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  1. This is going completely off-topic, but I'm not sure you are right. It seems to me that a lot of people like repetition, even need it. Lots of people need to do the same things every day at the same time, or enjoy doing super boring, repetitive stuff like ironing. In gaming too there are copious examples of this, like people who like grindy games, or doing stuff like mining for hours on end.
  2. Can't say I've run into any of those issues myself in spite of being on my 5th playthrough or so and having access to a ton of Berath's blessing (incl. 50k starter money). In its current state, this is one of the best games I've ever played. Also, why can't people stop comparing everything to Baldur's Gate? Let games be their own selves. My only complaint are the loading screens, which they apparently never fixed, and that the turn-based mode is terrible (I tried it for a change but had to restart).
  3. I use a mod that makes him less obnoxious to the player (he approves of resourceful if he's anti leaden key and of skulduggery if he's pro) - not sure if it works though, but by now I know what to avoid saying to make him annoyed, although I'd often rather say those things. Nevertheless, Tekehu and Serafen still always get pages of angry reacts from him relating to random crap they say, while he rarely - if ever - approves of the good stuff. It doesn't seem to have any effect on anything though. I feel like I'm both rambling and have changed the subject of the thread now , so getting back t
  4. I think it depends upon the character. Lots of these types of games are littered with opinionated companions that basically prefer the world to end than stick with a "leader" who disagrees with them on some things, and I'm not talking about being evil where it might make some sense. In Deadfire, Aloth is most guilty of this (although I don't think he leaves?). His opinions of the other companions and the MC are ridiculous and not even logical in my opinion. Looking at the long list of things he hates about various companions still annoys me, even though I can now play characters artificially
  5. Is it? It's been too long since I played, but don't think she reappeared for me, and google tells me you only get that quest if you side with the RDC. But once I'm at that stage of the game, I'm also likely no longer checking as that's endgame territory.
  6. A lot of games still retain certain bugs after years. At some point they stop fixing things. I guess this is one not enough people complained about, though imo bugs that stop people completing quests are fairly embarrassing and ought to be dealt with.
  7. Games are generally released in English with English VA, and translations into other languages are often bad or non-existent, so it's likely they'll sell more of a product if it's been locally produced and marketed. There's nothing special for the US market about a cRPG being made in the USA or an English-speaking country; while a Russian company making a game like that for the world market, and releasing it in decent Russian (even if they could only afford English VA - which I don't know), is more of a novelty for the locals.
  8. I do think the pirate theme had a lot to do with it. POE was also my first game of this type and I had to play it on story mode to get my head around the system. Having become a fan, I then backed Deadfire, but I recall feeling quite dubious about the ships and the pirate theme. It comes across as being way more of an aspect of the game than it actually is, and sometimes completely new and different things aren't enticing to the average, possibly not very adventurous player. It's probably mostly younger people who pounce on new-sounding things, and they usually dislike single player games.
  9. There are many things in games that get fixed due to some people complaining that most likely apply to many. Off the top of my head these would include, in the case of Deadfire, being able to skip the intro of the game and the improvements to ship combat. Customer service people, if they are good at their jobs, are generally competent in weeding out the good input from niche complaints. Of course, it's still conjecture, but I believe one can safely say that if a lot of people bring up a matter that makes sense, it does either reflect the general view or potentially makes a product more enjoyab
  10. This is true BUT, the people who talk do actually often voice the opinions of the many. Most people also don't report bugs, for instance, yet companies rely on the few that do. This is why you have customer service people or community managers to sift out the valuable feedback from the trolling and toxic dross. Other than that, they really only have statistics to go on.
  11. I meant the devs post based on info given, but don't directly engage with responses, so they do still communicate. Obviously everyone would prefer direct engagement, but if they can't deal with the toxic types, it's better than not speaking to the audience at all.
  12. If there are too many annoying fans one doesn't wish to ban, the middle point is to have a customer service style person read posts, report back and then make statements covering the most often brought up or interesting points without engaging further in ensuing discussions. That way you still communicate with the fans but don't get sucked into pointless arguments and time wasting bickering.
  13. LOL. It is their own forum. Not like they can't up the moderating if people can't behave
  14. I was certainly referring to the intro sequence *before* the beginning island, as ought to be evident by my saying you can (now) skip it.
  15. I do recall the beginning of Deadfire - the intro, being horrendously tedious before they added the option to skip it, which I always indulge in. That may put new players off, and it might also be quite confusing without having played 1. I also use a mod that turns off the narrator which makes it a lot better.
  16. Aside from people not finishing games, lots of people play later instalments of games first. I've done it multiple times myself with Witcher, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls and DOS. It's often easier to get into older games if you've played a newer one before and are invested in the lore.
  17. I don't think it's necessarily a good thing a game that was released in such a poor state sold well as it encourages the industry to think it's fine to sell unfinished products. My assumption as regards Deadfire is that the pirate theme is just too "odd" for many people, so they don't buy it.
  18. Yeah, the solution is embarrassing but very funny. Apparently I'd accidentally selected the target of Minoletta's missiles as self in a moment of incredible cleverness, hence he was charming himself when using that wand, and hitting himself in general. Thanks for your help
  19. I took it off him assuming he was charming himself when casting buffs on himself, but he's still attacking himself, so I'm at a loss.
  20. Aloth keeps killing himself. At first I thought he was charming himself with a Whale of a Wand (I think he was actually, as he kept having charmed status for no apparent reason). But I took it off him, and he's still attacking himself without being charmed. Any ideas as to what's going on would be appreciated.
  21. Quite surprised this hasn't been fixed. Happened to me on my first playthrough on release and it's just happened again.
  22. Aha, I can think of two that might be related to One of mine was still in the throne room after his untimely demise, and I could still talk to him I'll give it a try again after my current POE binge. Do you recommend the DLC's?
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