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  1. Anyone know the health boost? When I equipped it I didn’t notice a jump in my health bar.
  2. For some reason I have several bugs that are pretty much nonexistent or super rare. I use to have weevils all over but since the update I’ve only seen one or two. The only bugs that are lured to my petal trap are ants and the little green guys. Also I’ve yet to find an infected weevil. Others say they can find them so could this be an issue of how things are generated from yard to yard?
  3. I’ve spent a week in game day and night looking for infected weevils in the gas area and nothing. I’ve killed countless amounts of infected mites.... but not one weevil to be found /sigh.
  4. That egg is just a prop that you can’t loot. Supposedly this is where the eggs spawn but I’ve yet to see one. Hope they fix it.
  5. Please just fix the spawn of ant eggs. I’ve cleared out the ant hill came back every morning and evening for several days and nothing. Came back again and more ants and no eggs. All the do this and do that isn’t working just fix it so a few eggs spawn please. Thanks.
  6. I just looted 3 by the flower pot in the pond area. They are around, you’ll find them
  7. I’m on the Xbox and eggs still are not spawning for me. I cleared out all of the ants near one spawn site but the other area there are at least a dozen ants so I’m not gonna try to take that mess on.
  8. Can you fix feathers to go directly into your inventory when harvesting like berries? The loot drop is so small and just now I stepped on it while looking for it and kicked it so far Messi would be impressed. They are so hard to find and having this happen is frustrating.
  9. I’ve not seen them drop off the crow when it flies away but I have found them on the ground near spots where it perches.
  10. My scanner seems to be triggered but I’m not seeing anything. Several of the locations are where I collected raw science, like on the lawn lamp near the oak tree and the one on the juice box straw. Any insight?
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