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  1. I’m on Version for Grounded, all updates installed and I cannot join a multiplayer game with friends. I got an error every time.
  2. To add to my previous post.. scaffolding is not working. I do not stay in a game longer than 5 minutes. I keep getting booted.
  3. When my friends and I load into a online game we have our characters reset and lose our mutations and inventory. It seems like the only way around is by placing everything in a chest before we close out of a gaming session. No matter what save file I choose, we spawn into the same single file. Even after I deleted that file.
  4. After updating grounded to, I lost some save data. Also, my character was wiped. Last, my friend does not have the total number of mutations he should with the update. Answer would be great.. thank you.
  5. The mushroom farms are not working. The dew collectors are not working. The game keeps on crashing and not saving. (Grounded) 9/30/2020
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