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  1. I think with full upgrade on normal arrows its like 18 for a wolf and like 12 for an orb but i just carry like 200 anyways
  2. When i go to build something the preview of that building piece gets automatically rotated to a different ang le and cannot b e placed properly.
  3. If you look at the road map aphids as pets are on the list so I think to some extent animal taming is coming. The idea of animal farming I don't personally see the appeal in the game taming is another story I see those as two different mechanics. I think taming follows suite more with the atmosphere of the game it is survival not farming simulator lol
  4. Remember most of the map isn't finished and with new areas they can put specific new bugs in those areas. Also as they update areas they can move around creatures and switch positions etc it's not set in stone I know the developers talked about schedules the bugs are on and adding weather and changinging things up at times of day. All those factors could dynamically influence what bugs are where and when they are there.
  5. i mean you get more food out of meat but animal farming seems a bit much id like maybe to be able to attact smaller bugs like aphids and weevils to be able to get more bang for the buck that and stacking them would be more helpful instead of me having to use up most of my inventory on collecting a few aphids at a time
  6. I meant some caves are below unfinished areas it may only be a temporary thing in certain areas because the game is unfinished in specific areas of the map. Again purely speculation.
  7. not being able to build in caves probably has to do with a collision issue with people glitching into inaccessible areas. Some caves have labs or what not above them so this might be the motivation behind it. This is purely speculation though.
  8. Pretty easy solution i dont this all t he time when they run just jump down and they come running back. then i just jump back up and rinse repeat. tougher with wolfies cause POISON if i get hit but works most if not all the time.
  9. From what i know they are working on the backpack change to not take up inventory slots.
  10. This is just a collection of ideas and thoughts ive had about the game since playing it. I will break everything up into groups to better clarify my ideas. Please if you have any thoughts on these ideas or additions let me know. Thank you. Base Building Base Building is an important part of the game and i think the variety is lacking. It doesnt seem fully flushed out which is fine considering the development phase of the game and i have no problem with that these are just my ideas and im sure some of this is probably already in the works. Pebblet Walls Roofs Triangle Pieces Palisades Stairs Doors Windows Clay Walls Roofs Triangle Pieces Palisades Stairs Doors Windows Wood (A New material maybe gathered by chopping branches or saplings. This could be processed by a new workbench like a saw table which could require parts from a new enemy. (maybe the blades of a praying mantis. Alternatively maybe we make a saw from those blades to cut down wood from a resource.)) Walls Roofs Triangle Pieces Palisades Stairs Floors Doors Windows Crafting Decorations Weapons Rack (Like the clay Dummy but for Weapons) Couch Alternative Light Sources (Something that may specifically attach to fences) Tools Rack (Like the clay Dummy but for Tools) Meal Prep Water Filter (Could be connected to a larger water source and then must be connected to a sink to provide a more permanent water source) Sink (^) Refrigerator (To store cooked foods to add more value to foods cooked on fire instead of everyone just using jerky and acorn bits) (Could be a cool way to introduce a resource like ice the fridge may require a new piece every few days and thus keep the player more active in the daily activities of the game) Stove (Allow the player to use other parts of the bugs in recipes thatd provide other buffs than just food some may hydrate, damage buffs, temporary health buffs, etc)(Would open up a whole cooking storyline and different recipes and they could be stored in a fridge) Cook Book (This would reveal new recipes as players discovered them and can use as a reference for cooking) Utilities Sap catcher should be able to hold more than one sap Saw Table (Previous Reference Wood) (Could also be used to break apart bug parts that may have other uses once broken down) Catapult (It would be cool to fling myself across the map and use my glider to float down to safety)(Death if not deployed lol) Campfire (This is more than a light source...Id suggest the ability to put materials in it thatd have different effects. Maybe use lily wax as a natural bug repellent for like 10 feet or something, or put in bug parts as a natural bug lure and the different part could lure different bugs) (This could add variety to fighting and players activity during the night) Wood Pallet (To store previously referenced new material) Clay Pit (To store large amounts of clay in instead of needing to use chests) Pebble Quarry (Store all your pebbles in) Juice Collector (Similar to the Sap collector but punctured into the Juice Box for Juice) Dye Station (Maybe add a new set of mobs or resources that can be turned into dye that could be used on buildings or armor) Kiln/Furnace (Could be used with clay to make specific items giving more purpose to clay)(Could also be used with sand) Armor/Weapons/Gear (Some of the gear in the game isnt fully flushed out itd be cool to maybe make complete sets of armors like the Aphid, Weevil, Mite and Bird Feathers Personally i think there should be gear for every mob in the game) Genuinely i think the idea of having a special ability maybe even if its just associated to certain armors from certain bugs would be a cool idea for the game. Some Ideas Night Vision Goggles Higher Tier versions of the same Armor Like Ant armor LVL 3 that give 10 carry capacity More specific abilities or buffs granted with each armor set when worn in full (Example each ant armor grants plus 1 carry capacity but when worn in full its plus 5 totaling 10 carry capacity) (Or if there was Gnat armor maybe it gives you small wings for a light double jump) (Bee Armor could have a damage enemies on hit effect when attacked) More fully body Armor Armor Dyeing Character Clothing (This could be through a cosmetic store through micro transactions i wouldnt care itd be cool to stand out) Food Pouch (Could be used to hold food instead of taking up inventory space like a canteen) Bigger Backpacks (Craft able, Swappable, Customizable) (I wanna put the team on my back) Stackable Throwing Weapons (Small Knives, Shuriken, Axes, Spears) (Specifically Disposable throwing weapons as disposable as an arrow) Throws weapons should have more of an effect maybe my spear when thrown causes the bug to be stuck for a bit if its against a wall Fire Arrows Binoculars New types of gliders (Maybe one made from berry Leather or a bugs wings) New Bugs Praying Mantis Firefly (Armor lets you be your own light source in and out of water) Bees Pill Bugs Beetles Water Striders (Make Armor that lets you stride on the water) Horse/Green/House Flys Crickets (Can jump really high) Mosquitoes (Vampiric effect with armor on) Butterfly's Dragon Flies Black Ants (They could be used for World events with the red ants and go to war with each other) (could also be used for a seperate armor set of black ant armor and red ant armor maybe even a combo so players can stay neutral) Wasps (Very Scary) Queen Bee (Bee Hives baby, Honey, Honey Comb, Honey Nut Cheerios) Scorpions (Credit: Dgrim) Caterpillars (Credit: Dgrim) Centipedes (Credit: Dgrim) New Animals (Alot of these may be more worth while in world event type situations) Squirrel Owl (At Night) Dog and a Dog house Skunk Fox Stray Cat Snakes Pets and Taming (Using Spider Web to capture Bugs and Tame them) Aphids (Could find me Nectar or aphid Honeydew) Weevil (Could Smell out danger) Gnat (Could help find resources) Ant (Could Carry stuff) Soldier Ant (Fight or Move Fast as a mount) Lady bug (Carry Stuff and good protection moves slow) World Events Sprinklers (Flooding) Neighbor Kids throw a ball into the yard Lawnmower (Cuts some grass very Dangerous) Bug Raids (The bugs get aggravated in the yard and very hostile) Weather (Seasons and maybe the weather is reflected) Dog Playing in the Yard 9Might keep a certain area off limits or if your brave enough to go you can get a specific item only during that time) Resources Sand (Could be used to make glass maybe to stop gnats or other bugs that fly from getting in your windows) Ice (This could be used in the fridge "Previous Reference") (this could probably be implemented through a split cooler in the backyard may require a special armor to hold off the cold weather maybe a mite fuzz armor...fuzzy armor) DLC/Purchasable Content Different Characters/Kids to play as Different skins or outfits to wear as those characters Different Scab or backpack styles Let me know what you guys think or if you have any ideas or differing opinions about what ive mentioned and why i appreciate hearing from you all thank you.
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