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  1. So if anyone is down to take on the new update with me add me my gamertag is same as name. must have a mic
  2. Will we have to wait tomorrow for a certain time or can we just get on at 12:00am and update the game
  3. yea i have the mint mallet and lady bug armor have all the other armors as well, spider, ant,rotten bee armor gotten all the S.C.A.B but dont know where all the science is
  4. on my single player world i have gotten the mallet and built 3-4 houses around the map killed the wolf spider 5-6 times without cheating so i am pretty much end game
  5. It’s saturday and was wondering if anyone wants to start a world drinking some beers and just wanna talk and have some fun gamer tag is GLocc5000
  6. so i am getting kinda bored with my single player game and need some people to talk to while i play, maybe start up a new game and build some bases gamertag is GLocc5000
  7. i can play with you i mean i have a mic but its no problem playing with someone with no mic my gamertag is GLocc5000
  8. this is still in beta so i am sure down the line they may implement it we just dont know it yet
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