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  1. After the release of the pond update I have not seen a single Leech or Pond Strider. Have they been canceled? Or postponed?
  2. Right now, there is little to no incentive to eat meat. You can build a bunch of mushroom farms and call it a day. I think an aphid corral should be added in to have a sustainable source of meat. In order to get a live aphid in your inventory you'd have to construct some sort of trap or maybe you could add in tranq arrows. Once you have a live aphid in your inventory you can deposit it into the corral. If there are 2 or more aphids in the pen there is a small chance for them to reproduce over night. The player will then be able to grab aphids out of the pen and cook them whenever they please. Adding an aphid pen will incentivize players to build traps and hunt down aphids more.
  3. I second this 100% , one of my favorite parts of survival games is exploring the map and finding all sorts of biomes. Right now, there isnt much variation in the map aside from the pond and gas area.
  4. Antlions could work. Another idea is adding a sandbox to the backyard to serve as a desert biome where the player can find exclusive enemies, such as the Antlion, and resources. Although the sandbox yields lots of loot, it would be a treacherous location because of the lack of water and high concentration of hostile bugs.
  5. As far as I've seen in the game, there are no ambush enemies, so it would be really cool to implement certain bugs that will hide from you and only attack when the player isn't looking. A good bug to take this role would be the Orchid Mantis. They hide inside Orchids and when the player walks past the Mantis will jump from the top onto the player. By making this enemy you would also have to make an Orchid forest.
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