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Found 4 results

  1. I'm not sure whether these two bugs are related, or separate, but I will report both in the same post. 1. Aloth can't join the party If I try to add Aloth to the party he will appear as an allied NPC that I can talk to, but he doesn't show up in the party. E.g., I can't view his inventory or profile etc. Also, he has no clothes. This only occurs with Aloth, all other party members work fine. If I try to add other party members together with Aloth, they may or may not show up in the party. 2. Can't enter 2nd floor of Brighthollow If I try to go to the second floor of Brighthollow in Caed Nua, the game takes me back to the main menu and notifies me that "There was an error loading the next map. Returned to Main Menu to prevent save game corruption". A link with a save, as well as the Player.log-files when I attempt to do either of the aformentioned can be found here.
  2. Hey all! Just something I was thinking about. Is Brighthollow supposed to be an inn on our property that we just happen to sleep in? Perhaps just a mansion that we live in on the estate? I guess my main question is why is it separated from the main castle? Is this supposed to reflect any historical culture? Doesn't seem to be common whereby a lord's quarters is separated from the main keep. Anyone got anything on this? Thanks!
  3. I've come across a couple of bugs so far while playing the game. 1: When I collected fruit, it automatically went into the stash like it's supposed to. However; when I went into the stash so as to move the fruit to the inventory, I first noticed that there was seven fruit in one stack instead of five. Then, when I went to move the fruit, I was unable to (it just went back into the stash). When I continuously clicked the fruit into the inventory, the fruit filled out all the empty slots in that person's Quick Items instead with 6 fruit each, while leaving behind some fruit in the inventory. I was; however, able to split the stack of fruit correctly by using right click. 2: In the bottom-right bedroom on the upper floor of Brighthollow, a magnifying glass appears on the bed when you click tab. However, when I clicked on the bed, no text appeared.
  4. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, so I thought I'd asked. I finished the Brighthollow restoration work, and the upper floor looks all prim and proper but the ground floor still looks like a ruin. Is this because I didn't purchase the hearth upgrade yet or is something wrong?
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