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  1. It's already been years since the game released, would people who pre-ordered still against it?
  2. Are there any other abilities/passives of Barbarian/Devoted that I should lookout for les they suppress one another?
  3. How do soulbound items work with multiclass? Can a Brute choose between Fighter enchantment and Barbarian enchantment?
  4. What would happen when you use a weapon with lashing against an enemy than is immuned to the main damage type? Let's say I attack an enemy that has slash immunity with St. Drogga's Skull, how will the "+20% Damage as Burn " works? BTW is this still hold true?
  5. If going for dual wield, would clubs be a good choice? +5 ACC seems neat. Damage seems low but I guest low recovery time should compensate enough. Generally speaking(not having to consider Devoted), should one typically dual wield the same type of weapons? I imagine dual wielding weapons with different damage types would be good against immuned enemies?
  6. BTW how do crit chance conversions stack? So Berserker's Frenzy(30%) + Disciplined Strikes(25%) + Barbaric Blow(30%) means 85% hit to crit conversion? What if Death Godlike were add into the mix?
  7. So even with +2 PEN from being Devoted Greatsword still won't be able to overcome late game enemies' armor? Quite a bummer since Barbarian has good crit multiplier, having high base damage would rocks. Could building towards high crit chace to get extra 50% PEN be a viable way to alleviate Greatsword's low PEN problem?
  8. I have problem mainly about stat's allocation and the choice of weapon. How many INT should I aim for? Is greatsword a good choice? Is this one still hold true?
  9. FF also gain a wound when Barb's Frenzy expired right? Is it a good Idea to pair FF with Barb? Any other class that can also cast hostile effect on oneself early on? If a Corpse Eater/FF eat a corpse will he gain 3 types of resources, Rages, mortifications & wounds?
  10. What race, stats, abilities, second class, Items to pick? Or is this subclass worth choosing in the first place? If there are many builds/playstyles, a good from the early game-melee-dps one is preferred.
  11. If I play a Wood Elf Barb and have Unflinching. Will the Dex resistance stack? Paralyzed and Petrified will become just Hobbled?
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