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  1. I also thought of this, in a biomatter refiner or something like that, you put things in and you get Raw Sience based on a fixed value for each item. The value should be proportional to how much is the resource used in crafting recipes (and how often you craft these item) and how much rare/hard to get the resource is. I don't think this should be a way of farming raw sience tho, just something that makes you round up a bit. While you are casaully exploring and killing stuff/gathering resources you always get something you were not looking for, then you can just put the stuff you don't nee
  2. As other said grass can be understandable, but for berries and acorn I don't think it would work. First of all I can't imagine how they could grow, obviusly you can't grow a tree or a hedge, those things are huge compared to you, but even if the berry/acorn would grow out of nowhere they'd take so much space, having a garden big enough that it make acutally sense to have would take so much space. It would just be more efficient to farm these resources where they spawn.
  3. This could be acceptable in mild difficulty, but the PvE difficulty isn't that hard to justify it, playing out the fight with small targeted attacks isn't necessary, I can understand recovering their HP at a specific (but still fast) rate instead of instantly healing, but not recovering HP at all is abusable with the combat system Grounded has. The bow do not have a good spot at the moment, shooting bugs from safe places isn't and shouldn't be viable strategy: it is boring since it has no real difficulty and it makes no sense for the bug to just eat all your arrows. Basically the bow is q
  4. I think point 1 (I also feel the low density of insects) and 2 (other than the wolf spider the game lacks some challenge) are fine, but having a map big as GTA 5 or Far Cry 5? That won't ever happen and I actually hope it wont. The amount of details and the diversity of the biomes makes them perfect imo, they wouldn't be able to maintain the level of details because, unlike GTA 5 and Far Cry 5's teams, the team behind Grounded is very small, also: just stretching the map and making the biomes bigger would make the diversity fall off, it would all feel the same and maintaining this level of bio
  5. I think there's a big for improvement here, the first problem is "smoothies?". This item gives an instant heal, has a very low "cooldown" and can be made out of anything which makes it better than bandages, specially if you think bandages heal don't stack making spamming smoothies even stronger (the only good thing about bandages is that you can make them out in the wild on the go since you'll always find some sap and fibers). What about making "smoothies?" a risk to take since they are made out of random things? Basically consuming the item will replenish a bit of hunger and thirst and has a
  6. I mean, if you want to craft a "smoothie?" you don't hunt for grubs, you just get some plant fiber, sprigs and pebblet around your house.
  7. The problem with Bow in this game is that the fighting system is based on perfect blocking, the creatures in the game right now aren't able to challenge the player out of meele combat which makes it hard to balance the game for bow. At the moment shooting an insect form an unreachable location doesn't feel right, you are just shooting to a defenceless creature that can't hurt you back. It also makes sense for the insect to flee if he can't hurt you back, what should it do? stand still and wait to get killed? I think that bow will have its spot in the "meta" when there will be more flying creat
  8. These are some small changes that would help farming resources that are quite annoying to farm. - GRUB DROPS Grubs drop too much goop and not enough grub hide. Why? the hide is needed to craft many items (Grub armor, mite hat, larva blade, canteen) butyou need only 7 grub goops to craft everything that requires it. Basically goop's "crafting value" is way lower than hide's one, in my opinion it is something to keep in mind when thinking about the items drop rate. In my experience a grub drops 1-3 goop and 1-2 hide. Farming enough hide to build a full grub armor takes time and makes y
  9. OVERALL EXPERIENCE (This part won't be really elaborate, this is just my raw experience with the game, felt like it could also be useful but you can skip to "BUGS" for the "real" feedback) When I first tried the game my first impression was really positive, as soon as I entered the world it felt really immersive and every little detail I saw gave me even more desire to explore Grounded's wrorl. The start fel quite relaxing, which was very appreciated since I was still learning the basics of the game, then the first night came. The first encounter with a spider was terry
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