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  1. I've been hunting down all the SCA.Bs, and I am unable to pickup the one on top of the rock with the rake. I see it, get the prompt to press E, but nothing happens when I do that.
  2. I play in 3rd person, and prior to the update there was also times when the camera would go inside my helmet, effectively making it impossible to see anything. This would mostly happen when crafting blueprints, so it was annoying but workable. Now, the camera gets messed up whenever I approach any door. This is much more troublesome as it makes it very challenge to enter or exit bases. Of course, switching to 1st person is good fix, but I know the release notes for 0.2 mentioned updating the camera placement some and wanted to callout this regressions. Thanks!
  3. Thanks. Tried lots of crouching and other things. Oh well. Will move on...
  4. I'm not sure what expected behavior is here, but only *explicit* saves sync between Xbox and PC. Autosaves don't sync, nor do logout saves.
  5. Defrag button works great on my PC, but can't get to it on the Xbox. It just stares at me knowing I can't click it
  6. And then fell off into the void. Did see several buildings in the distance while walking the backside of the fence. Probably shouldn't let people outside the fence at this point...
  7. I get this too. Sometimes berries just roll around. Other player in the game doesn't even see them! Phantom berries?
  8. I've spent days trying to get into that container. Very frustrated with the hitbox. Haven't been able to glitch inside the container either.
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