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  1. Hey man I’m a fellow forum-goer I just want you to know that I took your list and emailed it as a Bug Report to Versus Evil, those are the guys responsible for the PS4 version of Deadfire not Obsidian. They may be able to fix some of those problems you listed now that it’s reported but the problem is you didn’t provide any clear steps to reproduce them, so some of them they may not be able to replicate and then fix. Next time you update your list if you could do it in the standard Bug Report fashion of Problem: Steps to Reproduce: Notes/Additional Info: That will help Versus Evil find the Bug easier and fix it. Here is their Tech Support Email Address if you want to begin Reporting Bugs yourself : support@vsevil.net
  2. Summary at bottom. I don’t agree with the “names don’t matter” when it comes to games. Names matter to American consumers as well as Japanese, but it’s usually the Studio name. I know lots of people who will buy a game simply because Infinity Ward/Treyarch, Bethesda, BioWare or Gearbox made it etc and they enjoy their games. Some of us take it a step farther, myself included, and want to know who worked on that game that I enjoyed so much. And when I’m looking into a new game and I find Game Z from Y Studios I’ve never heard of, if I happen to come across an article that mentions that a few of the people that worked on Game X that I loved formed a company called Y Studios and made Game Z that certainly influences my decision. I will more likely give that game a shot. The Bigger the role they played and the more of my personal hits list that they worked on will influence my decision even more. What makes it even more interesting is in Call of Duty’s case with 2 Studios alternating out new CoD titles. I know people on both sides of the fence that wouldn’t buy a CoD if it was made by the other studio because they hated their ideas. The FPS crowd is usually considered one of the most superficial & least picky when it comes to caring about game quality because of how simple the games are and yet they won’t buy the same game because it’s made by another studio. There’s also divides between CoD and Battlefield. They’re both shooters but some fans won’t be caught dead playing Battlefield if they’re CoD fans and vice versa. Not to mention the old Nintendo vs Sega rivalries of the 90s. Name recognition and bias certainly matters to western gamers too whether they realize it or not. Just to be clear if you won’t buy a console/game from another developer because you don’t like that studio for whatever reason you are being influenced by or biased towards the Name. I also know western gamers that worship the ground certain game designers walk on and it’s not hard to find them either just a simple forum search of some games by well-known designers will turn up threads praising their name. People like Miyazaki (Dark Souls) and Kojima (Metal Gear) aren’t popular only in Japan, a large amount of their fan base is U.S. Gamers and they will buy any game those guys touch. For them you don’t even have to search forums there are articles dedicated to their popularity among western gamers. Western Game Designers don’t have that adamant of a following but they should still be recognized and appreciated for their contributions to Videogaming. Sid Meier, Brian Reynolds, Ken Levine, Peter Molyneux, Brian Fargo (he’s loved and hated), Cliffy B, Leonard Boyarsky, Chris Taylor, Warren Spector along with others mentioned in this thread : Feargus Urquhart, Tim Cain, Josh Sawyer, John Carmack, George Romero, Chris Avellone, and American McGee, Shigeru Miyamoto. Along with many more that we owe thanks to for pushing the envelope, breaking boundaries, working around the clock to bring us our much beloved titles and growing the industry into the smorgasbord of games on offer that we have today. Without them gaming might have died out in the 90s. TLDR: Names matter to gamers but it’s usually Company/Studio names, but the Names of People should matter more to gamers, especially adult gamers. The people that work on your games are like the authors of your books and should be appreciated for their contributions. It was not easy to produce that game you love. Read a few development stories you’ll see. Enlighten yourself especially on the “Crunch Time” phase of development.
  3. That’s too bad and I was rushing to finish my PS4 PoE save in time to import. RL intervened and 6 weeks later I’m finally getting Deadfire for PS4 but I haven’t heard that it was patched in yet. Do you know if the ridiculously low console stash limit of 100 was removed for Deadfire? At least in Caed Nua there was lots of places to stash stuff. The Boat, if memory serves, there was 2-3 containers tops.
  4. You probably should have started a new thread for this but necroing aside did you meet him in the Main Hall and assist him with his petition already? If yes then you'll just have to wait till he shows up again and hope that he works properly. I was wondering the policy on resurrecting old threads on these forums myself. Since there are some with incorrect information that show up on a Google search and I wanted to offer the correct info. I'm guessing it's frowned upon?
  5. Yeah they don’t use Grimoires on PS4 either. I was hoping someone knew of an item or a talent that I missed or even an exploit that lets you learn additional Cipher spells since I’m playing as one in my first console playthrough. I always envied how Priest and Druids have access to all their spells. And yes I am aware Ciphers are OP enough with access to exactly half of their spells I just like a variety.
  6. This is more for any potential new players than the OP since he/she already made up their mind. First a little about me. I have been playing the Pillars games since the first month of PoE’s release. I do not consider myself one of the best players at the game nor am I a min-maxer but I do try to optimize my Watcher at least to get the most out of interactions and attribute checks. I have played into lategame on all difficulties. I use Companions and not Adventurers. With that said even on POTD difficulty no encounter took me 50-60 reloads, and if an encounter is taking more than 10+ reloads its a sign that you are not powerful enough yet (or you haven’t learned how to play the game well enough yet). Secondly Bounties are not meant for Early or Midgame and certainly not Very Early game no wonder OP was getting crushed. Lastly and most importantly I remember PoE having a very steep learning curve. It took me days to get confortable with all the numbers and mechanics the game throws at you so it is worth it to start on Easy or Story and take the time to learn what each attribute, affliction, defense, ability and so on does, as well as the combat system, Health & Endurance and Resting etc. The game is loaded with Tooltips and they are very informative, sometimes too informative so just try to retain what you can from them but they are very helpful. Just hover your mouse/pointer over any blue text or any icon. The game really does give you A LOT to learn but once you get the hang of everything it is one of the most satisfying and fleshed out RPGs out there and Pillars 2 will be a breeze when you jump into it.
  7. Sorry I gutted your post I just wanted to point out that on PS4 you don’t forget any spells upon retraining while still being able to learn ones you haven’t learned. I’m not sure if they intended that or it’s a bug. Source : I just retrained Aloth Edit: However if you know of a way for Cipher’s to learn all their spells I am all ears.
  8. I hope it includes the same save game import feature it has on PC. I recently picked up PoE for PS4 to beat it on time for the Deadfire console release. Also better loading times and the unlimited stash the PC versions have would be welcome editions.
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