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  1. You can attach grass planks and stems to ziplines as well. For written message, you can use sign frames instead. The "Creatures" set has almost every critter in the game.
  2. I did only after watching some Youtube video. Usually that is not a place where I would revisit
  3. I was bombing the roly poly and many times it stepped on some grass planks and flew into the universe and disappeared that I have to reload.
  4. We cannot hear character's voices when they are in water, which is reasonable. However, when I come out of water, the voice lines are still muted. This includes BURG.L's voice lines, and probably the voice logs of Wendel. I am playing on Windows 10 through Steam. Another bug is that, when I bomb the hell out of roly poly, sometimes it flies away and disappear probably due to all the grass planks on the ground. Also, there is a raw-science seemingly on top of the trash can and inside the trash can handle which I cannot reach.
  5. For those kind of quests, there should already be a blueprint, and you only need to add material to it.
  6. Considering that it's from the mint family, you might extract juice from it and give your weapon some fresh attack bonus
  7. I think this is especially relevant now that each creature is differentially susceptible to different weapons + the fresh/spicy/salty variations. It would be very helpful if the dev can implement a system like that in Persona, documenting the effectiveness of the kinds of attacks once you try it on each creature.
  8. I like this one! The clues are concrete enough that I did not worry that my theory could be wrong. Definitely much easier and less random than the mossy key. All the clues are in the sand box outpost, which you can access once you get the researcher's key from the black ant lab. I don't think it matters, but being able to kill antlions stably can make the journey easier. I was equipped with a lv6. mint mace which felt exceptionally effective against them.
  9. My game crashed two times on Windows 10 with Steam. Both times I was pressing "Q" to remove web fiber from a big container to my inventory.
  10. For the time being, you can go to the cave under spade gulch to experience being surrounded by larvae in the dark. Fun!
  11. Can't your friends put Grounded on their wish list on Steam? One of the reasons I bought the game already is because it is still under development, and I can only see the price going up until release.
  12. That's a great idea! However, I'm not sure if that is possible if real-world physics is considered, as butterfly wings rely not on pigments but on the specific ways lights got reflected. It would nevertheless be cool to be able to collect the scales of their wings and color one's armor or buildings.
  13. Dual wielding idea is great! It would mean higher burst damage but much faster stamina drain
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