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  1. Just a few pet peeves and suggestions. When I heard signs were added in 0.3, I had assumed that they would allow for labeling. Unfortunately, it seems that the signs are instead merely posters and pictures. As someone who likes to organize their items by type (plants, minerals, body parts, crafted resources, tools, weapons, armor, etc.), the ability to label these places would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps sprig and clover leaf signs you write on with sap? I like to explore caves and tunnels, but something I find strange about them is that entering them spontaneously lowers the bri
  2. I think it's less that they heal and more that they simply... forget the damage you inflicted on them. My guess is that the passive state doesn't actually keep track of their HP; likely to reduce processing time, so when an arthropod exits agro and becomes passive again it simply... forgets that it isn't at full health.
  3. Sorry, I meant to say that i hope the rotten larva blade gets replaced by a sword. A sword in the stone is much cooler than a dagger in the stone.
  4. I tried looking up videos or records of ants getting through a wrapped candy bar, but couldn't find anything.
  5. I mean, technically speaking, the definition of scavenging is looting whatever you can find. If you make the corpse yourself, it isn't really scavenging. Still, I also like the idea of luring tough fights into traps. Something that occurred to me when you mentioned human scrap stuff for tier 3 is that someone made model ideas for other candy weaponry on deviantart. I'm not sure whether they made it before or after the mint mallet was added, but I do know there's currently a dev resource called "steel gum" in the game, which is used to make a sword they currently lacks a model. What a
  6. I'm hoping the larva blade will be replaced by a sword when they add them. (There are currently 2 swords in the code; but they lack models, instead using the default sword placeholder model.)
  7. I wonder if this is the reason doors and triangle walls only rotate 90 degrees instead of 45; they would create gaps because their models aren't extra wide like regular walls are. I can see this change opening up more flexibility in door placement, and would also allow angled roofs to be placed more easily as you would no longer have to cycle between interior and exterior corner pieces. That said, roofing would create a significant problem for implementing this; outside corners would need to be re-modeled to use 60° angles instead of 45, a 60° variant of the interior corner roof would nee
  8. I'd rather get bark from the hedge zone. Could serve as a building material in place of grass and weeds. Also leaves and moss.
  9. Perhaps some of the Tier IV resources (the tiers use roman numerals) could also be acquired through corpses in the hedge. Last wednessday my professor found what was left of a hummingbird next to a hedge in the inner courtyard; only a wing and an unidentifyable mass of bone and feathers remained. Another thing that Tier IV creatures would introduce would be a food chain; as we start getting into predators that would prey on larger arthropods than us. An example of this is the Wheel Bug a commonly distributed True Bug about the size of your thumb (males are smaller though) that prey on bee
  10. I think a squirrel would be at least a tier 5; tier 4 would be more along the lines of preying mantids, koi, and hummingbirds.
  11. speaking of dead birds, last Wednessday my teacher found a hummingbird by the hedges in the inner courtyard. Well, what was LEFT of a hummingbird, anyway. Only a wing and some bones. I looked in the hedge, but didn't see anything moving in there, so either it was killed by something that didn't live in the hedge, or whatever killed it is very good at camouflage. Edit: there were webs visible on the top of the hedge, so perhaps a Spider killed it. Maybe they can add a hummingbird corpse by the hedge zone as a source of feathers and bones.
  12. Sleeping is an in-game time skip, which makes it an excellent opportunity to refresh things in the world. Dandelion and Grass stumps can regrow, arthropods can be reset, loose spoiled meat can despawn, etc. This would be a nice band-aid for arthropods getting stuck in world geometry, as well as aid multiplayer games where one player spends most of their time near the base crafting and organizing inventory. Another thing that can happen is to have there be more dewdrops in the morning. The player is always hungry and thirsty after sleeping, so making dew more accessible would be greatly ap
  13. Another idea would be transition models showing the stump growing back to its full side.
  14. I'm still peeved that the spear is so weak when it does all of its damage in a straight forward thrust instead of a sweeping arc like other weapons. It should do significantly more damage, especially when the enemy is charging/lunging at you.
  15. That gives me an idea; what if the brightness settings were adaptive; adjusting over time to line up with the average lighting of the scene; just like how our eyes adjust to changes in light.
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