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  1. Oh I wish Wolf Spiders had stopped roaming. Went about 50 days without seeing one roaming and then they started wondering around areas I'd deemed safe. Ladybugs are like buses, you spend days looking for one then 3 turn up at once. Stink bugs always seem to congregate at that mound in the dry area, good place to farm them as they don't venture to far from it. It looks like you've built your elevator in an area that's frequented by bombardier beetle, so expect them to us it. I used to get ants bouncing into my home until I removed the problem trampoline. It's a known issue that spider (and some other bugs) are spawning where they shouldn't. I suggest noting where this is happening a letting the development team know. Some creatures are spawning in or beneath terrain. Spiders are getting into areas that should be too small for them.
  2. Hotfix sorted the video memory issue but deleted my saved game. Have raised a ticket for this
  3. Ants carry things away from my base, does that count? I find the full ant armour is fine for transporting grass & stems. Get a few friends to join and bases fly up in no time. Pets are on the cards with the first being aphids according to the Feature Board. No sure how much of a help the'll be, but it's a start.
  4. The game is still in development with regular updates so I'm going to say yes. Yes, I regularly play this on Xbox with friends on PC.
  5. Hi Redddzz22, Sounds like this issue: Some guests have progress and items reset when rejoining host. I'd suggest dropping a support ticket in as the team are requesting help on this one.
  6. Having the same video memory issue. When I do get in game crashes after about 5 minutes. Auto & manual saves not working. Hopefully hotfix will be soon
  7. With all the hi-tech equipment in the labs, a TV or radio shouldn't be out of the question. The dev's mentioned we'll be getting power to our bases as some point. Outdoor cinema anyone?
  8. I had my original base near the baseball but relocated after a wolf spider destroyed it. They may have set paths but I've seen them almost all over the world at some point so I'm guessing they can stray when hunting.
  9. I've had weeds grow but not in the location they were chopped down. Had no weeds around my base for the first 80 days then suddenly 4 grow at my front door. So I'm guessing weeds grow back at random locations unlike dandelions.
  10. I'm cautious building anywhere that's not within the completed map. There's a large area around this before you hit the under construction tape and I'm prepared to lose anything I build here. For example; around the pond, berry bush & toxic area a not completed but not behind the construction tape. Looking at recent dev screenshots I can see something new by the pond that's going to be on top of a friends base, so I guess these area are all risky to build in. For now I'm just going to chill at my hunting lodge on the large flat rock
  11. Agree the audio could use a wee bit of tuning. Saying that, when plying with my headset I can usually locate a bugs direction pretty easily. Also, each bug has it's own unique sound and after a while you be able to work out what's chasing you. I think adding a radar that lets you know what & where a bug is would take away from the games atmosphere. Like during those dark night and you hear the grass crunching; is a spider, stink bug? man I hope it's just a ladybug
  12. I use clay a lot for foundations as I love the look of it as flooring. Would love to see pebblet walls and balconies so I can make a medieval castle
  13. I'd like the ability to move any item (chairs, mannequins, chests, etc.) without having to destroy it & rebuild. Not sure about moving full chests though. Easy fix would be to raise the cap on items in our backpack from 10 to say, 50 or 99. To balance this we could run slower or not at all when our backpack is over a certain % full. A cart would be interesting but you would have to stick to open areas or the paths. My character already gets stuck running through foliage without having to pull/push a cart. Leaf boats would also be interesting, Whether it be for transporting items or just sailing around the pond.
  14. I've had new weeds spawn in my game but not where I chopped the previous ones down. In the last few in-game days, 4 have spawned around my base. I'm 80+ in-game days in only noticed this happening since the last patch. My Base is near the lab under the tree's entrance (BURG.L) on a stump.
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