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  1. Hey guys! I have a bit of information to add regarding issues I've run into. Bug report: Additional information to JIRA tickets ME-6874, ME-7307 (Crash on join) - I'm playing the game via Xbox Game Pass and I've encountered a few crashes, while joining my friends lobby. I can clearly see that my friend is hosting a game and I'm also able to fetch the information about the number of players in the session. While joining - the game goes to a halt and dies, without any promt or additional information. After restarting the gaming (sometimes more then once), it usually resolve
  2. Hey guys! First of all I would like to tell you how much I love your game! What you're producing is amazing! It's super addictive and captivating and after 20 hours of gameplay since last week, I can't wait to get of work so I can play more. Feedback: Lack of enemies - I feel like there could be A LOT more insects on the lawn. I run around exploring and don't see that many to be honest. I feel like I want to be swarmed, overwhelmd and run over if I run into a hoard or group of dangerous creatures. Maybe you're just targeting the more softcore audience, which is totally
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