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  1. As the topic title states, I would love to see this thread started and have people share their builds they feel is successful and fun for turn based. Since turn based has a few different dynamics than the real time builds I feel there'd be some value to having a separate thread for this, just my two cents anyway. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, Is there some kind of mod or save editor that allows you to edit your characters attributes, since they can't be changed through a respec? Is the best way to do this by using the Iroll20s command in the console? I ask because if at all possible I'd rather not disable achievements but I can live with it if that's the only way. Basically the reason I'm wondering is because I started a new playthru on turn based mode and I'm quite enjoying it...but I didn't quite realize that the builds wouldn't translate as well as they should between real time and turn based. So I'd like
  3. Hey all, I'm having an issue with this quest, and it's not necessarily bug but more likely an issue of my own making. See, I went exploring a bit on my own in Neketaka. I had been running around the city speaking to people and picking up quests and I was craving a little combat so I used the lift to go down into the Old City ruins. I spent some time fighting and pillaging, realized the north area was a bit beyond me at this point and then I returned to the lift - only to find they had raised it back up. I proceeded to the west side of the Old city and discovered the entrance in
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