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  1. Hey, I have the same problem. When I first got to undercroft through the old city ruin, attacked by the pirates so I killed bunch of them. Now I can't do the Goods and Services quest properly, and my relationship with Principi messed up big time. There's no way I go back to a old save since I had hours of playtime before I recognize the issue. I wonder, if there's a way to solve this via console commands? Can we add positive reputation points, and make pirates in undercroft non-hostile via console? I don't mind using the console command to fix it since I don't care about the achievements, but currently I couldn't find a complete console commands list yet.
  2. Durance, well-written but clearly has annoy personality. He's arrogant, cruel, lack of sympathy. And even when the first time the player met him, he said he's destiny ask him to meet him there, talked like they're gonna do something big together, but turns out he didn't play a big part of the main story line, it's totally ok to go on story without him. I mean, like Eder, who grew up in Glide vale and wanted to ask the old watcher a question for his brother, Sagani is searching for the reincarnated elder of her tribe and a cipher told her to wait there, they all have a strong motive and their encounters fit the story. Durance had what, destiny asked him to wait there? Meant to be there? But isn't his problem started from his god refuse to talk to him? Then how the hell did he know The Watcher is going to be there? And why should the player should keep dig in his story while suffering his bad temper, while he complain about you ask too many questions? He did torture Grieving Mother and a lot of innocent people for his prejudice about hollowborn. The godhammer story is cool and all, but I still think that they could find another way to put Durance into the journey of The Watcher, and a motive to dig into his story with Magran, not came from nowhere like that.
  3. Some minor "not game-breaking bug" I saw in the game (after 1.03 patch.) 1. "His old self" quest- After you finished the quest with Kaenra, if you talk to her again, she will ask you how's the quest going, like she didn't already know the quest is completed. 2. "Champion of Berath"- The fampyr butler- the one escorted you to the rooftop - who suppose give you a option to acquire her to be your servant, disappeared after combat with Raedric. 3. If you have high enough Dex and Con, one of the prostitutes in Salty Mast will offer go to Caed Nua to serve you, but if you sleep with her/him in Caed Nua, you won't get the buff from her/him. 4. Sometimes the one who falled in a combat, won't revive after combat even he/she have health left. Since it's out of combat, you can't cast revive spell on him/her, and you can't do a save and load because the system somehow thinks you're still in a combat. You can, however, camp to fix this, but if you're currently in a non-camp zone like in the city or village, the save is broken. 5. The hirelings still have the "Currently unpaid" status all the time. 6. My save is currently in Act III, like 4-6 in game time i think? Never had a monster attack from the Endless Path. Don't know if it's a bug, but in the guide says there will be monster attacks if you don't clean the Path. 7. How does the tax system works? I now have both prestige and security 40+, but still lose around 200 to bandit and 600-800 earned. And I have to pay 1100 every 5 days to my hirelings. Even it's not a bug, still kinda broken. And why can't we have tax collected like, few days IN GAME DAYS like hirelings payday, not go with turns? It's bad business bro. updates: 8. Pallengina's voice being cut: Pallengina's voice usually started from the 6th or 7th word in a dialogue. 9. Dismiss a companion from party resets his/her combat record. Not sure if it's a bug, but I would like to view my companion's combat record from time to time even I have dismissed him
  4. Grieving Mother, for she's so special. The one who create this character must be a genius. Hiravias, for he's so rude, reckless, but also so funny and can make lots of decent comment on others. Pallegina, for she's so hoooooot. Aloth, for the ones who also shared a tough childhood, like myself.
  5. When Pallegina sends a critical hit, she would yell something like, " ...to ayek ! " What does that mean? Sounds really cool, but is that english? Or some Valian language?
  6. Tuned down Mind Blades? NOOOOOOOOO~
  7. uh... It's barely affect the gaming experience, that when I was reading the combat records, in the page where shows you which companion got most crit hits, the strongest enemy defeated, damage taken...etc. I noticed Durance, for some reason, sent most hits in my team, who mainly do buffs like holy radiance then shoots his pistol, which has a very slow hit rates. While my player character has two more hours in combat, sent 35x hits, Durance had sent 13xx hits out. So uh... does the game count buffs on companions hits? Kinda weird.
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