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You should add a snake

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Please dont XD like good idea... but I would kinda stop playing if they did, I have a phobia of snakes straight up I kind of have entomophobia which is a fear of all insects like for instance if I start to stare at the ants for too I just get a real panicky skin crawling feeling, I'm surprised I enjoy this game as much as I do. I more or less enjoy the building but damn I feel this game is gonna literally be the death of me lmfao

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no thanks on the snake idea, a snake would be instant death.  they don't eat bugs, they eat warmbloods, like our characters.  they'd hunt us down to have a tiny little snack as we're the only warm blooded thing in the yard.    


Xbox One X

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Lol a snake or even just like a bird of a chipmunk would be the size of the Titanic compared to us but a snake!!!? that would be like a train off the tracks aimed to kill us lmao, but honestly I would love to see this added gardener snakes do inhabit backyards so it is realistic. +1

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