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  1. It does feel like Obsidian somewhat backed themselves into a corner with resource management in this game. Agreed that things like Blood Mage and Tactician make for some very compelling power play options, and also ask very interesting questions of the player (ie. burst vs sustain and so on) - but Megabosses for all the challenge and strategy involved do seem to automatically rule out certain subclasses or necessitate the inclusion of others. So yeah, the inclusion of something akin to a 'blood druid' in execution would be great! Perhaps a perma-wildshape form maybe - and really own that wh
  2. I suppose this is likely because in a lot of the more popular setups, Tricksters’ strengths lie elsewhere. Not to mention you did specifically mention ‘tankiness’ in your first post. No need to be tanky when you’re sneaking and vice versa.
  3. I think I've done wizards a disservice too in how I've tried to cram too many elements into a single build and single combat encounters. In spite of my continuing hammering of them as being 'buff bots' for secondary classes, there's a damn good reason I keep looking at them: the ability to flip between grimoires and potentially change my whole playstyle depending on my mood. That and - obvious effectiveness aside - the missile spells are damn cool. Pew pew...
  4. That's pretty cool. Stalker is one of the subclasses I've been curious to try out, and not only is the Berath dot angle a nice touch but I'd never given pause for thought on the link/boon synergy either. I might have to throw this combo into the mix. I completely understand why so many people are quick to turn to Ghostheart and eliminate a lot of problems people have with animal companions, but I really like the idea of finding ways to improve their worth - beyond just pumping the obvious health, resilience and damage skills of course.
  5. I'll be the first to admit I am extremely guilty of sometimes overlooking the value of spreading some of these synergistic options across multiple characters in the party (hell, just look at my build help request thread...). The whole interaction with Grave Calling and vessels is absolutely one I have managed to miss while plotting out characters, dismissing it initially because summons didn't fit in with my character's vision. Amazingly never occurred to me that someone else could do the heavy lifting instead. With such a popular focus on solo builds that are entirely self-sufficient, I su
  6. You're right, I certainly did them dirty in my very simplistic description of them. To be honest, I have given them quite a solid look at various points throughout my endless search for a build, but kept finding myself put off by the same combinations being thrown up - namely Kitchen Stove > into power spam (granted more than 2 powers), or looking solely at Witches with their boosted action speed to make them even remotely viable in melee. That's primarily why I began to discount them as an option. With that in mind... This sounds extremely fun. Flagellant's Path looks like a gr
  7. That's fair. I am aware I always tend to fall into the trap of trying to pile all the most exciting and engaging stuff on my MC, usually at a cost to the rest of the party. After thinking on my question and your response for a while, I've come to the realisation that perhaps what I'm really searching for is an engaging, satisfying playstyle rather than simply a class that boasts everything. I sort of touched on some of my concerns with classes like Wizards, who tend to be used exclusively to buff up for melee; or monks who seem to almost exclusively be used for Helwalker stat increases, an
  8. Agree 100%. I know this debate - and the distinction between solo and party - has been covered pretty thoroughly across these boards in the past; and I completely understand the hunger for solo-viable & min-maxed builds because they serve a very specific purpose. I think as much as anything else I'm interested to learn of any entertaining playstyles or gameplay loops that people may have stumbled across in blending some unconventional classes together. I also find it interesting as well that in all my forum trawling I don't recall seeing masses of discussions around things like Th
  9. By now we're all very familiar with super-powered Heralds, Sages, Arcane Knights and whatnot that can absolutely decimate the game. But what about the forgotten builds? The class combos that don't possess any obvious synergies or feature a traditionally 'unsexy' class (sorry Rangers...) Every now and again this board will throw up an unsung hero build that opens people's eyes to exciting possibilities - e.g. Takedown combo Geomancers, spell-turret Troubadour/Psions - that go to show that even the least popular combos have some merit. A quick glance at the pinned build list (stuck in 2
  10. What's this? Another thread asking for help advising on a class choice for a first time playthrough? And asking questions about spellswords too? Original, right? So yeah, to cut through the chaff, I've been reading through countless damn-near identical threads over recent weeks to try and land on a MC class combo that offers a (frankly unlikely) amount of variety and playstyle options. While there are an obscene number of build options to choose from, I'm not sure I've found quite the right blend. Inspiration for the sort of character I'm in search of is probably akin to Final Fanta
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