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  1. There are 2 opinions on this forum that does not matter at all thats Boeroer and Thelee’s these guys clearly have **** taste since they keep playing average deadfire game for 55 times, and they keep derailing every topic with their ilussionary world beliefs where deadfire is the best game ever created. It isnt wake the **** up. Im glad you two loved this game so much that people saying truth about what this game did wrong butthurts you two so deeply. However it is clear that excluding 50 fanboys on this forum majority of players thinks deadfire is average or below average and sales represent i
  2. You do realise that all the issues with the game adds up and that causes low sales or not ?
  3. I get it , you played trough this game 50 or more times you think this is one of the best games ever made and everyone else who doesnt agree with you are just making things up and dont understand anything Thats it for me keep believing whatever you want to believe
  4. You are talking about “sales predictions” when we are living in time post fact that deadfire did not sell well. Just because you or someone else has jumped into direct sequel without playing the prequel does not mean anything, this is still off-putting to many customers. And this is just one example of issues people had with deadfire and there are plenty of those to go arround and they all add up and that results in lower sales overall, this is not that hard to understand.
  5. Dude, without any respect to you : you are clueless you compare deadfire to mainstream bethesda titles like oblivion and fallout .
  6. cRPG’s Is niche genre people dont just blindly buy these type of games they look up info about them and then decide, by the way fallouts and oblivion are not direct sequels so Im not sure why you mentioned them
  7. Well Deadfire is direct sequel to PoE, so why people who did not finnish first game would buy the sequel , why would new player buy this game if at very intro of the game you have to choose your legacy from first game and this is not even optional, especially since this is obsidian game where story is big part of it
  8. Honestly if you look at PoE1 completion rates very few players even finnished the game and then deadfire is like direct sequel that does not improve that much from original and even fails at some things PoE was great at(like that thing called main quest). Also these cRPG games sell by word of mouth mostly(and im not talking about shill 11/10 goty reviews) and deadfire had plenty of issues that people disliked and even if those issues alone are minor but they add up into bigger picture which results in lost sales. Also at the start of the Deadfire player gets dropped into beraths intro where yo
  9. Single class rogue is second most broken build right after priests with BDD+SOT+Brilliant , and much easier to pull it off than priest combo since u click 1 skill and with right build you auto attack everything in the game while being invisible all the time, its by far easiest build to solo the game
  10. Meanwhile i dont agree about difficulty of the game, i totally understand the frustration about Armor and underpenetration, introducing this system and leaving it the way it is was epic failure by the developers and they never acknowledge how broken DR and PEN system is, basically there are no ways to penetrate enemy armor reliably late game, i mean even my SC assassin build has issues penetrating out of invisibility and assassins have constant +4 penetration...also it doesnt help that there are very few unique weapons to chose from especially when dual-wielding considering you will need to eq
  11. Backstabing with arquebus is game winning strategy and everything else is just a flavor 3 Con 3 Res is more than enough for melee assassin, however melee assassins should always be single class Assassin Ascendant is not the most synergetic combo but it will be good enough troughout the game, you can assassinate with Kitchen Stove+thunderous raport enchantment and you will instantly ascend and enemies will be half dead already, if you need to ascend more than once you can backstab with some op arquebus and you will ascend again pretty fast Take a priest with you so you can prolo
  12. You are the one that had no counter-arguments and went for cheapest strawman “its just your opinion” . I am being very respectfull now when i am pointing out that you are a Strawman and a parrot who does not contribute anything to the disccusions
  13. Hmmm so its only the Psychovampiric Shield that lasts after initial target died or there are other cipher spells like that ? I remember being pissed that Borrowed Instinct ended right after i kill the target which makes that ability much worse than it looks at first glance
  14. Nice parrot but you are getting old i will suggest you to learn new phrases once again
  15. PoE trying to be spiritual successor to BG is not my opinion it was selling point of first games Kickstarter PFKM being true spiritual successor to BG is once again not my opinion but a fact that is widely agreed upon,since no other game got even close to that BG2 is GOAT crpg and it has nothing to do with me or you liking or disliking it Btw your parrot skills are really good you learned to parrot “its just your opinion” now be a good bird and learn some other phrases
  16. PoE tried to be spiritual successor to BG games. PFKM is spiritual successor to BG. BG2 is crpg GOAT
  17. What i like the most about Thunderous Raport is that is scales with everything you can think of because its considered weapon attack. It gets 60% damage from legendary upgrade alone and then scales with Might , PL , Bonus ranged damage like Harley buff and so on i think it even gets affected by sneak attack and deathblows Obvious downside that its one per encounter and exclusive to another great enchantment on kitchen stove so you gotta make it count @Chilloutman cipher debuffs that debuff enemy and buff yourself only last untill debuffed enemy is killed anyway
  18. Disintegrate Tactic is really good against tough enemies you can charm but cant explode with Thunderous Raport, depending on encounter you probably want to switch between , Single Target charm +disintegrate+ auto them with essence interrupter before they die, aoe charm + thunderous raport , just simply nuking enemy wizards with rogue skills you will crit them anyway and turn into minions(this is something you end up doing every time when enemy has a wizard which opens encounter with arcane dampener)Later in the game i mostly used Smoke Veil > Ring Leader repeat couple of times and smack the
  19. Whispers of the endless paths has reduced damage but it attacks in a cone and has Offensive Parry, with right build it does much more damage than other 2handed weapons. Another great mindstalker build is Debonaire/Beguiler using ranged weapons. You get Whispers of Treason and Ringleader for charming enemies, you can Whispers of Treason + Crit with Essence Interrupter bow and enemies will turn into your minions after they die. You can also mass charm enemies with Ringleader and then hit them with Kitchen Stove+Thunderous Raport for some serious annihilation. You will be able to inte
  20. In current state of the games there are more bugs present in Deadfire than in Kingmaker. Kingmaker is still updated regulary.
  21. I dont think Obsidian forum is right place to compare other games to deadfire since people who are still active in this forum are mostly PoE fanboys (including me to some extent ) PFK is amazing game it is obviously more successfull game than deadfire, since deadfire is commercial failure. This is the only true fact anything else is just useless discussions and randim opinions from self proclaimed single player game pros
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