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  1. What nerf? Wolf spiders still destroy me like they always did. If there was a nerf I don't see any nerfs. They still have insane aggro range. One bite is 3/4 of my health in Acorn armor the next bite kills. And you still have to down it fast even in lady bug armor. Or your spider food. They can destroy you in 3 to 4 hits maby 5. Having to rely on blocks and stuns. I'm confused what this nerf was supposed to do. Does that mean the spider uses stealth less often? Not really a nerf.
  2. If there is a Rhino Beetle it should just be a passive creature that walks around. I really don't want one as a boss. Boss candidates that would actually be better bosses. Mantis, Scorpions, Centipedes, Locusts,
  3. Increase stack sizes on certain items. Make some items stack to 20 on certain items like Quazite, And Raw meat to 5. Arrows to 40. Larger racks for grass and weed stems. Larger chests like a Vault with 100 slots capacity. 5 Weed stems, 10 Acorn Shells, 5 Berry Leather, 10 Sap, 10 Clay. Example. Weather: Rain, Snow, Wind, Thunder Storms, Rain Storms. Which you need to take shelter. More gas zones that require gas mask. Or a tier 2 gas mask for a stronger gas.
  4. New building recipe Sandstone: Sandstone walls, Windows and Doors, And floor. Sandstone, Dried wood, Clay. -- Sandstone hammer: Sandstone, Berry leather and dried wood. Materials found in Sandbox Zone except for berry leather and clay. Armor: Sandstone armor. Sandstone plates, Berry leather, dried wood, Quazite Each piece gives a bonus to armor and set bonus Max Health. Like the Acorn armor but better. -- Creatures: Sand scorpion, Sand spider, Desert Centipede, Desert Ants,
  5. 1. Some Auto Equip option on you last current armor you had on when you died. That why I can have my armor on when I get my stuff back. 2 . Reduce meat time spoiling to allow meat a extra ingame day to cook before spoiling. Or add a cooler to preserve raw meat longer.
  6. They shouldn't be there to begin with is my point. You have to go there for beginning of game missions. Having the most powerful spider in the game at the area where your weak and vulnerable and in junk gear starting out can prevent or slow further progress. Not everyone knows the back entrance. And this spider 1 hit people with no armor on . In full Acorn armor it took 2 hits for it to kill me. I need to be fully geared in full lady bug armor for regeneration and block bonus's and a mint mallet to take it down and even that is a challenge. Cause you have to count on stuns and perfect blocks. Look i'm not trying to complain i'm just saying it could hinder progress for some not everyone knows there is is a back entrance to the lab and having a boss like spider killing you over and over in 1-2 hits can get frustrating. My point is they shouldn't be at or around the door to begin with. And it is not that easy to run past them they can nail you in the back as your running. That's my point is all. Right now for me I have to use the back entrance to bypass the spider till i'm strong enough to take it down.
  7. Yeah basic water filter is good too. Sand, Charcoal and a funnel carry filter. But I was thinking more of a upgraded place able that produces more water then the tier 1 dew collector. Like a tier 2 Dew collector with a larger web net. But I was thinking lab tech stuff. Could be from Raw Science tech. Like a Watch battery and a small motor pump with a reverse osmosis filters. You place machine near dirty water and it pumps it in to filter and can have a clean water tank for it to dump filtered water into with like 20 or 30 or 40 water dews capacity like a huge water tank. And you would need to keep it fed with watch batteries or some other kind of battery to run the reverse osmosis machine. But probably later down the road when we get more yards/places to explore. Something like these Shrunk. But yeah probably overkill solo but would be cool anyway. I could see it in late game with more yards and or area to explore and larger co-op games.
  8. 1 Flying Suit: Collect wings of a flying insect and use them to make a flying suit. Allowing flying. 2 Rideable insects that you ride on and to pull a cargo wagon. 3 Insect taming. A permanent insect companion you name an take care of that follows you around to guard you and help carry stuff. Pet insect spawning bed to set pet spawn location. 4 Interactive furniture like being able to sit in a berry leather chair. 5 Mods for armor and weapons. To modify gear with mods to boost performance and or looks. 6 Lockable and secure vaults: That Ants can't raid from very easily. Limited resources here due to being ant size maby a clay brick and quarzite vault with a combo lock. 7 Ground flatten tool to level the ground a tad for better base building. 8 Water purifier device to purify dirty water a upgrade version of dew collector. You place it and it begins to purify dirty water and powered by a battery of some kind like a watch battery and a high tech water filter. 9 mini solar panels and watch battery banks to supply base for electricity and powered lights and devices.
  9. Bulldog Ants: Very very dangerous and very long mandibles. Very very aggressive. Bulldog ant hive could be something that would be very challenging. Exotic bulldog ant farm tipped over spilling out bulldog ants and them making a hive. Unique to a special location in another yard. Bulldog Ant Armor: Huge Bonus to attack damage on each piece and set bonus would be something like Bulldog Vengeance that doubles damage output on weapons. Tier 7 Armor. Bulldog Ant head Trident Spear: Tier 7 spear with the head of a Bulldog Ant with another blade in the middle with huge damage and speed. Working mandibles on spear would do bonus damage on spear that can attack twice in a swing one for the stab and the other with the mandible crunch.
  10. Right now I have use the backdoor to the lab to get quests cause I got a wolf spider next to the actual lab door. I cannot hope to defeat that kind of spider till I get tier 2 lady bug armor and a mint mallet and it is keeping me from using the lab door. You can see the lab door on the bottom. And my health goes to 0 in one hit an I was slightly injured. I was finally able to get my stuff back but the wolf spider is still roaming the door to the lab. Which I'am forced to use the back entrance to bypass the wolf Spider. These are not the weak spiders around the log fence these are the hardcore boss spiders. And my tools and armor are tier 1. They need to be relocated away from the lab door.
  11. Please move wolf spiders away from the oak tree lab door. These spiders 2 hit kill players. I'm trying to start over but I cannot reclaim my stuff cause of a wolf spider killing me in 2 hits. Orb weaver spiders would be better for roaming spiders but please move them away from the lab door please. This in infuriating and frustrating. This is debilitating for in game progress right now when a wolf spider the most powerful spider ingame spawns and or walks around the oak lab door. I cannot even sprint past the spider to talk to robot. I'm requesting that the wolf spider//s be moved away from the lab door which fresh players need to progress to talk to the robot for quest and tech. I can't reclaim my stuff but the wolf spider will kill me in 1 hit unarmored and 2 acorn armor. Not enough time to do anything other the chain dying over and over and over. In 1 to 2 hits trying to get my stuff back. If a wolf spider supposed to be at the oak tree please make it unroaming and in that tree cavern. I shouldn't have to use the ant entrance/exit to get in the lab. The actual door should be free from super boss predators. A roaming orb weaver spider every now and again fine but a wolf spider a boss spider that will one to 2 shot you in next to nothing for gear shouldn't be there roaming around or spawning at or next to the lab door. I can't get my stuff back till the wolf Spider a boss spider is off the lab door. This is in solo play.
  12. Fire ants and Army Ants maby some bulldog ants would be nice. They need to be made ingame to be a very high threat and if you get in there way they can swarm you and take you down in a hurry. in real life they been known to take down a crab. Can say some ant farms got tipped over.
  13. Well I don't like seeing floating objects just floating in mid air. I like to see builds have some structural integrity as to not have floating objects. It bothers me to see things just float in mid air unsupported. Unless you got anti gravity.
  14. We just need to be patient fixing a bug takes time even a list full of them take alot of time. Reason why some devs refuse to give ETA's cause if the problem is more severe then normal it will take weeks or months to fix. We just need to be patient and wait for the hotfix.
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