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  1. Over at Twitter Beamdog dared me to also do inXile Entertainment, I threw in big sis Black Isle Studios for good meassure :B @SonicMage117 I don't know what people's problems are sometimes. The EEs are better than the vanilla versions in so many ways. I for one am glad that the games at least now run properly on my modern PC without having to jump through a billion hoops to make it work. And if someone doesn't like the new companions in BG:EE and BG2:EE they can just ignore them :V Anywho, thank you very much
  2. Ponified Obsidian and Beamdog, because.
  3. Modern AU with hipster Sand at Starbucks? Y/Y?
  4. The entire fandom is all over Bleden Mark and I wanted to get in on the action.
  5. Sagani & Itumaak as the Sun and Kana as the World for fangmich's PoE tarot
  6. I finished playing Tyranny, so of course I had to follow up with another art meme :D Sorry for the large file, but otherwise it becomes unreadable ... The template can be found here.
  7. Hello, I am having a problem with the quest "Ready the Cannons" in the White March 2. Even though I technically completed the quest, it doesn't update. The quest log still says that I have to repair the elevator even though I am already on the top of the tower and activated the big sphere thing in the centre. (It won't let me attach the savegame to the post, so I uploaded it externatly here.) DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  8. The joke is that she looks like Rufio. So who else is pumped for Tyranny >.>
  9. Huh. You are right, I never thought about that. But oh well, old drawing is old. I will try to keep that in mind for the future though. Uhhh ... I am not sure if you are joking or being serious ... "Ship" is internet slang for romantically or sexually pairing up two fictional characters who aren't officially involved that way. Kirk and Spock, Aragorn and Legolas, Durance and the pointy end of my blade ... you get the idea The term derives from the word relationship. Thank you very much, though it's not just a hobby, it's my job ...
  10. Humanized bear god bara god Okku.
  11. Hello everybody ~ I noticed that by now I made by far enough fanart of Obsidian's games to warrant it's own topic here on the forums for it. You'll mostly find NWN2 stuff here, but also some PoE and even South Park. And some crossovers. I like crossovers. If you want to see all my stuff, I suggest checking out my Tumblr, DeviantArt or Twitter. Well, have fun browsing! - Old Illustrations (2013/14) - - Old Doodles (2013/14) - - DeviantArt Memes - I have to link these seperately, because they are too huge to share directly. Spoilers all over the place. NWN 2 Meme - MoTB Meme - PoE Meme - Current Stuff (2015/16) - Jaheira (BG2) and Durance Aloth and Edér shipping Haer'Dalis (BG2), Annah (PS:T), Valen (NWN:HotU) and Neeshka Sand's New Groove Mall Santa Durance and his helpful Christmas Elf Hivarias Simply Edér Uhm ... my friend wanted this for her birthday, this is only partially my fault >.> Edér jumping out of a giant honey cake. Okku and Wilson (BG2:EE) meeting in Rashemen And last but not least: My 13th Anniversary present for Obsidian. You guys are the best, I hope you are gonna stick with us for a many more years to come <3
  12. I got mine this morning (Germany). And while the box itself is really pretty, the goodies are rather disappointing The map is really ugly, the colours are way off and it's super blurry, similar with the mouse pad, but not as bad. The badge is okay. The shirt print isn't too pretty either :/ The box itself is mainly filled by a giant placeholder cardbox thingie, but I am gonna excuse that, since the shirt, the DVD and the mousepad are seperate. Here are some photos:
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