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  1. Either way would work, anything with bark could be harvested
  2. Do slime mold torches also extinguish in water?
  3. I'd like to see this as well. Also could be a cool BURG.L quest type "Rebuild" that gives you a location to go to with a half destroyed structure that was made by a survivor some time ago. There would be a blueprint to find first then you go rebuild it and find some hidden loot or something.
  4. Can also report that enemies can get stuck on terrain that they should be able to easily move around on. Eg orbweavers in hedge cannot go around the fallen leaves, wolf spider at the rake and garth head can't get out their dens, ladybugs get stuck on oak tree roots and under flowers by the pond, ants and aphids are on rocks and can't get down, some bugs turn around if you move far enough away ie stinkbugs near stump wall. Other times bug attack anims can get them stuck in terrain or obstacles. I often wait for some to escape to give them a fair fight haha
  5. One issue I found is that TAYZ.Ts can be affected by poison. This seems counterintuitive as the bots have no living tissues for poison to damage.
  6. Having pets to haul stuff would be great, but also risky since the pet could get killed and it's not as easy to replace. So could be a high risk high reward sort of thing, maybe a sled could carry 20 stems, and an ant could carry 30 or something for the extra risk. I've seen that idea being knocked around on some other threads talking about pets. Would be an excellent feature.
  7. Ahhh now there's some context I get what you're saying. Indeed, currently if you already removed the stumps and the grass is not respawning there is no way to get it back to respawn again. I think they need some sort of grass seed you can pick up every now and then that regrows grass in a small area where it's planted. That would be nice and you wouldn't have to do it for every single blade of grass that way.
  8. True, maybe pebblet foundations could be used to make roads also if they ever remove floating highways
  9. Sure I think it would be more feasable than a zipline, i like either idea of a cart or line transport i think the cart could be done relatively easily to move around, the terrain is a little rough but i'm sure a smoother surface collision layer could be added to the ground to avoid the cart getting stuck.
  10. Please feel free to add details to the bug report. You can follow this post on how to report a bug so it can get seen by the devs. https://trello.com/c/Bzep3T2l/14-how-to-report-a-bug-or-feedback Whilst there are some issues reported on crashing already this seems to be due to randomness rather than structure placement. I'd let them know about farms not ticking too. Have you tried a new world to see if the issues replicate there also?
  11. If you chop out the stump it won't regrow. So if you do want it to grow back, just leave the stump intact
  12. Perfect blocking the wolf spider is not too bad. You need to just watch for the lower crouches to predict the faster bite attack. If you perfect block all attacks and stay close I notice he tends to cycle just through his slower bite which is very easy to block, so getting the timing down will help a lot there. Moving too far back will make him jump attack but that is also a very easy perfect block too. If all else fails, green machine smoothie spam.
  13. I find 6 to 8 jumping pads ie enough to connect most ziplines together as I think there is a cap on max speed. Having zips that high up probably means you spend more times getting up than the benefit you get from acceleration, but i bet that tower looks real nice
  14. I'd love a minimap. Could be a BURG.L unlock. I don't think the game necessarily needs it, something the devs could more easily implement for now would be if the game didn't mute the sound in the menus. so you could hear if you were getting into combat. I think that's the main issue with having to look in the menus, since you're never sure if something's trying to rip your face off. I would recommend setting up some trail markers in the meantime, since they can really help you with navigating some areas without even needing to consult the map. I trail mark my base, all big bug locations like stinkbugs and spiders, and some important areas like the juice boxes, ant hills, etc. This makes navigation a ton easier at least for me. With markers off though I am clueless haha.
  15. You still can, best thing to do is to pick a patch of grass much further away from the immediate areas you've set to farm around your base. Then just have a chopping day, get all the fiber you need, stuff it in a chest, you're good. There's thousands of grass blades so you shouldn't run short anytime soon. Though I would like to see an option to cut up grass planks into fiber too which would solve this immediate issue. You could even set up a zipline there after the hedge chip is handed in, and that would make getting to and from the grass chopping area much easier. There is also the under construction area besides the haze biome, you could get tons of fiber there without it impacting much in the playable area of the backyard. No bugs there really either so makes it a lot nicer to chop in peace. There are some areas abundant with plant fiber on the ground also, like the area under the hot dog box with the rotten larva blade. You will find sprigs and fiber there a lot, making it a great area to farm those. You probably knew that already but may be useful for others
  16. This would be nice if you could have some cargo transport. I'd like to see something like that. Currently I am doing some workarounds by making huge zipline towers with bounce web elevators, that's usually a good way to get up top and transport 8 things across long distances. EG the weed stems are all over the oak area and flowerbed but I want to build in the flooded area where ther are hardly any, so the zipline helps a ton with that Though I do die if I miss the jump
  17. I think we should be able to retrieve a vrass seed or two from a chopped up stump. Then we can plant it and have the grass grow where we desire it. Same with weeds and dandelions so we can farm stems too.
  18. I would like to see a craftable pulley anchor that, when attached to either end of a zipline, would pull the rope like a conveyor. It would require double the rope since it needs a closed loop, but then the player could hold on and pull themselves in either direction. The device could then be powered so it pulls the rope automatically, allowing even faster travel.
  19. I'd love a sled too. Perhaps the way you carry stems could be 2 rows of 5 instead of 1 big row of 10. Wouldn't quite work for grass but that's thinner anyway so wouldn't look so odd. Maybe the mutant one could increase how much you can pull.
  20. MutAnt: Obtained by BURG.L for 3000 / 4000 / 5000 points. Unlocked with Anthill Chip. T1: Ant armor allows you to haul 2 more items when all 3 pieces are equipped. T2: Ant smoothies give you +4 hauling capacity instead of +2 and lasts twice as long. T3: When hauling more than 10 items, move 10% faster per item hauled above 10. Efficient Packer: Unlocked after having your backpack fikled completely for 1 hour / 2 hours / 4 hours. T1: Items stack to 12 max stack instead of 10. Arrows stack to 25 instead of 20. T2: Items stack to 15 max stack instead of 10. Arrows stack to 30 instead of 20. T3: Items stack to 20 max stack instead of 10. Arrows stack to 40 instead of 20. Maintenance Micromanager: 3 levels, unlocked by breaking a tool or weapon 10 / 30 / 50 times T1: Tool durability increased by 25%. T2: Tool durability increased by 50%. All tools that need 2 or more quartzite now require 1 less quartzite to repair. T3: All tools now only need 1 quartzite to repair. Stabber: Unlocked by killing enemies with spears. 3 tiers each dealing more damage. Slasher: Same as above but with blades. Immunity: Gained after being poisoned 5 / 20 / 50 times. Poison effects last 75% / 50% / 25% as long. Arachnageddon: Deal more damage to and receive less damage from spiders. 3 levels.
  21. I hope to see a craftable holster belt that decouples toolbelt slots from bag slots in the future. Would make a nice progression. Maybe a mutation that increases stack sizes to 12, 15, 20 over 3 levels as well you can buy from BURG.L...
  22. Monthly updates are what are planned at least for now. Looking forward to October for more cool things, having a blast ziplining the backyard
  23. There are some balances sure but to me feels pretty good. Spider fang dagger got a nice buff to damage so is actually worth using over the larva blade.
  24. As of the latest patch you can now remove the stump of grass to stop it from regrowing
  25. That works as well. Maybe as well as mutations, there's a Traits tab where you select permanent traits to apply to your character. Unlike mutations, traits can't be undone. Each has a positive and negative aspect.
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