buffed, which is 15% more action speed, but does the Cauterizer build benefit from this? Second question, what is the benefit of 0 recovery on caster classes? E.g. Aloth with the durganized Engwithan Scepter wearing Leather + Pilferer's Grip (trying to save on Durgan) and DoAM can reach 0 recovery fairly easy. The immediate and obvious benefits seems mostly in relation to the character completing attacks quickly, and therefore will feel more responsive when you want them to cast spells. Does recovery affect spells however? This is where it gets blurry for me. Ideally I'd like Aloth using something like Golden Gaze or Gyrd Haewanes Stenes when not casting, but the drop in recovery is immediately noticeable when switching from the Engwithan Scepter. I have the same question about Durance. Is it better to be casting with Unforgiven/Last Blade of the White Forge + Shield and 0 recovery, or does it matter? My last question is the most complicated question by far... Is there a way to make Angio's Gambeson less ugly/weird looking on Durance? I hate using this item on looks alone, but the power gamer in me can't resist it on Durance either..... I could chug DoAM potions instead, but those eat into early buffing time. Thanks for any help!
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