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  1. Just a note about Frostseeker. Late-game rangers can do really amazing amounts of damage with it. Frostseeker gives a cold damage AOE on crit and shoots three projectiles per shot. With the Driving Flight passive and two enemies and decent player targeting, you're getting six projectiles per autoattack, with six chances to crit. The more your accuracy goes up, the more crits you're doing. My late game Frostseeker ranger was routinely getting six crits per autoattack, which meant six cold AoEs on top of the (small) damage from the six projectiles. Once you get Twinned Shot, it's 12 projectiles
  2. I guess if I were to try to meet all these, I'd give each character one potion slot by default (how realistic is it to drink anything in a battle, much less four things? also gives the opportunity for gear or abilities to increase the base. Also tightens the tactical choice about which potion to use.). Potions would be 1/encounter. Finding more means more of your characters can use that potion type in a given fight. Probably the same deal with scrolls. Deadfire already has all of these elements, just not assembled into a coherent system (or rather, assembled into separate coherent systems).
  3. But but but I might need them later! It's a reasonable player instinct, though. Is the game harder early, or late? You can't know. Will this potion turn out to be the magic bullet in a specific fight? You won't be sure until you've played the game through a couple of times. The Adra Ban discussion highlights a great example. What's the actual precious material? Surely it can't be this one that's used to upgrade my weapons to middle-tier.
  4. Yeah, it's a very good spell. It's a Priest buff/debuff that lives outside the affliction/inspiration system, and it hits the two stats that essentially everybody wants. It's great. My typical Priest buff cycle for offense on PotD difficulty goes: Dire Blessing, Devotions for the Faithful, and Shining Beacon, another AL4 spell that does amazing work. It attacks will, is foe-only, has a meaty base AoE, and it drops 10 from all defenses and applies a burn DoT. The DoT is just a nice bonus. But between Devotions and Shining Beacon, nobody in the party has trouble connecting with their abilit
  5. This answers a follow-up question I had. Because your use case "cast all the buffs" and thelee's "cast the best possible spell at any moment" are mutually exclusive in RTwP mode.... or at least they require a lot of action and recovery time spent blood sacrificing to get the buff casts back. Blood Sacrifice as a free action sounds really powerful. I wonder if Turn Based is the ideal mode for Blood Mages.
  6. Ha ha, ok. I see where we differ. I really enjoy the resource management side of a wizard. The things you two mention as problems the Bloodmage solves (having to decide whether to use the Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardry + Rekvu's Casque, having to move to less optimal spell levels, juggling grimoires) are part of what I enjoy about playing wizards. Every fight starts to look real similar to me if you solve those problems too early in the game, so I like having to work on the puzzle of "given the enemies I am facing (kith are always the worst here), how do I manage the spells I have available at
  7. Bloodmage is unquestionably powerful, but I also think it's overkill in a way. For most fights you have enough spells. Where I think Bloodmages excel is against megabosses: long, drawn-out fights with a lot of choreography and special needs. Bloodmage has the entire suite of wizard spells available to answer every need and the ability to renew those spells if they're depleted. That's a big deal to be sure. But in trash fights I never needed to renew spells, and even against most bosses there's plenty of power available even if you deplete your favorite spell level. One caveat is that
  8. Great! And if you still have questions, please do ask. The big Deadfire Brains around here are knowledgeable and helpful.
  9. A thread developed from an OP with a very similar request to yours just this morning. Have you read it? There's some good information in there. If you haven't read it, I recommend it. If you have, do you have any reactions to the recommendations there?
  10. In that case I think you probably won't go wrong with Boeroer's build or with the fighter/wizard approach. Neither build will wait until the end of the game to get good. Both will start competitive and will get strong relatively early, and will keep getting better from there. Paladin in my experience has both an early peak and a late peak, but wizard has a smooth upward curve.
  11. Very tanky. A paladin is tough on its own. Adding all those wizard defensive buffs on top takes that paladin to another level. I suspect the Blood Mage / Steel Garotte build you mentioned in that Boeroer post is based on the idea that the Blood Mage can have unlimited spells at the cost of health. The Steel Garotte paladin vampires health from doing melee damage. If you add them together, you have potentially unlimited spells. But that's not enough synergy for a Boeroer build, so I am guessing that he also recommends something like that Whispers of the Endless Path approach (to passively
  12. Yeah, if you want to tank with your main character, I'd say multiclassing a wizard with a paladin or a fighter would be extremely tough. @Boeroer writes about going martial/caster using the Whispers of the Endless Path greatsword to do passive AoE riposte damage while you're casting if you want the multiclass and do melee damage while you cast. You could very easily tank with this character (wizard's defensive buffs more than make up for no shield). @thelee, thanks! I completely overlooked Spirit Shield (AL1, Enchanting, +3 AR and Concentration), which is embarrassing because I use it as
  13. A single class wizard is very survivable in Deadfire, even on PotD difficulty. The protective Enchantment spells that @thelee mentioned are very good. There are also some Illusion spells I like. Here they are all together. Ability Level 1: Wizard's Double (Illusions): +40 (!!) Deflection until hit Fleet Feet (Enchanting): +5 Dex, +100% movement speed, +20 Defense when Disengaging AL 2: Arcane Veil (Conjuration): +50 Deflection against non-Veil Piercing attacks (most things besides firearms and a handful of spells), Concentration Bulwark Ag
  14. Yes. The ` key (same key as ~ on my keyboard) opens the console. Type iRoll20s (or just iro and hit tab). This enables cheats and disables achievements. Then type, if I'm remembering correctly, addexperiencetolevel 20 . If that command doesn't work, just type addexp and hit tab to cycle through the autocomplete options. The right command will appear.
  15. Hmm, for some reason I thought the accuracy bonus per level had a class modifier, but you're right, it doesn't. Flames of Devotion is definitely great for an Arcane Archer, but my experience with it on Maje Isle was that Zeal ran out well before the big fights ended, so I was thinking that a bonus to acc that you have throughout the fight would be better. But you're right, there isn't a bonus. The only difference in acc is getting Marksman earlier as a single class AA than the Shepherd would get Zealous Focus. I haven't played the tutorial through starting at level 1 in a long time, so it
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