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  1. Thank you! By the way does this new update/expansion affect the older 1.6 version saved games or not? Should I start a completely new game or not? Earlier some of the patches affected only the new saves.
  2. It's a silly question I know but how can I play the expansion? In the game menu it says the expansion is installed but I cannot find a way to play it directly. Is it only accessible from within the normal gameplay? I use the GOG version.
  3. OK, I see your point. You were trying to help. I am sorry. However, I really don't have ANY performance issues during gameplay on normal graphics quality. Not even in the cities or during combat. (I am not sure what's the problem with your laptop.) Therefore, it's not a graphics card issue and it is annoying when the devs discard my report like this. I was trying to help. I deleted all the old saves and since then my game did not crash again. I think the game cannot handle too many saves at the same time. (By the way this might be an issue the devs could correct... After all it's a really long game.)
  4. SERIOUSLY?!!! Are you still pushing this after I have just written that I finished the game without in-game issues? I was playing this game for months!!! ALL the crashes occurred during the past two weeks and NEVER during gameplay... I wouldn't even complain. I am just trying to help the developers with a feedback. I have the latest official drivers offered by my manufacturer. My hardware is better than the minimum system requirements. And for the 1000th time, I HAVE NO PERFORMANCE ISSUES, just these silly crashes. Minimum system requirements - Windows: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 Processor: Intel Core i3-2100T @ 2.50 GHz / AMD Phenom II X3 B73 Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4850 or NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT Hard Drive: 14GB free space Mouse, Keyboard. Recommended system requirements - Windows: Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 @ 3.10 GHz / AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Radeon HD 7700 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 Hard Drive: 14GB free space Please take my crash reports seriously. Or I will make Itumaak bite you...
  5. In fact I have just found my first bug after I started a new game. At the beginning of the prologue the cinematic transition is paused and it does not react to the space key. The game only snaps out of the non-responsive state if I press the windows key. Others are experiencing the problem as well. https://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/618459931319192962/ (This issue is not caused by my hardware either since I did not experience it in earlier game versions.)
  6. Hi, Thank you for the fast reply. No, my video card is not the problem. That wouldn't cause crashes immediately after I launch the game with GOG Galaxy or from the Start Menu. If what you wrote would be the case then the game would probably crash during the gameplay. My video card is only slightly below the RECOMMENDED specifications and the game is fluid during gameplay, I experience no tearing. Furthermore the crashes started since the last update. May hardware is not the problem. Maybe the game has problems handling many saved games at the same time. Yes, I will use the search function regarding the bugs. Regards,
  7. I have just finished the game and I found a number of really annoying bugs and I am also experiencing game crashes occasionally. Since I started the game with an earlier game version, I am not going to post the bugs just yet, the game crashes however occur when I launch the game therefore I believe that issue is not related to the savegames. I use the GOG Galaxy client. I have attached the output logs of the crashes below and my system information. I hope everything is there that is required. I will post the bugs too later on. As I wrote above the crashes occur when I try to launch the game. output_log.txt output_log.txt output_log.txt output_log.txt output_log.txt output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  8. Where can I send the crash reports of the game? Since this new patch became live I am experiencing a number of really annoying new bugs and many old bugs are still existing. It would be nice if somebody would pay attention to them. E.g. occasional crashes when I start the game, the stronghold missions never finish, when I quit a false dialogue box appears, etc. the list goes on.
  9. I doubt that's the case because 9 missions would be a lot. The game also sends some insanely strong hordes against me sometimes during stronghold encounters and I play on easy. These massive hordes can defeat me even if I have 8 hired aids!!! And I was able to defeat the first two bounty challenges without serious problem so my party is not completely useless.
  10. For me at least the xaurip warchief was too much so far. I don't know how to beat him. I defeated relatively easily the Dweller and Cyrdel with a 5 member party (Barbarian, Eder, Aloth, Durance and Kana) but the warchief and his priests heal too fast and have really strong magic. I did not find the Ogre yet. Any suggestions? I don't usually have any problems with any encounters. The stronghold sends some insanely large hordes against me sometimes... Even with 8 additional hired help they trash the place and I have to reload. But I think that must be a bug.
  11. Does the adventuring action work properly in the player stronghold? Yesterday I received that option and since I had some minor exploring to do before the next big step in the storyline I removed Kana from my party and sent him adventuring. The whole mission supposed to last 9 turns but it dragged on for weeks. Literary for weeks!!! I built all the major walls of the player stronghold during that time. In the end I just went to my quarters and slept and slept and slept to see if Kana's mission will ever end. It did not. I had to reload and replay two entire maps because of it. And possibly I will have to replay them for a third time too because I was annoyed and rushed the conversations. This makes me really annoyed. I suspect a bug of some kind. Any ideas what could be wrong? As I wrote at least two game weeks passed while I was waiting Kana's return.
  12. I have just noticed that there is a new Patch version on GOG. I updated my game with Patch last week but the current version is 1.03.530. What's changed?
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