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  1. A comment left by someone on here a while ago got me thinking: what if there were support weapons? Weapons that provide more RPG elements, a (slightly) new way to handle combat, and small buffs when used. I propose staves as a new support weapon. These 2-handed weapons would have low damage, but long reach (longer than the spear,) and pretty fast attack. Their main use, though, would be the buffs they provide. When swung, the character wielding the weapon and all other friendly characters in a certain vicinity would receive a small buff that would last about 5-10 seconds (depending on the tier
  3. Hey fellas. My uncle and I were thinking about getting koi armor. Is it worth it? It's defense is really low, and I don't know what the armor and set bonus do. If anyone has made the armor and used it, please tell me about your experience with it and whether or not it is worth grinding for.
  4. I think they've been postponed. I don't know until when.
  5. I think an incendiary bomb would just be an awesome new weapon to add in Grounded. It would be a Molotov c*cktail- type concoction made from 1x grub goop, 1x dry grass chunk, 1x fungal growth, and 1x boiling gland. It would, well, set things on fire once it's been thrown (it would set things on fire as soon as it hits something, so you couldn't pick it back up like a bratburst.) Not only would it burn bugs, it would also burn down webs and harvestable plants. It would also make the ground it touched ashen, which would mean plants couldn't grow there for a couple of days. (which could be usefu
  6. Definitely. The choice of using bows has been pretty much eradicated as of late (which sucks, as I absolutely LOVE using bows.) I wish they would make bows an actual choice.
  7. Personally, I like the idea of "classes" in the game and would love to see what they do with them. It would be cool if they added more RPG elements into the game, like Terraria, and make it so that there are other paths you could take instead of just spamming the spider fang dagger or mint mallet. Of course, like McSquirl Nugget said though, it would have to be done right.
  8. I guess I'll add on to this list: Tier 4 creatures like mice, squirrels, hummingbirds, small lizards, daddy long- legs, roaches, centipedes, moths, and scorpions Shields and swords Glass, charcoal, thorns, wire, and paper for tier 3 tools and weapons Stun and fire arrows Incendiary bombs New biomes (ash- lands; freezing biome; sandbox; etc.) A target that can be set down on the floor and shot at More traps (like a web trap) Soups and more smoothies
  9. I meant like in the actual flowerbed, there would be real roses that we could take thorns out of. And no, we don't already have thorns, we have thistles.
  10. Now that's an idea I could get behind. Wrapper armor could look really cool (I would imagine it would look like an astronaut suit or knight armor.) I also thought that it would be cool if there was a flower bed full of roses that we could cut off thorns off of (you could use thorns for a spear.)
  11. I like the idea of scavenging. I think that would be a cool way to get resources from things like hummingbirds and mice (for mice, arming a mouse trap and killing them that way; for hummingbirds, leading them into a web, like you said, or something similar.)
  12. I think a basketball would just a fun little thing to add in Grounded. It's recipe would be pretty simple (something like 2x bug rubber, 2x berry leather, and 1x silk rope.) You would obviously use it with the basketball hoop. It would be quite bouncy, so if you threw it straight down, it would bounce right back up. When shooting it, you might be able to see an "arc" show up on your screen so you know where to shoot it. Also, I think a new mutation, called "Baller," should be added for the basketball hoop. You would unlock tier one after making 20 throws into the basketball hoop. You wou
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