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  1. Not necessarily. Ark has split screen with no sacrifice to game quality at all.
  2. I feel like, at current, there's zero room for growth. All the game is, is a base building sim with a fun little intro involving a robot, with a few hidden bits of info about the world. Without a developed storyline there's no goal besides base building and the exploration that goes with it. I've already explored most of the map and built a base I love so I'm already wondering what to do with the game and its less than a week old. I want to level up my character, I want new materials and blue prints and crafting recipes to discover.
  3. I second this! My kid wants to be able to play with me and I can't imagine it'd be hard to make it split screen.
  4. Who knew this game was going to have some dark secrets? Stumbled upon this creepy little scene. Dozens of ant heads pinned up, a creepy ant-human hybrid idol, the remains of another Traveller, an old lean-to, and a forgotten bag with 10 ant heads in it. Theories anyone?
  5. Each time I've started the game, I've been placed directly into the world with zero context of the character, the setting, the backstory, etc. If this is intentional, I suggest putting effort into creating an actual story. If it's not, then I suppose technical support has another problem to deal with: there is no intro scene when I play on xbox one.
  6. I have never read something more accurate and telling. This person thoroughly understands the genre you've entered into as a developer and has hit every nail on the head. I sincerely hope this post is taken seriously because it has advice in it that could make this game infinitely more successful.
  7. Agreed! I hate having to manually move the stack. Using LB to store a stack and RB to withdraw a stack or something would be nice.
  8. A couple recurring glitches: - insects spawning inside the house. Sometimes it's a massive spider, sometimes a pesky worker ant, sometimes it's 7 ladybug larvae. -spider webs. If I get stuck in one, I can hack it up and it disappears, but I'm still stuck floating on that spot and have to give up and respawn. -upon submitting feedback via the radial menu the game froze and I had to exit to solve the issue. Some suggestions: -a way to move full stacks of items between storage and bag without having to manually select the slot it's going to would be really helpful. -dandelions produce six stocks but we can only carry FIVE. Please stop torturing us. -I'd love the ability carry 10 grass instead of 5. It's lighter and more common than dandelion so it feels like it'd make sense. -pillars or support structures that can be used for making balconies -spider silk windows that can keep the gnats out. Now, as for my review so far (I'll update as I play!) ************************ So far this is a beautiful and brilliant open world survival. I love the characters' individual personalities and the fear of seeing grass shake form fear of a wolf spider is REAL. The first thing I found myself desperately wishing for was a deeper interaction base with the non-hostile insects. Specifically - those ants! I'm really hoping to see taming adding to the game, aphid farming, for example, with ants for hire to tend to them. Or a companion ant that perhaps takes a liking to the character. They are SO cat-like, I can't help but want one as a pet. The research system is awesome, but I'm already wishing there were more materials available. A wider variety of plants would be nice. That might not make sense in the lawn section, but in the future there could be a greenhouse that's hard to mine, but filled with valuable plants. I'd love a local co-op because single player doesn't feel like it does the game justice but I know that several of my kids would play this game together, even if meant distance tethering, etc. I love the mysterious oak tree lab! I can't wait to explore the mystery further as more content comes out because I was definitely left feeling robbed of more content haha. So far, I love it. There are a few glitches with the spiders being stuck in rocks or other landscape features, but I'm not complaining haha *screams quietly inside*.
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