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  1. Couple issues : 1. As to tying down builds, I never said that the Barbarian shouldn't be able to carry knife weapons, just that differences between two handed weapons (reach and non-reach) as opposed to small weapons should be larger -- especially with the carnage effect. 1. As to the game already having magic and that you can do damage hitting enemies with a Grimore; even though lore and games have magic does not mean they don't strive for a degree of consistency, especially for elements that are not meant to be magical. The stilettos aspect is not suppose to be magical. 2. Difficulty I am playing on hard and POTD 3. gkathellar : "As per point (a) above, heavy, thick-bladed daggers are one of the most effective tools for armor penetration at extremely close range." Stilettos are not thick bladed short swords, nor is this historically accurate. As per history, the response to plate was not a mass of short swords, but heavy crushing weapons and lances (estocs). None of these responses address why a smaller carnage range for small weapons would not be appropriate. That a battle axe (apparently not a reach weapon) should not have wider reaching carnage than a stiletto.
  2. There are a few aspects in the game that are a bit annoying when it comes to seeming inconsistent such as hatchets having a deflection bonus over swords, but I really do think that there needs to be a increased difference between tiny one handed weapons and large two handed weapons -- especially when it is tied to the Barbarian and the Carnage skill. Carnage is meant to represent the Barbarians large sweeping attacks, which in this game seems most effective built with two tiny stilettos. The developers really should make a change so that the carnage skill increases with the size of the weapon, or only applies to slash and crush weapons (which you could theoretically hit more than one person with). Hitting multiple targets with a single knife stab for a barb is immersion breaking. I would also like this change to be made to reduce the need for intelligence, as opposed to having to build the worlds smartest barbarian in order to max his damage. The armor piercing difference between large and small weapons should also be increased significantly. This should also apply to smaller bows. The fact I down a plate clad paladins with a few hits from my stilettos is stupid... it should require a special talent in the rouge tree to make knives more effective -- and shouldn't be the most effective weapon for an area of attack barbarian. My two cents.
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