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  1. What do you think was up with the Frightened Child you encounter in the Collections in the Forgotten Sanctum? I read the lore from the book near her and it seems like she's able to bring imaginary beings and objects into being. When you terminate her life, one remarks "it's better of she's dead, whatever she was" almost making it sound like she was never human to begin with. Are some humans "evolving" perhaps or becoming god-like beings?
  2. So then why is it when the Memory Hoarder is killed, it's said there are souls twisting around it? it's own soul maybe fractured by the memory of hundred even maybe it was created the same way as some other powerful animate did I get what you're saying. Just looking through walkthroughs and other hints the past couple of days though, it does seem the souls in the Assembly of Echoes that rise up during the fight and the souls in the Memory Hoarder are part of the Collection of prisoners. One note talks how a guy lost part of himself and felt it go into the maw of some creature down in the pit. I'd have to review it all again but yeah, it also does seem the Memory Collector is a creation of the Oracle in Wael (the one guy mentions it when you ask him what is that thing)
  3. Yeah from what I understood she's able to manifest things from her imagination. It's said the spirits weren't really that of people, but rather from her imagination. When she's killed, one of the party members mentions 'what kind of incredible power is this in such a young child' or something to that degree. She seems like an anomaly of sorts, not even a Watcher.
  4. So then why is it when the Memory Hoarder is killed, it's said there are souls twisting around it?
  5. I don't quite understand what the Memory Hoarder's purpose was. Was it consuming all the memories of everyone in the Collection and are those memories pretty much the actual souls of those people?
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