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  1. Poodles are quite large unless you meant a toy poodle, chihuahua would also work, though I'm not sure people will be keen on attacking a dog. I'd personally prefer a big lizard or snake perhaps or maybe a mole or badger, something along those lines.
  2. I'd be worried if there were no bugs, cause that'd only leave spiders!
  3. These all sound great with one nitpick, you don't get colds from being cold/wet. The common cold is a virus (most often a rhinovirus). Maybe swap that to hypothermia.
  4. It doesn't even need to be scifi esque, insect behaviour can be controlled to an extent in reality with pheremones so perhaps that could be an avenue, harvest some bug glands, make some pheremone juice, perhaps one that elicits a fear response drop it behind the bug and hang on while it dashes a good distance away.
  5. I wouldn't like to see fast travel, but maybe faster travel. Like bug/spider mounts perhaps or other small animals like mice. Something like a 50 percent speed boost over running your self. Possibly even flying mounts ala butterflies or moths. Ideally with strict stamina limits so they'd be great for getting from a to b quickly, but you couldn't use them constantly.
  6. No it won't come to PS4, Obsidian is owned/funded by Microsoft so it's basically guaranteed Windows/Xbox exclusivity. Google translates to (which will be wrong obviously, but hopefully will give the OP enough info) Não, ele não virá para o PS4, Obsidian é propriedade / financiado pela Microsoft, então é basicamente garantida a exclusividade do Windows / Xbox.
  7. Same I found that after the patch getting into the container through normal means on an existing save was impossible, while no such issue existed for a new game
  8. Absolutely agree with that, it's possible to implement something like this and still retain the challenge/barriers though. You could still keep mild as the easiest difficulty such that even if you were to have all these options and you set them all to minimum you'd basically be playing on mild as it currently is. It's more, from my perspective at least about giving more flexibility between mild and woah. Currently there are 3 things mentioned in the blurb for each difficulty so I'm gonna assume those are the only 3 things affected. So currently we have hunger/thirst durability
  9. Had a quick look for this, but couldn't find anything (drop me a link if there is already a thread about this) I'd love to be able to tailor the difficulty, like I really enjoy having to manage thirst/hunger/durability, but not so good with tough enemies and I imagine there are people who love harder enemies but cba with all that eating and drinking malarky. From what I see there are at least 3 difficulty parameters, durabilty, thirst/hunger and mob toughness with potentially at least 2 more in resource yield/respawn rates and length of night. If they do add weather then maybe severit
  10. I believe they nerfed how far the wolf spiders would track you, but in terms of damage etc, not been nerfed at all as far as I know, in fact they recently got buffed with more varied attacks
  11. The change to the mint container seems to have made it impossible to get in it now on existing games. It works fine on new games started after the patch, but on all saves from before it's just flat out impossible to get in.
  12. Ah both my attempts were previously saved games and in both the mint case is impossible to get into, I'll try it on a new game. Edit- Was fine on a new game, rechecked my older games and still couldn't get inside it, so it does seem like it's broken for existing games.
  13. Patch notes are on the website https://grounded.obsidian.net/news/grounded/patch-0-2-1-has-been-released There seems to be an issue with the mints though they say they've made the box bigger to make it easier to get in, but now it's impossible to get in at all. And for those interested Acorn Shovel+ uses the same amount of resources but the shovel is now faster and pebblet foundation uses 3 clay 1 pebblet instead of 4 clay and is gray not brown.
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