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  1. FF also gain a wound when Barb's Frenzy expired right? Is it a good Idea to pair FF with Barb? Any other class that can also cast hostile effect on oneself early on? If a Corpse Eater/FF eat a corpse will he gain 3 types of resources, Rages, mortifications & wounds?
  2. What race, stats, abilities, second class, Items to pick? Or is this subclass worth choosing in the first place? If there are many builds/playstyles, a good from the early game-melee-dps one is preferred.
  3. If I play a Wood Elf Barb and have Unflinching. Will the Dex resistance stack? Paralyzed and Petrified will become just Hobbled?
  4. I tried Streetfighter/Barbarian and wasn't impressed. His acc is abysmally low. blunderbus -10, distract -5 and he can't have perception inspiration because it will cancel out distract. I'm still at the beginning of the game though. But I can't say I'm keen to continue with him.
  5. Are Hand mortar's and Frostseeker's AoE mechanic similar, aside from Frostseeker needing to crit? If some skills work with Frostseeker They will also work with Hand Mortar and vice versa right?
  6. Wouldn't recovery time be the same whether I dual with another gun or a melee? Was it to utilize full attack? I presume INT would be very important to this build, more than might?
  7. Thank you. I'll look into that. I don't like guns much because I'm afraid to run into piece immune enemy. But it seems like Hand Mortar deals the best of 2 types of damage. Should be suitable for me. Should I go for single weapon style with this, or should I find something to dual with it? p.s. will I get dual wield penalty If I dual hand mortar with a melee weapon?
  8. I was thinking about dual weiding scepters. Testing an assassin/bleakwalker and found out that full attack doesn't work with assassination, witch I was quite expected. I wasn't expecting this though. Has it always been like this?
  9. On another note, Is this build really as good as they claimed. https://brightrockmedia.com/2020/02/20/poe2-best-monk-build-pillars-of-eternity-2/
  10. I'm kind of reluctant to use monk because I have a feeling they got nerf a lot. If I remember correctly they began battle with more wounds and nature godlike provided more PL in the old days. There might be even more nerf I'm unaware of.
  11. Would the choice be different if heavier emphasis is put on the early game? Also, how well would a Devoted/Bleakwalker perform?
  12. Kind of like(but not exactly) this. Is Frostseeker really the best choice? damage seems low. what class/race/stats/abilities/items to go for. kinda want a multi class that includes one or more of these classes/subclasses. Bleakwalker Paladin. Sharpshooter Ranger. Devoted Fighter. Barbarian. Rouge.
  13. Do "attacks that do something special with the enemy" also work with carnage? I guess I should stick with abilities that are available early since I have a serious case of restartitis. I have never reach level 13 before.
  14. Thank you. Other questions if you would be so kind. Would Hierophant works well with the lance? Would Soul Annihilation deals AoE?
  15. And how similar or different they are? Are the radius the same? Edit: Also, Does Swift Flurry work with the Spirit Lance? From here sounds like it does. https://fextralife.com/pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire-builds-guide-sage/ But from here sounds like it doesn't. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/114358-help-with-a-wizard-multiclass-build/?tab=comments#comment-2199933 I'm confused.
  16. I'm trying Deadfire Community Patch but my Scout can't get Backstab to work even once. Was the conditions of backstabbing changed?
  17. ^So it's like that? Kind of sucks. Accurate wounding shot still sounds good to me though, +20 accuracy should be nice. Thanks.
  18. I'm playing an Assassin/Sharpshooter. At the beginning of the game I have Rogue's Crippling Strike and Ranger's Wounding Shot. Which attack should I use to begin battles with?(from stealth) My character's main weapon is a hunting bow. I intend him to be a range DPS. He has high Per/Dex/Might/Int and low Con/Res
  19. I want to try roleplaying as the Joker. What class, gear, stat, proficiency, disposition, faction, etc. would suit him best?
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