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  1. You could say that the spear can be used for throwing instead, but once you get the bow and arrows the spear would become obsolete. So really the bow should get a boost or the axe be nerfed a bit? At least make them equal if not make the spear the weapon, with axe being reserved for chopping materials?
  2. Had an Error just now; "Error Out of video memory trying to allocate a rendering resource. Make sure your video card has the minimum required memory, try lowering the resolution and/or closing other applications that are running. Exiting..." Using an Xbox One S. This is the only game played this gaming session, played for about seven hours. Mainly messing about and exploring. Everything is updated as needed (Xbox and game). So no reason my end why this is happening.
  3. It seems like the Axe is pretty much the weapon of choice.... When attacking bugs it can take less hits to take them down with the axe. Like for example the spear leaves a small portion of health with Gnats with one hit, but the axe is a one hit kill weapon. And the axe vs spear on the weevil is that the axe is faster so the bug just flinches instead of running away from the spear. Maybe its just circumstantial with the speed, but the power is certainly not.
  4. To be honest the fact they give you all apart from the floor and stairs is ridiculous!, they should restrict scaffolding, walls, doors, windows and roofs too. Then it doesn't give a false representation for the base building. There is basically nothing which implies that it is the only thing which is locked. I mean come on the character can make everything else except floors and stairs? They have skill in making complex things like walls, doorways and roofs. But not floors? Lock them all until you pass the start and then the player is pushed to explore the story. I was set on my su
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