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  1. When I choose join servers no one shows up. Friends online don't show up. How can I play this game with my friends if I cant even join them.
  2. If the bugs were realistic, then they would keep the damage given to them despite losing aggro. I also want bugs to be realistic even if that means losing aggro if they can't reach me. Sadly the whole point of this article isn't really about aggro. It's about bugs regaining health right after you shot 13 arrows with a grade 2 bow because you moved 8 cm away from them or because they lost their line of sight and lost their aggro. I dont care if they lose aggro and run 50 cm away, as long as I can still find them and finish them off because they maintained the damage from before. Having a bug ma
  3. Depends what you consider a terrain exploit. If I'm an archer and want to shoot something from a branch or somewhere I built, the bug shouldn't just walk away like nothing happened. At least give the bug like 10 seconds to try and find me/10 seconds for me to get another shot off before the bug wonders off again. If I'm sitting on a shrub or something only twice the height of a ladybug, it shouldn't just walk away after getting shot. Considering if you get rammed it's pretty much instakill. I have the mint mallet & I'm aware of how to use it however as I've progressed I enjoy archery
  4. Can we have bugs that aggro longer or don't runaway & get their health back? As an archer trying to fight bugs by keeping my distance it gets quite irritating when an insect full recovers every few moments. For example, running around a shrub while a ladybug tries to ram you is effective, until they lose aggro and fully recover. This game isnt archer/long distance friendly if everytime the player walks a few CM away the insect gets full health. Why not just have a hurt bug keep its hurt health????
  5. So a survival gamer's worst nightmare or any gamers' worst nightmare is that all that hard work was for nothing. Hours of gameplay, hours of looting resources, hours which add up to days of building bases, all of that effort just gone. I've been reading a lot of people's posts on here and apparently when you get very far in the game or have invest essentially more than 100+ hours playing this game, you risk your save file getting deleted. Not sure if this is because of lights being on (silly reason to crash a game but happening) or because the amount of stuff the game has to load in after buil
  6. I'm scared of the ocean & I play subnautica/sea of Thieves so I get where you're coming from. I wish they would turn the ocean into the sky and make ships into hot air balloon ships
  7. The second patch is on the way, resolving all the previous problems the first patch caused. I can't wait to start playing this game again.
  8. You're probably the only person then. I've gone like 40 in game days with no acorns across multiple save files
  9. When I first discovered rotten bee armor I was at low health and I switched to acorn armor and the acorn armor looked all rotten and gross like it had been rotting. Not sure if same thing
  10. This is my current favorite game, I got sick of the same thing over and over with Sea of Thieves, I just hope this is going to get fixed because a lot of people are saying there wont be patch anytime soon. I'm still going to play the game. Essentially my biggest concern was that this would not be patched at all.
  11. I dont need to say what this patch has done that has made the game unplayable. Grounded was a great game. But I would rather avoid larva, than spend an entire day looking for mushrooms & drinking lake water. The whole incentive of every survival game is that the further you get, resources become easier to come by aka dew collector/mushroom farm. That way most of your day can be spent collecting resources or building or exploring instead of spending most of the day just trying to keep your thirst/hunger up. This needs to be patched. I dont know how this isnt priority. Imagine if Sea of Thie
  12. Nothing is respawning for a lot of people, with time not being frozen. Resources are no longer respawning, dew collectors not working, mushroom farms not working, soda can dew not respawning, acorns not respawning, quartzite not respawning. Most things with a respawn are not respawning.
  13. I have a post called "Dew Collectors Not working" and everyone is talking about how literally nothing respawns. Acorns, dew, mushrooms, petals, webs, quartzite, juice box dew, leaf dew, essentially if it has a respawn, it wont respawn. Ever.
  14. It should be a priority patch when every single resource does not respawn anymore. Juice box dew does not respawn, acorns no longer respawn so if you made armor you cant make a shovel or water holders, flower petals don't respawn, after playing for hours yesterday I realized that quite literally, if something has a respawn, it won't respawn.
  15. Go to the oak tree with a bow and 100 arrows, there's a spot you can climb up the spiders dont reach. Shoot at them until dead.https://youtu.be/2hp6cyjQEPs I attached a link of a video showing this done.
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