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  1. Im looking for builds and reading guides and posts alot latley but often its hard to know if people talk about RT or turnbased gameplay. In my personal preferences there is only turndbased as I realy (REALY) dont like pause/rt. I come from a background of IRL D&D and Divinity original sin etc + endless turnbased strategy games. Is it any good way to know if people desucssing turnbased or real time builds? Would it mabye be a good idea to split build forum from TB/RT? Also as the rerason of my scrolling, what mele builds do you people prefere for turnbased gameplay?
  2. Ty alot for the replys. As I try Rp my caracter from my live game and at the same time dont want to gimp myself totaly I prob go with a Berzerker Barbarian . Will try go for 2h axe or cause Boeroers suggestion I also get got a point in morningstar and will try it. Its never a wep I used in a a RP scenario before but Barbarians are versiable and can smash things with what ever they get their hands on. As long Riva get her daily mead she ready to smash and Il try keep update how it al turns out. I looking into streetfighter MC but also wonder about Brute, to be able to drop most
  3. How about stats, So many guides etc tell setups who when i read more carefull seem to be bad for Turnbased as they focsued on haste etc. I Rp my caracter kinda heavy as its my live Barbarian from Live Riva Hornraven who joined Pillars of eterenty 2 universe. She prefere 1 wep over 2 so I guess I try find a 2h build that work for me. Might constitution is gived, is hit chacne a big one to invest in awell? and ty for answer mate. /Osicat
  4. I kinda new to the game, just joined as the Turn based gamemode strated feel ready. I have tbh waited for it as I prefere turn based RPG (play D&D 5e live and want my pc rpgs to have about same feel) and must say im like it so far. I trying to create a good barbarian dps thu and feel a little bit stuck in al guides and build ets. Alot of build and multclassing is based around non tunnbased builds and this confuses me. Atm I leaing towards a Berserker human (as my dnd caracter) with battle axe ( 1 or dualwield). Not sure if its best to muticlass thu. I want the caracter as a pure dps
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