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  1. I think a cool miniboss could be a fly (which would respawn every 7- ish days.) Imagine if an old soda cup was lying on its side on the stone wall across the pond. The cup would have a straw out of it, which you could climb in up to get into the cup. Inside the cup, there would be some old soda and several ice cube platforms. One fly would be in there, which you would have to fight. The fly would be quite big, and would constantly be buzzing around the arena, making it a hard and challenging fight. It would charge at you, so you would have to jump from ice cube to ice cube to avoid the fly's attacks. If you did kill it, you could get a few useful items. One item would be a fly eyeball, which you could use for two items. One would be binoculars, which would be made from a fly eye, a clover leaf, some sap, and woven fiber. Another one would be a telescope. It would be made out of some weed stems, some sap, some spider web, one or two clover leaves, and a fly eye. It could be set down like a stuffed bug and would be able to be looked out of. I think this would look really cool on observation towers!
  2. This would be cool. Maybe the sunflower seeds would drop randomly, and you could break them apart with a hammer.
  3. I agree. I would like some more dialogue, as it gets REALLY annoying hearing the same words over and over for hours.
  4. These are some cool alternate armors. I personally would love to see some more uses for stinkbugs .
  5. I think these "mini bosses" could drop parts for a new tier (small animals/ big bugs or tier four.) I think mice, hummingbirds, and roaches would be cool.
  6. Exactly. Let us have some fun and tame adorable aphids if we want to.
  7. That would be a cool feature, until a base someone spent hours on is destroyed in three seconds by a stray footstep and they now hate the game.
  8. I would like to see some activity, but not people running around. That would be too crazy.
  9. I may be wrong, but isn't there a setting for flashing lights?
  10. I would love some pets in the game. Aphids could alert you when big bugs are near. Ants could assist you in battle. Bees and ladybugs would be used as mounts. Weevils could protect you from attacks every now and then. I don't think bigger bugs like bombardier beetles and spiders should be tamed, though, because they are too big and taming them would take the challenge and menace of them away. These are good ideas though!
  11. There's already a "trash" option in the inventory . But I agree, a trashcan would be cool for decoration purposes.
  12. This would all be really cool, but I don't think this would fit in to the normal game mode. Maybe these could be features in a difficulty above Woah! (it would be called "bugageddon," or something similar.)
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