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  1. It would be interesting to be able to plant plants and be able to create orchards of certain components to have it in the place where the house or shelter is built to have easier access to those components. Having to water the plants by spending the water whose resource can also be achieved within the game. Imagine having an orchard to plant and having to spend water to be able to have new resources almost unlimitedly having to spend other resources to grow. What do you think of this idea?. Thank you and a greeting.
  2. You're certainly absolutely right, but as an addition it's a good idea. There are still players wanting to use such features. It's really good to ask developers as soon as possible to at least consider it. You are forgetting the split screen to play in co-op mode from the same console and it is a feature that many people still take into account when purchasing a game. Thank you for sharing your opinion. Greetings from Spain.
  3. You can think about the possibility to add the split screen from the same console or pc to play the adventures of the Grounded. I think it would be an interesting feature to add and not just the possibility to play online with our friends. What do you think about this idea? Greetings.
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