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A few minor issues

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Hey guys!

I have a bit of information to add regarding issues I've run into.

Bug report:

  1. Additional information to JIRA tickets ME-6874, ME-7307 (Crash on join) - I'm playing the game via Xbox Game Pass and I've encountered a few crashes, while joining my friends lobby.
    I can clearly see that my friend is hosting a game and I'm also able to fetch the information about the number of players in the session. While joining - the game goes to a halt and dies, without any promt or additional information.
    After restarting the gaming (sometimes more then once), it usually resolves itself or just don't crash anymore.
  2. Additional information to JIRA ticket ME-7224 (Rubber banding) - I've experienced rubberbanding to some extent after playing the game for a couple of hours. I'm not hosting the game at this point in time, but my friend and I don't live far from each other.
    I'm not sure if the connection is "degrading" over time, or if it's a temporary hickup. We've discussed if I should try hosting the game instead, to see if the rubberbanding is less likely to occur.
  3. Additional information to JIRA ticket ME-7325 (Smoothie station) - While mixing smoothies, I've never been able to just put in a single ingredient without the whole stack getting pulled from my inventory.
    Although if I just put the single stack back in my inventory, both the single stack and the previous stack appears again. It seems to me as if there is just a UI-glitch involved here.
    My workaround for mixing smoothis is to just grab three stacks of e.g. mushrooms - putting all three stacks in the station, mix it, exit mixing-mode, go back in and put all three stacks in again.
  4. Weed stem - The collision detection for the weed stems could use a bit of work. They are super annoying to move around, since they tend to get stuck on wierd surfaces.
    If i put them on the ground and just happen to walk over it, sometimes they "launch" away from my character.
  5. Recycle material - It seems as if I'm loosing material while recyling stuff. Is this intended? Maybe some material just clip through the ground, because it has happened a few times with arrows laying on the ground.
    Please clearify!
  6. Building roofs - I'm able to build a roof almost anywhere out in the air. Eventhough it says "unsupported", I'm still able to provide it with the material needed and then use it to climb onto very wierd places.
  7. Clipping issues - Small objects seem to clip very easly through roots and such. I've had multiple arrows just "roll" away from me into oblivion.
    I'm not sure if it's just an issue with multi-layer geometry models or if it's a common issue for small and thin objects, such as arrows.
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