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  1. Same issue. I unlocked the done in previous update so switch from battery power is unresponsive to enable the 3 dial switches sound the done base. This means inner doors remain locked. Will report done is open and moon pool is functioning as expected.
  2. I am not seeing any raw science on screen after the latest update. My scab is telling me something is there however it is not showing on screen. This seems to be occurring across the entire map. Xbox is my platform.
  3. It seems that the sca.b detector is not seeing the latest set of sca.bs added with the latest update. I was standing directly over the one in the hedge base and and there was no indication it was there. No audio queues nor did the proximity sensor indicate anything was there.
  4. Is anyone else seeing a unusual amount of spiders spawning on the map? I cant go 30 cm on the map with out running into about 3 different orb weaver spiders. I would say there is 3x to 4x the normal amount of spiders now appearing on the map. Xbox is my platform.
  5. Seems that I am unable to collect the rope from the spinning wheel on xbox one. The spinning wheel processes the spiderweb as normal however I am unable to pick up the spool when when completed. I see the hand icon however I am unable to retrieve from the bottom box.
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