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  1. First I'd like to say that I love the Grounded game and appreciate all the work the team is devoting to it to make it better. Thanks! Since the 9.0 update(and now 9.1), I noticed that in the Options menu, under the Controller tab you are unable to scroll down past the Hotpouch section and are unable to access any of the mapping options below it. See attached pic 1 to see where the menu stops scrolling, there seems to be some extra carriage returns before the Hotpouch title. I also attached a pic of the Keyboard tab as a reference since it seems to be working fine. I'm on an Xbox single player game.
  2. I am playing on Xbox and noticed after the 3.0 update, older game saves (prior to 9/30) are getting reloaded even if they have been deleted. While in game, I can delete the older saves without issue. However, if I start a new game session the older saves reappear. It seems that the older saves are not being deleted in the cloud so they are reloaded in a new game session. This also seems to be affecting the auto-saves. While in game, I can see the auto-saves being created normally. After starting a new session and the older saves are reloaded, the newer auto-save files lose the "auto-save" label and appear as a normal game save. I think it is because the older saves also contain auto-save files so when they are reloaded, they are being counted towards the auto-save limit I set and the newer ones get relabeled. I love this game and really enjoy the latest content update! Thanks for all your hard work!!
  3. I was having the same issue as well but realized that once the hand is on the spool, just hold down the A button for a second or two and it will get picked up. To get the hand to show up on the next spool, I just rotate the right thumbstick in a circle and the hand appears. You can also pick up the completed spools by looking at the spinning wheel and highlighting the spools at the bottom of the wheel. It's a little sensitive in third person view, so first person view might be easier to highlight the spools.
  4. I'm playing on Xbox and noticed that when the bird is making the caw sound while perched at any location, the volume of the caw seems to be very low. As a suggestion, I think the volume should be increased considering the size of the bird. I think we should be able to hear the bird throughout the yard. If you are closer to the bird, the volume should be louder. Love the game, thanks for all your hard work!!
  5. I'm playing on Xbox and experiencing the same issue. While in 3rd person view(whole body is visible), if I walk through a door I see my "inner face". No camera issue while in 1st person view.
  6. First, I am 80 hours in and love playing the game! Thanks for update 1.2 which fixed the dew collector, mushroom garden, etc. spawning issues. I am very excited for future content in the game. I would like to suggest that if any armor, weapon or tool items are equipped in the inventory screen (placed in the arm or armor slots) those items should no longer occupy any of the backpack inventory slots. Currently, any equipped item also occupies a backpack inventory slot as well. My thinking is that if a player equips an item in the arm or armor slots, they are "taking out" the item from the backpack inventory to use so that item should no longer occupy one of the backpack inventory slots. This would allow players to have more backpack inventory slots.
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