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  1. I'd like to add on to the dye idea with the ability to stain grass and sturdy structures. This includes grass roofs. Would not affect weed stems, only grass and clover leaves. You could make the dyes by crushing flower petals, and there could also be a new "mixing station" where you can mix your dies. Code wise, this would involve adding a new "stain" layer to the grass and clover materials, with an uncolored variant of the default diffuse texture for it. There'd also need to be a color modifyer for the diffuse layer, which would copy the color values of the applied dye. The mixer bu
  2. Huh, I thought I mentioned it here, but I guess I forgot; Most spiders, including all three spiders currently in game, are solitary predators. They don't cooperate, and in fact most species have no qualms with cannibalism, even eating their own children. The devs stated the liked the idea in Doom where enemies would fight one another allowing you to wait it out and finish off the victor, but not only is this not possible in Grounded due to health being reset upon exiting aggro, but many enemies that should attack one another don't.
  3. These are some good ideas; I'd like to add "leaf bits" as a building material (a new resource gathered by chopping hedge leaves (which would go directly to inventory, not all dropping at once after damaging it enough (as the whole point of this material would be to make building in the hedge zone more feasible) Also, I think if they add more material options for walls, doors, stairs, and roofs, the building wheel should be revamped so that you select the type of structure you want to make (grass, weed stem, wood, clay, pebblet, leaf bit) and then you can use the R and G keys to cycle betw
  4. it hasn't released on steam yet. strangly, on the feature board the October update isn't even listed; just an "in-progress" November update that has everything in it in green. So perhaps there was a serious issue with the October update that was discovered in beta testing that required a major overhaul that couldn't have been accomplished by the small team by the end of October.
  5. They're working on it. For weapons though, the issue with having them vanish from your backpack would be that if you use that space then you wouldn't be able to put the weapon back in your backpack.
  6. I meant actual smoothies, not those abominations you get from throwing random crap together.
  7. I was able to build inside the hedge lab just fine until the September update. And you can build inside of soda cans provided there is dirt in them, so collisions aren't an issue here.
  8. Why does this thread exist? Doesn't the entire forum cover this exact topic?
  9. Just kill and reset all creatures when you sleep. The time skip is the perfect excuse for why they are no longer where they were.
  10. Grub goop is good for smoothies. That's probably why it's so common.
  11. The bombardier beetle should drop two different glands, that only ignite when you mix the contents together. It wouldn't be true fire, more like boiling liquid. That said, given our size it would be incredibly lethal. I wanna make a bombardier "flame" thrower, but the literal splash damage would probably boil me along with whatever bugs I'm spraying.
  12. If you have the mod menu, you can use the TimeSpeed # command
  13. Just a few pet peeves and suggestions. When I heard signs were added in 0.3, I had assumed that they would allow for labeling. Unfortunately, it seems that the signs are instead merely posters and pictures. As someone who likes to organize their items by type (plants, minerals, body parts, crafted resources, tools, weapons, armor, etc.), the ability to label these places would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps sprig and clover leaf signs you write on with sap? I like to explore caves and tunnels, but something I find strange about them is that entering them spontaneously lowers the bri
  14. I think it's less that they heal and more that they simply... forget the damage you inflicted on them. My guess is that the passive state doesn't actually keep track of their HP; likely to reduce processing time, so when an arthropod exits agro and becomes passive again it simply... forgets that it isn't at full health.
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