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  1. Picturing what it would be like to have a big worm moving underneath my feet, I don't think it would be very audible, I'm sure I would feel it more than anything. I've stood near large buried objects being ripped out of the ground by a tow cable and it doesn't make much of a sound, even with a whole lot of movement going on. I would think it similar.
  2. I know I'm not the first to mention it, but upon searching the forums, I wasn't able to locate a topic specifically focused on this; only mentions here and there among other things. Time and time again I get killed by a Spider or other insect, retrieve my backpack completely unaware that my armor doesn't Auto-Equip, and carry on playing for hours before I notice. I would like to see the OPTION of having Auto-Equip Retrieved Armor ON in Start Menu -> Options -> Game; not to mention that it would add something to the Game Options Menu, which is looking a little dry. I get that not everyone would go for this, for a number of reasons...like if I have better armor on by the time I get back to my Backpack...or whatever reason, but there are plenty of us who would love to see such an implementation. SUGGESTION: Add "Auto-Equip Armor upon Retrieval" Toggle to Start Menu -> Options -> Game Tab
  3. I mainly played on friends servers just building stuff before Rel, so I never saw any Grubs before the update, maybe just never noticed them. Since Rel I have been playing on my own save, which is where I first ran into these things that scared the *whatever* out of me, until I realized that they were just Grubs. Changing the sound did the trick of getting them noticed, the issue is just that it is way too loud now, I would think quite unrealistically so.
  4. Those are some good suggestions, a lot of which I think the community could get behind. I am especially interested in the Auto-Equip of Armor upon picking up one's Backpack after dying. I can think of reasons as to why some people may not like such a feature, but I feel that adding the option to enable it in (Start Menu -> Options -> Game) would be a good addition to the game. Not to mention it would add something to the Game tab in the Options Menu, which is looking a bit dry at the moment.
  5. I am having a similar issue on Xbox One when attempting to map my A Button to Swim Up while keeping the defaults of Jump/Glide. It makes sense to me to be able to press/hold A Button (or Space Bar) to swim up while in water, jump while on land, AND glide while in the air. I like the defaults the way they are, I just would like to add 'swim up' to the mix. Grounded Rel
  6. Playing Grounded today with a friend, we both agree that the sound that the Grubs make when they are moving underground around you is way too loud. It overpowers the sound of the Wolf Spiders in the tree, even when they are chasing and attacking you. I feel that it should be slightly audible with controller vibration on console (like the ground moving beneath your feet, a tremor.) SUGGESTION: - Decrease the volume of the Grub as it moves under the ground. - Make controller vibrate when near a moving Grub, based on proximity.
  7. I have noticed on several occasions, that if I let Grounded load up (on my Xbox One) and sit on the main menu for several minutes, the music will stop all of the sudden. The sound effects of me moving up and down the menu items still work fine, only the music stops. If I choose an item, Single Player for example, the music is still absent. Choosing Continue still same. The music is silent for the remainder of the time until I load into my save, or relaunch the game. Grounded Rel Xbox One OS version 10.0.19041.3503 (rs_xbox_release_2007.200709-1200)
  8. I am not a big fan on the Hotpouch Wheel staying there even after I release LB. I'd rather release it while hovering over what I'm selecting than have to push A and then exit the Hotpouch wheel. It'd be more smooth if it worked like the wheels in Apex Legends.
  9. I agree, that would be pretty cool. There are a number of insects that would be cool to see, like BEES too, perhaps that are passive.
  10. I would like to see armor slots in their own inventory spaces, like in Minecraft; I don't like that wearing armor takes up inventory space, doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  11. I started playing Grounded today, and I have been enjoying it with a few friends so far. While playing, I ran into a confusing dilemma: When in a Storage Container interface, hovering over an item stack, there is an option to press (LB) to "Take All", which I thought meant: "take the whole stack", but it took the whole container, filling my inventory, causing a huge delay having to manually put everything back. SUGGESTED SOLUTION: Put a quick transfer button (like in Minecraft) for quick swapping items between Inventory and Storage Containers. Also, clarify that "Take All" means "take everything out of the container", maybe change it to "Empty Container to Inventory" or something of the sorts, with a confirm dialog perhaps. The option to turn on confirmation dialogs for certain actions (like major item moves) would be a great addition!
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