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  1. Hello all. I have enjoyed PoE greatly but I have found a few bugs that are just incomprehensible at this point and are deeply frustrating. First off, when people come to the stronghold, the extremely rare Azzuro in particular, having those characters fail to show up, which is a LOOOOOOOOng-noted bug of known problem of several years being a continuing problem is completely unacceptable. You at Obsidian know that your main characters that come to the keep fail to appear to the character for years and years and years yet you still fail to correct the problem. The rarest merchant in the game, even when he "appears" fails to be accessible in the game along with hundreds of other characters and notable characters. Why, after several years of reporting and known supposedly to be fixed bugs, is this still a deep problem within the game? You have known about this for literally half a decade and you still refuse to fix the fact that people who come to the keep will not appear or exist. Please, for the love of God and small, furry animals fix this!!.For gods' sakes, you have been informed about this thousands of times and you simply seem to ignore the fact that major characters don't appear or exist when they should and you seem not to care in the slightest. Superb game overall but can you make characters actually appear who should after half a decade of complaints? Kickstart that. E
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