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  1. Zip lines (from spider web) attach to 2 points of differing height cost in materials is based on length of distance spanned. Travel is one way --> downhill.
  2. Remember that *IF* it drops at 12:00 am that'd be 12:00 am on PST as Obsidian are based in Irvine Ca.
  3. It is not a player adjustable setting, it is an AI behavior that the devs patched out. I miss it as wolf spiders were ACTIVELY looking for you not waiting for line of sight aggro like all the other aggressive bugs.
  4. Yes, I was referring to the removal of the 'stalking' mechanic as the nerf. Wolf Spiders are still deadly as can be... they used to actively stalk you based on grass movement, noise, or some other undisclosed criteria but if you a saw a wolf in your area you used to need to GTFO because he -would be- on your trail shortly. With them reverting to line of sight aggro like the orb weavers, they are not the panic inducing terrors that kept my head on a swivel they used to be.
  5. Fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) would attack and attempt to replace the native ants (maybe use the abandoned anthill as their initial spawn?). Fire ants would ALWAYS be aggressive to players and any insect that disturbs their nest. Nearly the entirety of the colony swarm out to meet threats due to a threat pheromone released by a single ant if the scent is close enough to the mound. A fire ant colony consists of 1 or more queens and the workers (no soldiers are present or needed as the entirety of the worker population have evolved as quite vicious fighters possessing both a bite and
  6. I just wanted to draw dev eyes to a survey and some thoughts from players on Reddit re: Wolf spider nerf
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