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  1. Hello this is just a technical issue when I placed things in my world and build them, friends are sometimes not able to see what I've built or they will see the object in a completely different spot sometimes under the base even and they cannot access it. Hope this can get sorted out, having to waste alot of resources lol. Thanks like the new update !
  2. Love SOT as well and I'm not much of a open body of water type of person either, it's not so much the open body of water that freaks me out but.... it's the unknown that's living in it. XD these games are much better with people to help you fight, and I'm not as scared. XD
  3. Dont know if its possible but it would be nice, really enjoy the game, just omg I cant seem to help but always freeze cuz I'm terrified of insects, the ants and ladybugs not so much. But if I start to look at them for too long I start to get a panicky skin-crawling feeling, but its not as bad as the other hostile bugs, I really enjoyed the base building and the map itself is just gorgeous I just wish I wasnt such a wimp when it comes to fighting these things. I just panic XD hoping to get more of my friends into it cuz I feel I'll be a lot less scared if I have other people there to experience the fear with me lmfao XD hope this game goes far, it has so much potential !!!!!
  4. Please dont XD like good idea... but I would kinda stop playing if they did, I have a phobia of snakes straight up I kind of have entomophobia which is a fear of all insects like for instance if I start to stare at the ants for too I just get a real panicky skin crawling feeling, I'm surprised I enjoy this game as much as I do. I more or less enjoy the building but damn I feel this game is gonna literally be the death of me lmfao
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