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  1. Seasonal events? -It's in the word "seasonal"... -Will change the insect's behavior -Will change the world -Keep the players entertain -with awesome rewards? Monthly event? -Keep the players entertain -with or WITHOUT rewards
  2. Agreed with able to pick up weed steams and grass but in different animation since the item floats, it should works like a floatie Hoping to see : Water bugs > Water Strider, small dragon flies, yes! fishing spiders..., pill bug and sow bugs? Boat? Fishing smaller bugs? - For food - Collection - Random item for crafting? - More stuff
  3. The toys are from the '80s Those toys are forgotten, just learned about it (YouTube)
  4. Invisible Block -The parameter that players put to establish their base -Unable the respawning of Plants and insects -Blueprint under construction(Option: seen or unseen) -Upgradeable $$$(raw science) Sports -Me using club to hit stone (baseball) -My siblings kicking bombs(football/soccer) -bow and arrow and an item somewhere high and far -And more
  5. Wolf Spiders are hard to kill unprepared and it okay But in the future with bigger, stronger and meaner boss insect (If the game decided to add it) the action figure trap would be nice or anything environmental item/thing trap or something would be awesome
  6. Those insects sound better!!! Q. Do the developers will add item on fighting insects? Examples. Peppermint oil bomb- If players can not fight the wolf spider or centipedes anymore, they can throw a bomb to ward them away Bolas- Temporarily disable insects(super effective to Mantis Cork- Prevent insect with Stinger to instantly kill you (Bee, Scorpion and stuff)
  7. Saw Rhino Beetle Boss (Topic) -Ant size vs Rhino Beetle, too big -It's like a King Kong Stimulation But!!! Suggestion/Idea -Does anyone play Monster Hunter? Same concept -At first, Players can only see or watch the giant insect -Talk to the robot and trigger quest -At the end of the quest, players will fight the Awesome Rhino Beetle Boss -The boss's insect part have their own health bar to weaken the boss or collect item (If players can not finish the boss) -Players will follow the Boss or track the boss to kill it (Monster Hunter co
  8. Idea with base defense(End Game) -Ironman died -After the players finished all quests, the robot will give something or stuff for players to protect. -Player will take it or refuse -If they accepted the item, there will be a count down -At zero, a wave of insects will attack wherever the item is
  9. Sticky Light Ball -A ball that glows as soon as you throw it -Glows for 30 secs -Tier 2, Glows for 1 min Sticky rope? -Like a grappling hook -Sticks for 30 secs Insect Costume -Looks cool! -Spook! -Able to walk around hostile insect -But if they detected you by walking to close, well you know whats going to happen -Example- Spiderling costume, Ant costume, bee costume and more in the future -Doesn't give any buff, the spook/costume is the buff Fire -Fire can destroy webs (no drop if players used
  10. A tier 2/3 water collector? -Watermill > bamboo-like piping > Filter > tank -Player needs to pedal which is attached to the watermill with a rope -Or if we can have a pet/Insect worker, they do it for us -Ro's are cool. I work with bigger Ro units with an inline brominator. ∆ Fast gliding suit (Like flying squirrel) -My little brother's Idea/suggestion -He asks me if we can go to the highest location of the game and just glide -I said, that sound awesome -Us dying trying to climb, last gameplay...
  11. Flying suit- I don't mind it in creative mode Rideable taming- agree 100% Insects taming- Looking at the discussion"No Taming." -I agree that it will make the game bad (somehow) -Taming as a pet to help you do something, I agree (Example: riding, collecting, guarding the base (Only scare some insect) building, and more) Interactive furniture- agree 100% - Read one suggestion about camera mode where you can take pictures, and stuff-this will make it a great idea. Lockable Chest- I think the developers want us to make
  12. Good! Thanks for the heads up Thinking of more suggestions Hope the community talks about it to either put it on the game or to the no-no list
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