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  1. Posting on these forums is as far as im going. If the "DEVs" want to know whats wrong with thier game and or want to look at player feedback and suggestions then they need to read and respond on these forums that were made for that very purpose, otherwise they should take down the forums if they are not serving that purpose.
  2. As far as the cave lighting goes I would like to at least be able to build the "slime mold sconce" any where in a cave I choose to put one. Seeing as how thats where they grow anyway I figured you already could, but im finding out thats just not the case.
  3. Its just a guess but it seems like respawning of resources is directly linked to the passage of in game time. There for it would be far easier to test to see if something was built to close to a resource to allow it to respawn if the player had more control of the passage of time. Only being able to sleep between the hours of 20:00 and 06:00 hinders that ability. Being able to input how long to sleep would be far better in this indevor.
  4. I like having a choice in games like this weather to attack head on in melee attacks or from a high position out of reach of the enemy. However the recent updates have taken away that choice. Finding a high firing position with the bows is simple enough but for some odd reason now the enemys just run off screen when they cant get to you. Also the bows dont do enough damage for ranged players. That wouldnt be so bad if the max stack was 60 to 100 instead of the tiny amount it is, and if the bugs didnt run away and insta heal. Also the enemys heal to full health after they get a small distance f
  5. Thanks. That would be wonderful. I thought they actually read them forums though, otherwise i would have been posting all this in a message directly to them, if i knew how.
  6. Really? My base must still be to close to them then because i cant get them to return.
  7. As it turns out its not just player built structures thats halting Dandelion and weed regrowth, but pre built structures as well. Up the main path from first spawn, past the first analyzer, behind the clover patch, next to the mysterious machine there are two Dandelions that when cut down will also never regrow. Obviously this is because of thier proximity to the mysterious machine.
  8. Bombardier fights are annoyingly dumb. Getting hit with acid attack is one thing, but being stunned on top of that ensuring you cant jump out of the acid puddle until its drained 90% of your health away is just stupid. The only way I have been able to defeat these things is waiting to find one glitched out stuck in or on a rock and shoot it to death from afar with arrows. That stunn needs to be removed or the amount of damage per second from the acid puddle needs to be drasticly reduced. Pick one,... do both.
  9. It also occurs to me that i've never actually whitnessed a blade of grass, dandelion, or red weed plant regrow in front of the character like I've seen water droplets appear on the dew collector and mushrooms in the mushroom garden. The only times I've noticed the weeds, grass, and dandelions return is when I leave the area and return. So it may very well be that the presents of the character them selves is also stoping the respawn of those resources. There was a game on pc i played that had the same issue. The trees would not grow while on screen. The game was Signs Of Life, a little tw
  10. I figured out what I was doing wrong. I had my base set up right next to that first analyzer for one thing. Aparrently even that is too close to at least one of those nearby dandelions on top of the hill there. Second I built Trail Markers by all the weeds and dandelions i came accross so i could easily navigate back to them later. That was all a mistake. Having player built anything within a cirtain proximity of the dandelions and or weeds STOPS THE RESPAWN. I started a new game, built my base some where between the first analyzer and the mint case, and used no Trail Markers this time. Takes
  11. Just had the same issue myself after about 25 hours of play on my xbox one. Was headed back from the pond/flower bed area to my base near the western ant hill when my game suddenly locked up displayed that exact error message and shut off. I was noticing the game was having more and more difficuly loading every time i headed back to that area. I had a flower lure surrounded by 4 spike traps built right at the entrance to the western ant hill since the very begining of the game to make harvesting ant mandibles and parts easy. I also noticed ants have difficulty getting out of that hive o
  12. I was thinking that in the case of the dandelions and red weeds it would be extremely helpful when your within striking distance of a weed or dandelion stump that not only does that little axe icon appear on screen but also a timer just below that showing the amount of time left befor that spacific plant regrows.
  13. Ok so the one dandelion i left a stump behind for actually did regrow. Trouble is that it didnt come back until I quit the game shut down the xbox went to bed woke up turned it back on and loaded the game. So since it didnt happen until i reloaded the game theres no way for me to know how many days it takes for them to come back.
  14. Thats messed up. No, I wouldnt actualy give it a bad review being this new of a tittle. Just letting off a little steam. This group is actualy working pretty hard to get this game working properly. Once its done Grounded will probably end up being my favorite game.
  15. I agree with this. To the point where it must be time for me to leave a review in the xbox store advising people not to waist thier money until its not just finished but on version 5.5 or more because of all the simple bugs in the game that make it more irritating than fun.
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