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  1. I think they need to remove certain collision physics from fallen objects, ie just let you walk through them if they are small enough like clover leaves, web fibers etc. Would probably stop things flying all over the place
  2. True, not everything I have listed is true to nature or realistic. But yeah we see not so much realism in some other bugs. Maybe Wendell was experimenting on bees and they are slightly mutated, so that the larva are stronger. He could have been trying to increase the survivability of them for some other experiments he wanted to do on them Lots of cool story elements you could add to the hive.
  3. This is probably true - I wouldn't mind if they didn't include any of these upgrades at all as I am loving the current options we have I think it's just an idea of what *could* be possible with the molars. But perhaps you're right on the +Atk and breath duration, mutations could be the thing you need for that.
  4. Yup. having some candles would be a good idea as a new light source. I'd like to see some more hanging lights too so maybe a bee lantern could be made too.
  5. Would love to be able to go inside the beehive to have a look around! What would you find in there? Plenty! - Honey Globs - needs the T2 shovel to dig them out. Makes a great food source but needs to be melted down in an oven first to make it into its goopy, edible form. It doesn't go bad, and restores about 4x as much as a mushroom. - Bee larvae - an easy prey for the curious explorer, as long as you don't enrage the worker bees nearby. The larva, however, will attempt to defend itself by attacking or trying to hide within the hexagonal walls of the hive, and may get a hit or two in on you before you can kill it. Drops raw bee larva meat and a new type of goop that is used for a smoothie base. The new smoothie base doubles the power and effects of any smoothie you make with it. Attacking a larva in the presence of a worker bee will enrage the worker bee and it may even call for backup. - Queen Bee: A new boss that you can find in the middle of the hive. Similar in stats to the broodmother, but a bit easier to kill. You find her laying eggs in her chamber high up in an area you can't really reach or shoot to as she will be behind a wax wall until you summon her. She is triggered by placing a Mac & Bees inside her chamber, which enrages her, seeing how her workers are becoming food, triggering her to chew through the wax wall and start her attack. She would have a supersonic wing flap attack that propels you backwards and makes you drop your weapons if you are too close, a swift series of bite attacks a bit faster than a wolf spider's, a body slam attack where she flies up and attemps to buster dive you into the ground with her sheer weight, a ground pound attack that stuns you if you're too close, a pollen puff attack that slows you down and additionally halves your attack power for about 30 seconds, and summons larvae and worker bees to help her in the fight at various stages, first four larvae that attack by popping out of the groud as you try and walk about, then two larvae and two worker bees, then four worker bees when she's almost dying. After defeating her, you unlock a new mutation that makes your glider last a ton longer and additionally you can use it to glide faster and for much longer distances (the drop rate decreaes significantly) giving you a semi-flight ability if you go to high places and jump. You also get the Stinger of the Queen Bee, which is a T3 dagger you can craft from queen bee fuzz and a queen bee stinger that deals spicy damage on hit and is about twice as powerful as a spider fang dagger. You can also get a new armor piece, Her Majesty's Gown, which is a body piece of T3 medium armor that releases pollen spores if you get hit, slowing enemies, made from queen bee fuzz and regular bee fuzz. - Bee eggs: Used to make a T2 bomb, the Buzzburst. It deals significantly more damage than a Bratburst, and can be upgraded with pollen and honey globs to a Bluffburst, which will release pollen spores on explosion, slowing down enemies and cutting their attack power in half for a short time. Just be prepared to have an entire hive after you if you try stealing bee eggs. The buzzburst would need to be used to bust up certain rocks that a bratburst/splatburst is too weak to do (maybe an endgame area in the future) - Bee wax - can be harvested from the walls of the hive, and is used as a sturdy building material to make a hexagonal-like building of your own. Can also make a Waxy Glob for weapon upgrades.
  6. Butterflies and caterpillars need to be a thing for sure, it would make a ton of sense to see them around the backyard in various places. Perhaps you'll see butterflies hanging around the flowerbeds during the day, and at night you could have moths that come out around the lights. Would be cool to see them getting annoyed by the gnats. Perhaps high in the hedge you'd find the caterpillars munching on some of those leaves, and maybe even some cocoons you could bust open with a T2 hammer for Crysalis Shell, a component in a T2/T3 medium armor set.
  7. Edited my original post for the ladybugs bucking you off - tried that myself today just to experiment and yep it hurts! I think it should probably hurt a lot less than what it does, since it's just propelling you upwards, but hey I'm glad they stopped the cheese strategy for it If anything I'd say it should stun you and make you drop your equipped weapons, making you scramble for them and regroup before the lady of the clover forest mows you down
  8. I would love to see the ability to dodge attacks but not so it removes the bug attack homing on to you like in the very beginning of the game. I think a rolling type mechanic where you can duck and roll out of the way of different attacks would add to the combat. I also think that some bugs are so big that it should be theoretically impossible to perfectly block an attack. Example: Roly Poly's curl jump where it lands on you. Your shield and you would be crushed under the sheer weight of the insect, and in the best case you'd take serious injuries if you perfect blocked it with enough force to knock it back. They could be three ways to dodge. Q (roll left) E (roll right) and SPACE (jump out of the way). In some cases, combinations of moves would be needed to perfectly avoid an attack. Regular dodges will mitigate most of the damage, perfect timing will mitigate all damage, and give you a couple seconds of Hyperstamina. Example use cases: Lawn mites: You'd want to dodge left and right from their jumping attack since jumping yourself might cause you to collide with them. Bombardier beetle: When it veers back to fire the close range spray, you'd want to roll, then jump, as to not get covered in the spray from the liquid hitting the ground. Ladybug: Its close range headbutt attack you'd want to roll left or right - perfect blocking will still result in you taking some damage and getting knocked back. When it turns to body bump you, jump, landing on the insect to give you an advantage (an attack to buck you off could be added to counteract cheesing the ladybug from above, which will stun you and do some slight damage but not as much as what it currently does) Antlion: When it uses the attack to pull you into its pit, jumping should render the pulling effect useless, the dirt would still need to be perfectly blocked to avoid it hurting you slightly. For its other ground attacks, jumping would allow you to dodge the small and long frontal charges, whilst rolling would allow you to avoid its jump from underground. I think the pincers on that antlion would probably be able to wrap around your shield so perfect blocking that insect for the most part should theoretically be impossible (and it's quite easy to predict his moves, so would be a nice challenge to an otherwise underwhelming Tier III foe) Wolf spider: When it uses its swift strikes, jump backwards twice to avoid the first two sets of two, then roll to avoid its forward charge finisher. When it uses its jump attack, rolling in either direction will make it miss, blocking would stun you (and poison you if not perfectly blocked) Pros & Cons: + PRO: Dodging consumes less stamina than blocking and won't stunt stamina recovery. + PRO: Successfully dodging an attack gives you a couple seconds of Hyperstamina, encouraging its use as opposed to blocking. + PRO: Dodging consumes no durability on your weapons / shields, unlike blocking. + PRO: The ability to dodge will allow your gear to potentially last longer if you master it. + PRO: Dodging could give a new mutation, which extends the window to achieve a perfect dodge. + PRO: A new armor set could be made (perhaps aphid!) which will be the lightest and least defensive armor, BUT rewards you for perfect dodges similar to Dazzling Riposte, allowing you to land critical hits. Could theoretically be a T2 armor since it could be bound with spider silk and berry leather. + PRO: A new playstyle for people who want to try something new or make their combat more exciting! + PRO: Would find a new challenge for those who master perfect blocking and memorizing attack patterns, as now not all attacks can be perfectly blocked on medium and above. + PRO: Would allow difficulty settings to be more dynamic to tune the experience, Would not punish those who want to just adventure and build in Mild mode. - CON: The timing window for a perfect dodge is much smaller than for a perfect block. Executing it would be more difficult. - CON: Dodging the wrong direction or failing a combo would stunt stamina regeneration slightly, as well as cause you to take slightly more damage. - CON: Medium difficulty will become a lot harder in the late game, early game would not see much change. Difficulty settings: For those who don't like the dodging, its effects could only be felt fully in Woah! mode. Mild: All attacks can be perfectly blocked and will deal no damage if done correctly. Medium: All but the largest / most forceful attacks can be perfectly blocked. Perfect blocking a heavy attack will still result in you taking 25% of the damage you would have taken otherwise. Woah!: All small attacks can be perfectly blocked. Medium and heavy attacks must be dodged. Perfect blocking will still result in you taking 25% / 50% of the damage you would have taken from a medium / heavy attack otherwise (which would kill on the largest insects even in full armor + shield)
  9. You could have three tiers of vehicles, manual ones that consume stamina, hunger and thirst, and powered ones that run off of sap fuel, which is a combination of acid glands and sap clumps (burned in an oven to form the liquid) and are much faster. Tier I vechiels would need some crude wheels, and easier to get bug parts. They could be pedal vehicles like a bug bicycle or a water fin pedalboat for water areas. They allow the player to traverse areas faster but offer no other benefits. - Crude wheels would be made from bug rubber and acorn tops. - The bug bicycle frame could be made from sprigs, bombardier and stinkbug parts. - The water fin pedal boat chassis could be made from water boatman fins, eelgrass, lilypad wax and koi scales. - The seat would be acorn shells, sap and gnat fuzz for all Tier I vehicles. - A Tier I manual sled could be made to allow the hauling of up to 24 grass plants / weed stems at once. Tier II vehicles would need harder to get materials and from tougher bugs. They allow faster traversal of land and water, and additionally can carry an acorn-chest's worth of items in an internal inventory. - Improved vehicle wheels could be made from black ant parts and bug rubber. - The engines and working parts of Tier II vehicles could be made from robotics parts, which you obtain from destroying TAYZ.T / ARC.R robots. Boiling glands woud also be needed for the engines. - The chassis of Tier II vehicles could be made from harder to kill bugs, such as the Roly Poly, Antlion and Ladybug parts. Seats are made from Berry Leather and Bee Fuzz, of course! Gotta be stylin! - A Tier II Land Hauler could be made to allow the transportation of up to 100 grass planks and weed stems at once, but would require a lot of fuel to run. Tier III vehicles are air vehicles and allow the player to fly. They offer no inventory or hauling ability, but have the benefit of easy traversal around the backyard and are the fastest of all the vehicles. They will allow the player to access areas otherwise impossible without building, such as higher branches of the oak tree, or the roof of the garden shed (could be places for new bosses in the future!) - The landing gear requires rare bug parts, such as antlion mandibles and black ant mandibles. - The chassis would need parts from all over the backyard, ranging from common flower petals to elusive crow feathers. - The propellers would need water boatman fins, crow feathers and quartzite globs to stick them together.
  10. I had an idea for some extra Milk Molar upgrades that could be good on individual characters and groups. And it would be great to have specific playstyles and character builds / classes. Milk Molars: Attack Strength: 100% -> 120% -> 135% -> 145% -> 150% (cost 1, 2, 3, 4) Blocking Strength: 100% -> 120% -> 135% -> 145% -> 150% (cost 1, 2, 3, 4) Hauling Capacity: 5 -> 7 -> 9 -> 11 -> 12 (cost 3, 4, 5, 6 and would give +20 when decked out in full ant armor + worker's comp + new mutation below) Passive Recovery: 100% -> 120% -> 135% -> 145% -> 150% (cost 1, 2, 3, 4) Breath Capacity: 0 -> +20s -> +40s -> +50s -> +60s (cost 1, 1, 2, 3) Sizzle Protection: 0 -> +10s -> +20s -> +25s -> +30s (cost 1, 1, 2, 3) Natural Damage Resist: 100% -> 120% -> 130% -> 135% -> 140% (cost 2, 3, 5) Elemental Damage Resist: 100% -> 120% -> 130% -> 135% -> 140% (cost 2, 3, 5) Mega Molars: Food spoilage rate: 100% -> 80% -> 65% -> 55% -> 50% (cost 1, 1, 2, 3) Raw Science gain: 100% -> 110% -> 120% -> 130% (cost 2, 3, 4) BURG.L Shop prices: 100% -> 90% -> 80% (cost 3, 4) Workstation Craftinng Speed: 100% -> 150% -> 175% -> 200% (cost 2, 3, 4, affects the jerky rack, spinning wheel, oven, etc) New Mutations: Hauler: +1, +2, +3 carry capacity Description: Your tiny body has adapted to carry the many burdens of survival on your shoulders. How to get: Pick up 100, 500, 2000 grass / weed stems Lobber: +30%, +50%, +60% throw range and damage to targets from throwing items and weapons Description: Bulging and bursting, your tiny arms propel objects towards their destination with ever increasing force. How to get: Throw 100, 200, 500 objects at an enemy and land a successful hit. Recycler: Gain all resources back when recycling / dismantling a building Description: Plans are always changing, and your mind has adapted to make use of all the materials around you, regardless of origin. How to get: Recycle 50 objects / buildings. Resourceful Adventurer: Gives +1, +2, +3 extra resources when breaking down sap clumps, pebbles, acorns, quartzite, berries, crow feathers, grass/dry shoots, human food, mint chunks, etc etc. Anything that needs to be broken. Description: Your resourceful ways aid you ever further in your fight to survive, having seen more of the backyard than you ever thought possible. How to get: Travel to 3 / 6 / All biomes on the map. Harvester of Innards: Gives +1, +2, +3 extra common resources from all bugs (excluding raw bug meat) and +20% / +40% / +50% chance of getting a rare part. Description: Witnessing the innards of many an insect, your willingness to pry even further under their shells has rewarded your efforts. How to get: Kill and harvest 10 kinds / 20 kinds / every kind of bug in the game (except bosses). Infected bugs count separately from their regular counterparts.
  11. It would be nice if the armor upgrades would be a thing just like weapon upgrades. I had an idea for more globs too which would require more materials to craft and give some use to early game mats that see less use outside of food nearer endgame. Like weapon upgrades, each piece of armor you wear (including shields) would have 7 total upgrades, the first five being quartzite shards, followed by a specialized upgrade for globs. Levels 1 - 5: 10 - 50 % defense increase, 10 - 50% durability increase Then at levels 6 and 7, you have a choice of items (Note that 'For armor' the value numbers would apply to the FULL SET of armor, not individual pieces, so if you mix 3 different effects on your armor you get the effect at 1/3 of the power) Quartzite Glob: +15% / +25% defense, +10% / +20% durability, Mighty Mint Glob: +10% / +20% defense, +10% / +20% durability, Fresh For armor, gives resistance to toxic environments (maybe with mutation also, gives you complete immunity to toxic areas). For shields, perfect blocking attacks removes all effects of stinkbug / toxic gas in an area for 10 seconds. Salt Glob: +10% / +20% defense, +10% / +20% durability, Salty For armor, gives player a resistance to explosions and bombs. For shields, allows the blocking of bombs and projectiles, bouncing them back to the attacker if perfectly blocked. Spicy Glob: +10% / +20% defense, +10% / +20% durability, Spicy For armor, gives player a resistance to fire/scorching and sizzle effects (perhaps when used on Antlion armor, could give a sizzle immunity). For shields, cools off scorching liquid if perfectly blocked and renders it harmless. Spiky Glob (Made from Larva Spike, Wolf Spider Fang, Antlion Mandible) +10% / +20% defense, +10% / +20% durability, Penetrator For armor, attackers that strike you will get hurt for 1% / 2% of their maximum health if you don't block their attack. For shields, perfect blocking reflects back 10% / 20% of the damage they would have done to you back to them. For weapons, causes enemies to bleed for 1% / 2% of their health for 2 seconds. Feathery Glob (Made from crow feathers and sap) +10% / +20% defense, +10% / +20% durability, Cushioned: For armor, makes falling hurt 10% / 20% less and allows you to move 10% / 20% faster. For shields, regular blocking is more effective and the shield loses less durability. For weapons, enemies take up to 10% / 20% more damage as their stun meter rises. Gummy Glob (Made from gum) +10% / +20% defense, +10% / +20% durability, Goopy For armor, enemies that attack you have a 5% / 10% chance of getting gummed, reducing their attack speed and power by 10% / 20% for a short time. For shields, perfect blocking an attack has a 20% / 40% chance to get the enemy gummed, at the cost of more durability. For weapons, stunned enemies stay stunned for 20% / 40% longer. Fuzzy Glob (Made from mite fuzz, gnat fuzz, bee fuzz) +10% / +20% defense, +10% / +20% durability, Dazzling For armor, enemies that you perfect block are 10% / 20% weaker to your attacks for a short time (similar to Dazzling Riposte). For shields, perfect blocking increases their weakness by anothr 10% / 20%, but regular blocking also increases the damage done by 5% / 10% For weapons, chance of critical hits are raised by 10% / 20% for 5 seconds after a perfect block. Hardened Glob (Bone Shards, Acorn Shell, Roly-Poly Parts): +10% / +20% defense, +10% / +20% durability, Tanky For armor, +10% / +20% additional defensive value at the cost of -10% / -20% movement speed and stamina recovery. For shields, all blocks become perfect blocks whilst you have stamina remaining, but drain 20% of your stamina per perfect block (that is not timed by you) For weapons, reduces swing speed by 10% / 20% but increases damage by a further 20% / 40% Grassy Glob (Plant fiber, crude rope, dry grass): +10% / +20% defense, +10% / +20% durability, Sneaky For armor, bugs don't notice you or become hostile when you're standing still / sneaking in their line of sight - but will still notice you if you are walking / running). For shields, perfect blocking causes the enemy to become confused, removing their hostility towards you as long as you stand still / sneak. For weapons, attacking a bug that doesn't notice you deals +100% / +200% critical damage and has a +10% / +20% chance to stun them. Solid Glob (Clay, Pebblet, Koi Scale): +10% / +20% defense, +10% / +20% durability, Impenetrable For armor, increases durability of armor by +30% / +60% For shields, Blocking consumes much less durability on your shield and perfect blocking consumes none. For weapons: Attacking consumes less durability on your weapon and repairing it costs 20% / 40% less materials. Blood Glob (Mosquito Blood Sac, Berry Leather, Thorn) +10% / +20% defense, +10% / +20% durability, Vampiric. For armor, whilst in dark areas or in direct moonlight, at the cost of durability, heals you for 10% / 20% of your max health when struck. For shields, perfect blocking an attack restores durability of all your equipped gear by 1% / 2% whilst in dark areas or in moonlight. For weapons, attacks at night are +50% / +100% stronger for the first 5 seconds after combat starts. Solar Glob (Boiling Gland, Berry Leather, Flower Petal) +10% / +20% defense, +10% / +20% durability, Helios For armor, whilst it's daytime and you are in the sun, attacks cost 10% / 20% less stamina and recovery rate of stamina is 10% / 20% faster. For shields, blocking an attack raises the enemy's stun gauge 20% / 40% faster whilst in the sun. For weapons, enemies that receive a critical hit during the day take an additional 300% critical damage. Moist Glob (Eelgrass Strands, Algae, Lilypad Wax) +10% / +20% defense, +10% / +20% durability, Hydroponic For armor, gives you +30s / +60s breathing time underwater and increases swimming speed by +20% / +40% For shields, blocking an attack underwater knocks enemies back by 2cm / 4cm and has a 10% / 20% chance to stun them. Perfect blocking an attack underwater doubles this effect. For weapons, weapons that are not normally usable underwater can be used, but swing at 30% / 60% of their normal speed whilst in water. Weapons that can be used underwater already swing at 150% / 200% of their normal speed whilst in water. Glowing Glob (Bioluminescent Goop, Slime Mold) +10% / +20% defense, +10% / +20% durability, Illuminated For armor, lights up a small area 2cm / 4cm around you. For shields, increases perfect blocking window by 30% / 60%. For weapons, successive attacks within 1s / 2s do +10% / +20% more damage, up to a maximum of 30% / 60%.
  12. I quite like the fact that black ant armor doesn't give you protection from them. Makes me think that the black ants are smarter and gives another reason as to why they are a stronger enemy. I mean think about it - when you're going in the red anthill with a torch fire, standing on your hind legs and have two less appendages, not giving off pheremones... you'd think someone would notice. The red ants are silly, and kinda makes it a nice change as to why black ants are stronger - they're smart.
  13. Greetings! Loving new update so far. Seen only some minor issues at the moment. All reported issues have started from a fresh install and new save as of yesterday. - Red ant spawning is extremely high and causes FPS lag on lower end computers when going near the western anthill. No issue on higher end machines (mine being Ryzen 3800XT / GTX 1060 6GB / 32GB DDR4 / NVME on Epic settings) - Red and black ants convene near the southeast side of the sandbox and are just walking up against it. I think they're trying to access the entrance only available in the sandbox area. - Weevils seem extremely rare now. Like I only saw one weevil right at the start and then a couple when going on top of the wall by the hedge. This problem is fixed when repositioning bugs via the debug options, but then returns a few minutes later. Aphids seem unaffected. - Craft sound not always playing when crafting an item in backpack, but plays all sounds together after exiting the backpack. - Spinning wheels sometimes keep spinning after all crafting is done. Seems to happen randomly but usually fixes itself after a while. - Small objects like web fibers tend to ping the player character away a couple paces when being walked over. Perhaps for those bags and sacks from web sacs, remove movement collision so they can be walked through by the player, but still picked up. - Soldier ants seem to be spawning in the walls of the western anthill. Some worker ants too. - Spiders get stuck in the small leafy plants by the pond and remain motionless afterwards. - Grass grew back around areas where I had removed the small shoots. Not sure if this is intended behaviour now. It happened after I ventured from the grasslands area to the hedge and stayed out there a while. Was a bit miffed to find grass growing through my house and stopping me getting to my stuff haha. Perhaps this is related to the next issue: - When going through the hedge lab, it says I am in an 'Unknown' area after I exit the lab to return home in the grasslands. This also causes all background sounds to stop playing (assuming they are biome based) but seems to resolve itself after sleeping in the grasslands area a couple of times. I think I found this issue back in the 0.2 public test branch as well so it's probably a very old issue that never got seen. - Sometimes biome sounds flicker on and off when on the border of certain biomes. I noticed it happens when you're near the wall next to the wetlands area, just north of where the orb weavers and bombardier beetles spawn. - Bugs heal themselves after running from combat. I notice this mainly when worker ants run away at low health and then heal up to full after a few seconds, but it makes dealing with hordes of ants a bit tedious. - Bratburst bombs bounce off of entities a bit too much. I threw one into a cluster of worker ants by the sandbox that were gathered there, and they started bouncing it around like a volleyball and finally pinging the bomb off into the sky before it could explode. - When jumping, if a player bumps their head against an object above them, it will ping the player off in a reflected angle depending on the angle of impact. This often results in me falling out of certain areas because I get propelled in a completely different direction to what I jumped in (thank the heavens for dandelions) Could we have it so that if a player bumps their head it just pushes them back down instead and stops motion? - The light from the firefly helmet doesn't really extend too far forwards and often the fog of the night impedes your vision anyway. It seems at night biome fog is a little too high and the light is not directional enough to see too far ahead of you.
  14. Either way would work, anything with bark could be harvested
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