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  1. No one can blame you for that as it's half the game. I think it's terrible personally and deserves more criticsm. I'm also fairy sure they know this or they wouldn't even have the auto option. Maybe they'll let people solve the endgame battles on auto too, instead of making them winnable xD I'm almost certain it's bugged b/c in my two substantial playthroughs, I've been on stable the entire time in one although I did a lot wrong, and on the other one I ended up at troubled although I invested every free second on it, read all the guides, saved scummed and had it on easy. Probably half my playthrough was spent on it if not more. My stats were great, my towns completely built up, my advisors high level. This means it's either bugged or there's something involved in it that's counter-intuitive. I've also read that if you upgrade an advisor and their score goes below the one required to upgrade, you take an invisible hit. Since they often cause this themselves in the convo you have that unlocks the upgrade, it's pretty much a trap, assuming it's even possible to upgrade them asap, which it's usually not, as they are usually required for problems and/or you don't have 2 weeks to waste. There are also way too many problems/opportunities leading to stat inflation and a chronic backlog of advisor upgrades if you try to actually succeed at them, which you will if the game decided your kingdom is unstable w/o telling you why or giving you any idea as to how to get out of the situation. I'm starting to suspect there may be a similar mechanic where if your advisor has a lot more points than their level, you are penalised. Then there's the fact the DC's keep going up and up and you have a ton of advisors to level at the end. I've seen people get ludicrous hits from mandatory events they had to level advisors for specifically, which means the game can suddenly punish you for something that was irrelevant up until then (maybe they were trying to get the other advisors to catch up, or just didn't spend every available second levelling advisors), and it's one example why people end up reloading huge chunks of the game, artificially inflating their play hours. And finally, it's annoying imo that the stats gained from buildings and other things are not static, meaning you can have umpteen built up settlements and still have negative stats. If boni recieved from buildings and various other non-problem related events were static, people wouldn't suffer so much from scripted stat hits and it would be easier to free oneself from the downward spiral. Then again, that would only help people whose kingdoms were in decline from actually having bad stats, and not those who have great stats and great everything, but their subjects are complaining brats anyway. The fact that it's opaque/bugged/luck based also prevents constructive discussion, as people who don't run into problems invest a lot of effort into trolling those that do and accusing them of being unable to play or lying xD INstead of improving the system, Owlcat prefer to implement cheat modes and "easier" modes, when the difficulty (which is RNG, lack of explanation and possibly bugs) was never the issue, and letting people officially cheat to beat it is a cop out imo. I don't *want* to finish the game with a crumbled kingdom b/c I set it to invincible although I spent most of my playtime on it and did nothing discernably wrong. It's not satisfying and feels like the entire time was wasted.
  2. Why don't you just change the difficulty? No need to restart.
  3. AFAIK that part of the game is still horrendously bugged. Once you get to Pitax, it looks increasingly unfinished. I quit when the game inisisted I'd lost the Pitax war as what people wrote about the endgame's state in the Steam forum didn't make me feel it was worth ploughing on (I had a crap ton of other bugs going on too, though none of them strictly speaking gamebreaking; I could have even ignored the Pitax bugs destroying my Kingdom since it was on invincible). Even if it wasn't, at this point you are going to be extremely lucky to have not failed several companion quests by the time you get to the end. Also, I feel like there's something badly wrong if people get punished in the endgame for taking companions the game actually provides xDD
  4. Haha, well imagine 48 pages on topic as regards whether it's longer than Deadfire or not :D
  5. Definitely one of the worst quests in the game, with a big middle finger feeling to it lmao. IDK if they fixed it, but when I played it you basically had to pick the choice opposite to your own alignment to complete it in a way that made any sense at all.
  6. The way to aoe in that game is to cast resist communal and then nuke your own party if you can't get in a quick zap before the enemies are aggroed. I seem to recall Reg often getting stuck in a casting loop that never completed trying to do that, because it deemed him too far away or some such. My second char was an alchemist. The sorc I made on my third try sucked so much in comparison it wasn't hard to give up as I wasn't about to restart for the fourth time xD
  7. One thing they could have done is to optionally allow players to manually launch the next chapter - along with anything bound to said chapter such as Bald Hilltop, companion quests etc. The game *already* limits how far you can expand geographically, and levlling up advisors over 5 is only an option after Armag. Likewise, BP is already limited as you need to convert actual currency to BP and that's restriicted by main quest progress. In doing that, they'd have kept the main quest urgency they are so keen on, but allowed the player to reduce their personal stress level somewhat by controlling how much they want to develop their kingdom at any point insofar as it's even possible given the existing constraints. The timer and stress addicts could just play the game in its current state. IMO that would be way more palatable than wasting time fighting the system and then quitting or finishing on invincible kingdom mode with a sense of intense dissatisfaction because you basically had to cheat to be able to finish.
  8. You can't teleport in the game (unless you are an enemy) because it would screw their whole time-limit template. The game is an exercise in time management more than anything else, but it's also a massive real time sponge, as a disproportionate amount of gametime is spent loading, camping (and even the camping has nonsense embedded into it such as taking 20+ hrs to hunt although you have the ingredients for 50 meals in the luggage), slowmo travelling around the map (you just got to the backend of nowhere, but your travel buddy who's right next to you sent a letter to town to tell them to send a letter to you demanding your immediate attention 6 days travel away in town, and while trying to rush there, the same buddy will constantly whine demanding "moments of respite" or whatever); artisan x visists you to tell you, they wish to speak to you, but at their house cuz lul, etc. Not to mention save scumming the Kingdom Management, which you will also have to load yourself in and out of countless times even when there's nothing else to do b/c of people wanting to talk. Well that would have been a lot more fun. Since they added all the difficulty options, I don't see why they didn't put the timers as an optional difficulty setting, possibly even letting people fine tune them themselves for those claiming they have "too much time". OFC that would have been work, but then again they made the auto option, which they could have left out had they allowed people to take their time.
  9. Probably, but it might well be really boring as you'll miss half the game and there's not really much to it. The constant time pressure distracts you from the fact that it consists mostly of repetetive mini maps that contain nothing of note besides some junk that sells for 1 gold, but at least you get to see them. Most of the places on my map outside the core areas were unexplored. Especially if the game decides to dump your kingdom stability without telling you why, you'll spend every free moment fruitlessly trying to get it back to stable, and just b-line to whereever the game orders you to go asap, then b-line back in a cold sweat to do some more kingdom save scum binging. I don't get why people seem to like this game more than PoE 1 and 2. All it seems to do better is encourage addictive behaviour. PoE does not make you feel compelled to reload the same crap 20 + times instead of actually playing it. Along with all the "choices" that come back to haunt you, the game seems designed for OCD minmaxers that metagame and repeat it or parts of it over and over trying to get a perfect playthrough. I say this as someone who's sunk a lot of hours into it, including restarting after giving up on it a number of times, so I've given it a fair chance, and that's my ultimate conclusion. Oh and enemies can teleport.
  10. Late to the party, but no this is not fixed. I pushed on to past the Pitax chapter in spite of the game deadlocking me on Worried no matter what I did or how much I save scummed to beat the RNG. At that point in the game, I started getting spammed with 3 Pitax Assassin problems at a time, and a few months later, pop ups insisting I was losing a war I'd won a long time ago. This is after the latest hotfix that was meant to solve Pitax issues. Kingdom went from worried to troubled. I've now given up on it ... again. This is with it set to "Easy". There's another bug that makes it impossible to upgrade certain advisers, and at that point you start getting DC 38 problems - which I could actually win as my advisers are all level 5-10, but it's still not good enough to beat the invisible debuffs. I do have invincible kingdom on, but it's just not satisfying to finish a game effectively with cheat mode enabled after investing such an unholy amount of time on trying to do it properly. It's imo terrible game design to create a massive part of the game as a cryptic gambling fest where even if you play how it tells you to, you ultimately fail and the only option to not get a gameoever is to use a cheat setting.
  11. I got to the chapter after Varnhold (no idea of the number, 4 or 5) for the second time and again got hit with so many ludicrous bugs I eventually just gave up. After having had to stumble through one nonsense area where I got randomly teleported away from an essential part making me unable to finish a companion quest and having 2 quests playing on top of one another, one involving a person who wasn't even in my party, I encountered a boss that attacked me again after having allegedly left the area, giving me xp and alignment changes twice, only to end up swamped with kingdom destroying events that cannot be dealt with as the cards in the Kingdom management have no interface allowing any steps to be taken and the quest log has nothing. While that might be some new feature, I don't fancy fumbling blindly through my kingdom while my stats I just spent months upgrading go to the dogs again on the offchance I'm actually dealing with something that's meant to happen xD
  12. Yup, the further I get in game, the more time I spend offtab due to loading. The kingdom management per se generates way too many loading screens and when I enter my capital, I no longer have the option to warp to the throne room. *sigh*
  13. Not sure about that. I've played a fair amount of non US games and none of them had such a diverging concept of what "normal" is. imo it's more based on nostalgia for games from the 90's or early 2000's when gaming was more niche, than people getting prizes for showing up. Normal means what the majority of people do nowadays. There's also way more competition now and people spend less time repeating one game and trying to get their heads around its mechanics. So while I understand the concept of thinking people should learn about a game and that having your inventory chronically full of items you never use cos the game is designed to make them redundant on the normal setting etc is a bit naff, in this instance I think it's just a questionable marketing decision. Who cares what setting anyone else plays a single player game on? So insisting on taking all those filthy casuals down a peg or two by letting them know that they are noobs via a game difficulty setting seems a bit like shooting oneself in the foot xD OTOH PF:Kingmaker is gonna be way easier on normal for people who already know the system, so maybe that's where the concept stems from, but a lot of the PnP players still complain about it, so all in all I'm inclined to think they just should have called easy normal and been done with it. Not having story mode wouldn't really have been a problem since I don't think the game is actually playable for people who are completely clueless in spite of offereing story mode, auto kingdom and premade characters set to auto level up, at least at the moment, since it entails too many obscure mechanics.
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