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  1. Hey guys, I want to thank you all for your help and advice, it's given me a really nice insight into the system as a whole honestly. I decided to go with an Enchanter/Blackjacket combo and after playing a few hours it's really felt good. The Blackjacket perk has made it really easy to go between broadsword and sword and shield as becomes necessary (I've never made use of swapping weapons like this before) and there have so far been a few places where multi-classing has let me pick up a passive boost in one class so for the other I can focus on getting other activated effects. Also most buffs a
  2. I'm actually going to be just playing on the normal difficulty, and I'm gonna be using Berath's Blessings to up my stats form the start, if that influences things at all. You guys have pointed out some good points relating to weapon and shield use, I'm wondering if there's anything to be said for two-handed weapons as part of a battlemage build? And I've actually always been curious about Swashbuckler Eder but I've always been worried about losing a potential party tank. Is that something I should be concerned with or are there ways to counteract that? Also I want to thank you guys
  3. These are interesting ideas, I hadn't considered what Blackjacket could bring to the table. Also I feel I should say that I went back to look at the subclasses for wizard and I got confused as to what each did; it turns out Enchanter is the subclass that gives me most of what I want, in that I get a whole host of buff spells to choose from, so thank you for pointing that out to me. It just goes to show how long it's been since I played Deadfire.
  4. @NotBad I'm not planning to use summoned weapons, but if someone were to make a good case for them I'd be open to being persuaded otherwise. In all honesty I want to go the Battlemage route for the aesthetic more than the practicality, I just want to make sure I approach the concept as effectively as I can.
  5. I'm gonna be going with a multiclass Fighter/Wizard and my hope is primarily to be a frontline character dealing damage primarily through weapons. And I'm gonna be playing on turn-based mode if that makes any difference.
  6. Thanks for this guidance. Where can I get that llengrath grimoire? I've played through the game twice already so I'm not worried about spoilers. Also I am really tempted to get the evoker specialization for wizard since it boosts the spells I seem to most need for a frontline mage. Is it worth the limited spell list?
  7. Well having checked out that thread I do want to ask what grimoires would be best to use for a front line battlemage? I feel like I've never made good use of them and just end up sticking to the main grimoire with Aloth. I saw it suggested that swapping between grimoires and focusing on using wizard levels to get perks is a good way to go so some expansion on how best to approach that would be ideal.
  8. Thank you! I'd not read it before since I didn't think the contents would be relevant to what I'm after. Having gone through it all, this is actually extremely enlightening. Again, thanks a lot for pointing this out to me.
  9. Hey everyone! Like many the news of Avowed inspired me to make a new playthrough of Pillars of Eternity. I'm almost done with the first and want some build advice going into Deadfire. I'm playing a wizard for the first time and while I'm primarily focused on roleplay, I want to experiment with builds more. I went with a sword and shield style wizard for 1 and going into two, I'd love advice for both sticking with a pure wizard sword wielding build and a multiclassed Battlemage so I can decide before I start Deadfire. Thank you in advance to everyone who helps me out with all this!
  10. My personal hope would be for the next game to take place in Ixamitl. It seems like a really unique area with the kind of culture that you don't often see fleshed out in fantasy.
  11. Just to clarify, is it necessary to start a new game to access the book of Woedica, or do you gain access to it automatically at some point in the game regardless?
  12. I don't really think a prequel would be as engaging unless they were really smart about it. Maybe something that took place just after the creation of the gods, but in general, it's like a lot of people have said-it's limiting to go back and tell stories about events we already know the outcome of. A book or comic about the Saints War? That would be awesome though. Maybe told from the perspective of Eders brother. As for what I actually think the next game should involve? I absolutely want it to take place in Ixamitl. A south American style setting isn't one that's been done before as far
  13. Deadfire by a mile. That game, in my opinion, is a masterpiece. I was three hours in before I realized that THIS was my new favorite game, hands down.
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