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Found 4 results

  1. Hello.In stronghold screen when i click hirelings menu it says under every hireling "currently unpaid" despite having plenty of coin .after i fire them then rehire them text dissapears.But if i quit the game and then load the same save,it says "currently unpaid" again.Also guest hirelings dissapears for good if i fire them but their bonuses stays.Not sure about the last part when i fire a regular hireling stronghold's prestige and security drops but when i fire a guest hireling there is no change.So either their bonuses doesnt apply or stack even after i dissmis them.Secondly after my companions return from off screen adventures text in the stronghold screen suggest there are some rewards in the treasury but it is always empty.Sorry for english it is not my first language.
  2. So I had hired a Glanfathan Soul Hunter for my stronghold. And then he started not getting paid. For some reason. So I figured "hey, I don't need this guy anyway", so I fired him. And now he won't leave. So two bugs on this report. Two Palleginas with one stone, as it were.
  3. Some minor "not game-breaking bug" I saw in the game (after 1.03 patch.) 1. "His old self" quest- After you finished the quest with Kaenra, if you talk to her again, she will ask you how's the quest going, like she didn't already know the quest is completed. 2. "Champion of Berath"- The fampyr butler- the one escorted you to the rooftop - who suppose give you a option to acquire her to be your servant, disappeared after combat with Raedric. 3. If you have high enough Dex and Con, one of the prostitutes in Salty Mast will offer go to Caed Nua to serve you, but if you sleep with her/him in Caed Nua, you won't get the buff from her/him. 4. Sometimes the one who falled in a combat, won't revive after combat even he/she have health left. Since it's out of combat, you can't cast revive spell on him/her, and you can't do a save and load because the system somehow thinks you're still in a combat. You can, however, camp to fix this, but if you're currently in a non-camp zone like in the city or village, the save is broken. 5. The hirelings still have the "Currently unpaid" status all the time. 6. My save is currently in Act III, like 4-6 in game time i think? Never had a monster attack from the Endless Path. Don't know if it's a bug, but in the guide says there will be monster attacks if you don't clean the Path. 7. How does the tax system works? I now have both prestige and security 40+, but still lose around 200 to bandit and 600-800 earned. And I have to pay 1100 every 5 days to my hirelings. Even it's not a bug, still kinda broken. And why can't we have tax collected like, few days IN GAME DAYS like hirelings payday, not go with turns? It's bad business bro. updates: 8. Pallengina's voice being cut: Pallengina's voice usually started from the 6th or 7th word in a dialogue. 9. Dismiss a companion from party resets his/her combat record. Not sure if it's a bug, but I would like to view my companion's combat record from time to time even I have dismissed him
  4. Hi.I have cipher aoe(int) bug and also stronghold hirelings currently unpaid bug.I noticed in game journal there are dates on the side in every addendum and update.But dates are imposibble.There are like 15.someting.16678 or 27.someting.1584.Game shows corret date in UI but not in the journal.I am asking people having smiliar issues to me look in-game date in the journal.It might be connected if people have these bugs also have crazy years in-game journal.
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