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  1. It would be cool to have split screen for a lot of these types of games. It's clear developers have moved away from this option, aside from a few games. I would guess at this stage of development, it's something you wont see in this game for a very long time if ever. Couch co-op is a thing I miss a lot. Many a good time with friends and partners. But thanks to the belief that everyone has a strong stable internet connection, which is not true for many, split screen will be niche.
  2. Started a new multiplayer game on the weekend. Don't think I've seen a single grub yet. Which will be a crafting problem for a lot of things.
  3. Been off the game for about a month now. On Xbox. Seeing all the feedback about patch problems, I was wondering if it's ok to start again while introducing friends to the game on multiplayer? Or is it just still to buggy?
  4. Playing solo, I only just figured a good combat and weapon strategy. Looks like the update will make me go back the the drawing board. I wonder how much the weapons will be nerfed? And glad the armour will have a better affect.
  5. Flat out, I don't believe the combat needs fixing at this stage of development.
  6. lol, My hound usually lies next to me on the couch when I game, but he's been choosing another room with all my sudden jump scares and loud expletives from this game.
  7. Hi guys, Acknowledging all that's said. I think its going off point. I feel, a water filter early in game just removes the need of the survival mechanic for water. I think it should be the first struggle early game. And McSquirl. Yeah I jumped in day one of access and there something a miss with finding fresh water and the juice box drops were very spare. Was drinking dirty water quite a bit early game. I'm sure devs fixed that in the first week or so
  8. I don't agree McSquirl, food and water was a big issue for everyone that started noting there were some issues that a patch fixed. Early in a survival game, basics should be the challenge. Foraging for water and food forces the player to explore. To me, it seems the "survival" element is just food and water. Everything else feels like an RPG. But it's early development and there could be many factors introduced into the game that change the whole balance.
  9. Yeah, for me it's getting to the point where food and water is no longer a problem with the amount of juice box drops and a canteen. I don't even use the dew collector or cook food anymore.
  10. Thanks Todd, I guess I've been lucky enough not to run into the wolfies at night so far. I'm pretty sure too that there is more to come for night. In a write up I found, it stated different creatures would come out at night. I hope that's the cue for fireflies, moths, roaches and slugs and stuff
  11. I'm 30 in game days now and I'm not really seeing what the difference in game play is at night. Sure your distance view is diminished and without a torch it gets spooky, but my ground level base is not attacked and I'm not seeing an increase in insect aggression or frequency. What am I missing here?
  12. Really, the buggers keep sneaking up on me. I have mostly come across them at the base of the rock the spray nozzle is resting on.
  13. Yeah, agree. I preferred the subtle beating sound it used to be, or what ever it was. Now its sounds like plane crash on top of you
  14. Hey, I'm not doing too well either at tackling the big ones single handed. The YouTube clips show patience, parries and planning get the job done. But I'm happy this is a challenge. While I'm still yet to take out any of the spiders, I'm glad it's a game that makes you feel literately small and not the top of the food chain. That said, go in with co-op or a group and you'll have a much easier time taking them down.
  15. It would also help if your are moving base and don't have to lug every item to the new location
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